Pine furniture – to find something unique


You can go to a store like Target or Wal-Mart, and buy a set of pine table and chairs for less than $ 150. For many consumers, this would be great. However, for fans and collectors of handmade furniture such purchase would be a sin.
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For fans of pine furniture table and chair are not just a utilitarian object of kitchen furniture. Nothing can convince these connoisseurs of wooden products to deliver inexpensive wooden furniture from a major shopping giant. Studied the eye pieces of furniture as works of art.
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These judges will go to see the beautiful furniture and pay big money to have the original objects in their homes. They travel through the countryside in search of treasures in antique stores and yard sales. They also shop online and visit Amish country to purchase and view a collection Amish and Shaker.
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These collectors do not only go to buy different items, but also visit the main exhibits of pine furniture. For example, in February and May 2008 in the Museum Concord, Massachusetts, the exhibition dedicated to the American style of work of Russell Kettelya. Cattell was both a collector and author of books about furniture.
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In his work he has created aesthetic that helped define appreciation for American ships. As an author Kettel also worked with other museum professionals to interpret American art, and his book about the furniture made of pine also defined for atsanitselyav joy to look at classic furniture from New England. Cattell has influenced collectors sympathy, as Roger Bacon and Lillian Kogan, as well as a museum of decorative arts in the country.
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Visitors Kettel exposure understands its unique styling, which includes painted pine and other woods, such as maple. (Kettel also worked with tin and iron furniture to decorate and to demonstrate the simplicity and frugality bare bones.) Scrap hand tools Kettel and marking on wood only grow over time.

Such exhibitions there are also social and informative. There are tricks for exhibition openings, as well as tea-party food. Local residents of the area can enjoy free incoming days on Sundays and brings friends, dates, family and even visitors from the city. Exhibitions like this are quite common throughout New England, and you can find more information about these products in the universities and on the internet.

If such a thing is an appetite, you can also shop in the boutiques for antique reproduction furniture. These boutiques serve corporate clients, such as James Madison, Montpelier, the Smithsonian Institution, the Miller Center for Presidential Studies, and in other prestigious institutions. They borrow and sell items such as reproductions of the dining chair James Madison, reproductions of Irish beds and shares and even send people to teach and inform about the preservation of furniture. Among the portfolios of items that are sold include furniture such as chairs, tables, chests and cabinets, desks, beds and watches.

Making the purchase of small pine furniture in the boutique – and these items are inexpensive – you need to carefully maintain it. Avoid aerosol palirov and use a damp cloth to lift the dust. Also consider purchasing dehumidifier to keep the humidity in your home as much as possible constant since changed with the increase of moisture content in the air. For more advice, contact your dealer or consult the antique furniture on the Internet or in the library.
Bitcoin led the cryptocurrency market in a phenomenon recovery phase from the lows recorded in the last week of August. Bitcoin’s graceful correction above $10,700 revived investors’ hopes of seeing the oldest cryptocurrency above the psychological level at $11,000. However, BTC hit pause slightly below $10,800 and retreated to $10,500. At press time, Bitcoin price is teetering at $10,550 after a subtle 0.78% drop on the day.
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Although Bitcoin’s short-term trend paints a positive picture, a number of analysts with huge followings on Twitter are advising investors to continue with caution. For example, Johnny Moe says that Bitcoin’s downside if moving. The consolidation witnessed in the last two months suggests a potential massive drop to lows around $6,000.

When Hamas was trying to raise bitcoin by funneling it through a number of digital wallets, one start-up was able to see what was going on and warn its customers.

Based in London, Elliptic sells blockchain analytics tools to some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency platforms — including Binance and Circle — as well as banks. The company’s software is used to investigate criminal activity on bitcoin’s digital ledger and monitor transactions to prevent money laundering.


Lobster Tale: Through the eyes of Cape Cod, Lobster?


Once, when Cape encoder like ceremonial lobster, they simply go
I am going down to the shore, penetrated and tore everything that could be carried under the arms. The
In fact, the pilgrim Miles will be informed that after the good standards and Easter, lobsters could
found in the hills of the water in the depth of eighteen meters, built without
someone even wet toes.
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Homarus Americanus, also known in New England, Maine and Atlantic
Lobsters, which once flourished in such depth here on Cape Cod that actually colonists
We used them not as food but as a fertilizer for their crops, or as bait for their fish
hooks. As food lobster is only suitable for “food poverty”
in this manner fed authorized servants, slaves, children or cows. here
In Massachusetts, the servant finally emerged and won his amendment
Kantrakty- will no longer be forced to eat lobster more than three times
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Of course, today, lobster is considered the king of all summer dishes, especially
celebration than food. For lovers of lobster bake lazy summer day on the beach
with & # 39 is only a prelude to the height of indulgence – tying on lobster, unwinding
Special forks, picks and shovels, as well as advice from her mat
teaching numbers, step-by-step how to split a lobster to get it fully
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We English are so fond of lobsters that Logan airport has its own pool of lobster,
the inhabitants of which rigidly waiting to be transported to all over the world by air express.
It was not always so. In fact, a little about the history of this flexible
crustaceans that would predict an exclusive increase in popularity of the American diet
The trip to the Cape, which was guided by Squanto September 18, 1621, Miles states
struck by the ubiquitous lobster hordes. He found the “savages, who are looking for
lobster “in Barnstebele, and at dawn the next morning, in the Nauset Harbor, he
He moved to buy something of their own:
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“There, we found a lot of lobsters, which collected the savages,
we have prepared under the cliff. The captain set two sentinel over the precipice
land to secure shalopaya, and taking with him a guide and our four
company, went to look for the inhabitants; where they met a woman who is on her
lobsters, they told her about it and made it for them. ”
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Potential exists in the American diet has been marked not only here on the Cape
Cod, of course, but all along the New England coast. In June 1605 Captain J.
Weymouth, during a trip to Maine, I was also struck by the beautiful population
American lobster, a close cousin of the smaller shpinistaga lobster Europe:

“And the night before we drew a small network of twenty fathoms quite near the shore;
we have about thirty very good and large lobsters … which I have not reported,
as it shows the profit from fishing could get. ”
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However, amaryzm as the industry did not start in Maine, and here on the Cape
Cod. The population was so large that the typical lobster was enough for only two or three
kopecks each. In fact, as they say, in a lobster village in Monumei Whitewashing
I earn a decent living for pennies apiece. Crustaceans have grown to such a size that they
At Boston markets frequently reported up to five or six feet. one
gargantua reached a weight of about forty-five pounds.
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Unlike other types of fish, lobsters should be sent alive. Raw dead lobsters
produce poisonous toxins that are sick or perhaps kill all those who with their & # 39; eats.
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Therefore, the lobster industry as we know it today has been made possible up to now
the beginning of the nineteenth century with the development of lobster, sweet, sailing ships
a marine aquarium. By 1840 there were five such strikes in pravinstaune
full day is devoted to the transport of lobsters between the Cape and New York. The
A further incentive to the industry has evolved canneries in New
England in the 1840s, and with the arrival of the railroad and improved methods
food preservation ice.
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Cape Cod originally represented all lobsters for domestic urban markets, but by
The Civil War, the population has been extracted so low that buyers turned to water
Maine to meet demand. As soon as lobster become restless and full New
In England industry was similarly taken to limit the size and season
catch and population over the last century have remained extremely stable.
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Cape Cod Today
In Chatham Harbor in a radiant summer day, with a slight wind and without the sea
running, scenic views of lobster aspire to colorful pots
Beach creates the perfect lifestyle. Even in the fishing industry,
Lobsters enviously called fellow hunters and as light boxes
fishing “gentleman.”
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“Well, we’re lucky here in Chatham,” – says 30-year-old native of Chatham
Ben Bergkist lobster. “A lot of the best fishing is just 8 miles from the coast and,
generally around the headland we have a very good area of ​​the range with a good bottom –
all within twenty-five miles. It’s a fun fishing, if it is good, but it looks like no matter what
Else – if it is not normal, it is very unfavorable, and persistence is considered
all. Anyone who earns money in the ocean, should work
money. It all depends on you, if you want to get out of bed in the morning and to work or
No, regardless of fishing and lobster. ”
In fisheries annually suffer prediction partition stocks lobster Bergkist,
who began helping his father at the age of eight years and took over the boat, Benji,
in 1996, he says that for yourself with getting better every year. Although it has
Bachelor’s degree of Environmental Sciences and the option for a more traditional
car & # 39; EPA on the beach, he sees a strong future in the lobsters.
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With his young wife, two daughters, aged one and four years, and a large mortgage
investing in equipment, he found that hard work and perseverance paid off just
like any other business.
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“Well, probably, successful days on the average equal to an equal number of failures.
All trial and error, and every year is different. You can never count on
twice the same. But in the end, all comes out in the wash.
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Last year, August was wonderful, and July was not, but that’s not always the case. they
(Omar) in July just was not there. And in general, we were caught deeper
than usual, because I somehow feel warmer water deeper than
water in the fire. Once it gets cold, they will either hibernate or take off. water temperature
This explains everything, and it varies throughout the year and from one year to
year. ”
Thus, in order to survive, lobsters can not afford to blindly back to the same
reasons that have been successful in the previous year. They need to be constantly updated
their information by examining the habits and appetites of lobsters that well enough
outsmart him.
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Ben’s working day actually begins with the preliminary night, he checks the weather & # 39; e. if
fury of wind and waves prohibits real fishing, he stays on the beach,
build or repair the trap to work on his boat or hunt for bait
that it is never enough.
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“I get the bait of four or five different boats and some of the markets. Sliver
head or stand, it seems to work best. We also use bass, bruise, flounder, swordfish
tuna. Any scraps at all will work. It’s amazing how good lobster flavor with its
diet, something that would have essentially any debris in the ocean, so may try
well. I have a freezer, so I can save the bait, but it’s really a pain. ”
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His stern face Chris Nash, also chat, not only helps on the water for export,
trap recovery and sorting the catch, but also tedious and permanent
coastal service.

“Chris and I alternate days to obtain the bait, so it turns out – but time –
consumption. Adaptation costs three dollars, and you can lure the 30 traps with it.
It is relatively cheap, but I have 800 traps, and this device. We begin fishing in
April and we make in December, but the rest of the year we spend making equipment
working, building new traps and fix old ones. I’m still working with wooden traps
although I fish wire. Maintenance easier, but they can not seem to make
so much – one hundred and seventy-five percent of my strings is still a tree. ”

Lobsters in the wild, such as flexible look like and known
kanibalistychny so bergkvistski neutralizes most Crusher & # 39; Claw and less
& # 39; ripper & # 39; claw with tight elastic bands. He prefers team (introduced in 1951)
because they do not pierce the meat of lobster claws, like cork, thereby
provide the market more beautiful lobster.

“They are very aggressive, especially females carrying eggs or males, who are fighting for their
food or females. Eggs do with & # 39; go all to clear bombs and attack
all in the mind. ”

Fuel – the largest consumption of lobsters, and then goes to investment in the transmission.
Loss trap lines cross in a storm or line traversed by screws
considered opening loss. There is no such thing as insurance lobster traps
and the trap fifty dollars, the loss of an entire string is not cheap. thirty percent
Losing pots per season are not uncommon.

Bergkist fished 800 traps, pulling it completely every 4 days. for
Omar, he says, there is always the sickly moment of tension when
incoming trap breaks the surface, and the lobsters are there or not there.

“Sometimes all that you see with the & # 39 is a big orange glow, and the trap is just
full, and it’s really exciting to see that many are trapped. I had one
where there was a big twelve, he was not fit, but he stuck one claw
trap, and when I pulled it, it hung on the bag for bait
all that he had. I almost moved, trying to grab it.

But my worst day of the lobster was the first day I ever brought to the captain. I could not & # 39; t
find any of my pot. At first I thought that everything was gone, it was so foggy and
rainy. So I just drove blindly around, inspecting and examining. Finally I found a
Buoy and realized that my LORAN was incorrectly placed. I turned it off, turn it back on and we
We were back on the road. This day was profitable, but of course it did not work too special.
And I have days when I come back only 40 pounds. It is never a good day
but, as I said, everything will turn out. ”

On the boat Bergquist, Benji, there is an aquarium with sea water in the hold, supported by a
a pump that circulates the oxygen as well as household and fish. it
where lobsters remain alive and fresh until delivery of fish in lobster pools
markets on the coast, and it is a real key to their freshness.

“If you buy a lobster again, it is either alive or dead, and if he is alive, he is fresh. Of course,
Kind of neat to get them right off the boat, but any market on the Cape should
be the same. I sell mine Nickerson Fish & Lobster, which is right on the marina, five
feet of where to land. You can say that fresh. ”

During unloading at the pier chats to Bergkista often refer those who are
the top observation deck looking for what they perceive as a fresh alternative
restaurant or pool with Omar.

“People ask me, & # 39; you sell me some lobster & # 39; and I say: & # 39; We know what you’re doing?
You want? & # 39; I give them a lower price than they would pay on the market, but a higher price
than I get. Many times people are so shocked that I said “yes”, they will get all
I jammed it. They do not know what it wants, or I will shoot them down
You do not need to completely sell them money.

And I also call friends & # 39; Ben, I have a party, and I need 20 lobsters! & # 39;
But this is not a big part of my income. I could have a tank at home and a big sign
it says “LOBSTERS”, but when I go, I am as soon as I’ll start with this.

Most lobster with Bergquist & # 39; yadayuts here on the Cape, but his father
after the international cargo has been delivered to Scandinavia in large numbers, I went straight to
runway airport with good hard shells, packed in a sturdy foam
boxes. Such a thing is still a big deal here, on a promontory with a lot of mail.
order and the point of wishing airships aviyamabilnyh live and push your
door, complete with algae Cape Cod shellfish, as well as corn and potatoes.

According to Bergquist, the best way to keep the lobsters alive – it is right
refrigerator or on ice in a cooler – somewhere cool and wet, while there lobsters
not sitting in fresh water, where it will sink. For their preparation recommends Bergquist
steamed or grilled, but do not boil. The proper amount of time, which depends
their size should never exceed twenty or thirty minutes.

“First the head or tail of. It does not matter. My wife does not want to be in a room or
way. I like butter and cocktail sauce is also good. I & # 39; m Cape Kader. I eat it
butter and beer – it really is the key ingredient. ”

Lobster lovers, of course, concerned not only fresh, but also the cost
Bergquist, obviously uncomfortable when talking about the prices, “I get about seven dollars
pound, so a 21-pound, I’m the biggest I’ve ever seen, it was about $ 140. I & # 39;
I never have been in a restaurant. I hardly ever pay attention to the prices of restaurants. I got
5.50 dollars per selected lobster and lobster the same can go for $ 30. but Wholesalers
you need a lot to deal with – with lobster, which no one wants, or fatal. ”

He carefully notes that, although it believes that the prices are fair for lobster, this is the
there is no get rich quick scheme. Lobsters – a nice steady income for the fishery, which is
unpredictable at best.

“You can do a full year payment for 3 months, but it also goes the other way
you can deal with these fluctuations in mind, you’ll be fine, but you like it.
Are brutally cold morning and the times when the fish just does not happen, and you
to do everything possible. If the government allows me to fish, I believe that it is possible to fish
rest of his life. I love to go for another ten years, I think I know this much. But I hope
by the time all I paid for, and I can go when I want. ”

Number lobster on Cape Cod consistently decreases from the maximum of 1865
in 1988, until today about 1500 people. But almost every town on the Cape, from Sandwich
in Pravinstaun, continues to support people like Ben Berquist, from which you can get your
own cooler full of lobster, passing the restaurant and market pools.

“In the summer I am between one and four in the afternoon,” – says Berquist.
adding quickly: “Then again, in autumn, we can be in the north is It’s really hard.
exact. ”

So it may be that if you can catch a lobster, he had an uncertain daily tours
on Cape Cod, you have learned something about the lobster. for
Omar, as his car & # 39; er, hunt, a little planning and a touch
lucky catch.


Where were you, neon signs, and where you are going?


Many experts in the field of lighting believe that the overall outlook for the neon sign looks very optimistic. Neon signs have a record of over 100 years of successful use in advertising. If not for the neon signs would be more dark places, and neon signs industry would cease to exist in the cities and towns, but it is not likely to happen.

Let's start with general information about the neon, for example, why it is used, in addition to advertising, where it is used here and in other countries, neon signs all over the world and much more. Everyone knows that its main use in advertising, and that it supports the industry neon signs, but it has many other useful applications for society. I enjoy watching TV? Neon is used in television tubes. Do you have a neon wall clock? Neon lighting is used in the home and in many enterprises to enhance and illuminate dark areas. It is used in gas lasers used to remove eye cataracts and other health problems. Many people flew, but did you know that? It was used in lighthouses, and the pilots have seen it 20 miles, if they could not see the other kinds of light. Through the fog, you can see the neon lights. Many travelers have found it very useful when looking for a motel in the misty night. Neon does all this and more.

However, the biggest and most widely known use of neon – in neon signs. What makes it so useful for signs? For this there are two reasons. First, the neon – is a first-class conductor of electricity, and secondly, he has an amazing ability to emit light that can be seen at great distances. How difficult is it to believe that the Neon technology started in Europe in 1675. It is not that invented neon signs, but just an idea that will grow into a modern neon sign. In fact, surprising as it may seem, electricity has not yet been discovered. These two ideas developed independently, because none of them depended on to one of the other & # 39 appeared.

It was only in 1910 in Paris, a man by the name of Georges Claude invented the idea for neon signs. His first effort was a symbol of a barber shop in the city. Like when they first arrived in the United States. Earle Anthony, the owner of the car dealership in Los Angeles, apparently heard of neon signs and visited Paris. The result is a two neon signs Packard, which he bought for $ 1,250. Thousand nine hundred and twenty-three years. The idea spread quickly, and the business, and the public took this new concept of advertising. Traditional advertising signboard struck a brilliant burst of neon signs. These first signs are called "liquid fire", no doubt, because the bright red light that they emit, seems to mean a risk.

The first sign of that came in Las Vegas, has become a banner advert, entitled "Coffee Oasis". Who then realized that the city will become one of the premier two & # 39; ernyh showcases neon signs? It was a distinctive event, but few thought than that.

When discussing neon signs in America Logical band (or "band" as it is often called) and Times Square New Yoko – a logical starting point. It is easy to understand how they have earned their titles. Both annually take millions of visitors who browse the neon displays, which are almost blind. Las Vegas may have an advantage over Times Square, because it gets a lot more visitors due to its casinos, which provide the city of neon display. Compared signs of Times Square are subject to more frequent changes due to the fact that businesses in the city are often changing, while in Las Vegas, a casino, and they & # 39 are the foundation of the city revenue and casinos always work.

The Las Vegas strip is the world-famous iconic neon sign, which was installed in 1959. The sign was the idea of ​​Betty Willis, who worked at a local company signs. The sign contained the words "DABRAVAYSYA to fabulous LAS VEGAS NEVADA". The sign was never copyrighted because Willis considered it his gift to the city. This sign with & # 39 is synonymous with the city of Las Vegas. Sign Willis – number one in the list of 10 most impressive neon signals world. In Las Vegas, is also the world's largest neon sign, which bears the name of Hilton and owned by a corporation Hilton Hotel. This mark was established in 1996 and covers more than 70,000 feet, name Hilton – 164 feet, width – 28 feet. At a price of approximately $ 9 billion can easily be called the most expensive in the world of neon signs.

The first neon sign Times Square was in the mid-1920s. The density of illuminated signs in Times Square got to the point that it begins to give to the Las Vegas Strip for your money. This density with & # 39 is the result of a smaller Times Square in comparison with the area of ​​Las Vegas, which runs miles. In any case, both these places are filled with thousands of characters.

Pay attention to these two neon storefronts, we also have other places that are visible neon signs. However, they are certainly not at the same level as the previously mentioned giant neon sign. In Elk City, Oklahoma, the National Museum of Route 66 is proud to put up a huge sign neon sign Route 66. Michigan City Saginaw, he argues that it is the big neon sign of the state and the largest figurative mark in the country. Curly neon signs show people and animals. This neon sign is 35 feet long and fifty feet.

The list of top 10 neon symbols in this country there are a lot of neon signs, which are known in the country. Many of them are long gone. All of them once pasvyatlili city street. Number one – it is Boston, which had its sign n Shraftta, which was a symbol of sweets and chocolate company. The second place in this list took symbol "Vigas Vegas," which was at the height of the cities Fremont, from 1951 to 1995, when he was retired.

The number three is a sign of the "Great Grain Belt" in Minneapolis, which has been used for many years since its installation in 1940, and is now sold. Fourth – a sign of Coppertone girl, which was installed on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami for the company's product advertising, suntan lotion. It was the attraction of the city and was there from 1959 to 1990. What made this character so noticeable that it is a puppy who pulled swimsuit little girl. Next on the list from the & # 39 is the sign-permeable girl with Abbatsforda, Australia. She was called "Little Audrey" and she advertised sugar companies Nycander Company. she died in 1968, but due to public anger due to the loss of the attractions was replaced by a replica in 1970. In 1941 he was put Portland, Oregon – "Made in Oregon", in which the sugar is marketed. It remained in place when the company left the building in the 1950s.

Sign of Westinghouse in Pittsburgh on the spot number seven. He was involved from the beginning of 1920 and was filmed in 1998. Part of the company takes the eighth place in Chygika Magikustse with signs with advertising carpets. Lips 41400 pounds on the sign considered as a landmark of the city. However, all of the previous mentioned neon signs have disappeared. Badge number nine, Arch of Reno in Reno, Nevada, built in 1927 and is still strong. The last in the list with a & # 39 is a sign of the umbrella "travel insurance", which can be found in Des Moines, Iowa. It was built in 1963 and still operates.

No mention of neon signs would be complete without including the list of the 10 most impressive examples of the neon sign in the world. And it should come as no surprise that the number one in this list – sign DOBRAVDAETSTSA fabulous LAZ VEGAS, NEVADA neon signs. Next is a display of Times Square. Third place goes to Hong Kong's 15-year light show, the next place belongs sign Dotonbun Osaka, which became the inspiration for the move "The Blade Runner". Shanghai Road Naynzh ranked number fifth place, and Tokyo – Ginza and glass – in sixth place. It follows from the & # 39 is Vegaski boniard (where restored and shows the old and iconic symbols of Las Vegas). Then follow signs indicating neon signs Vintage Times Square from the 1920s to the 1950s.

As for the last two in the list, the neon signs in the palace of Caesar are in ninth place, and cowboy Road Soi Bankok completes it. It is interesting to note that in an earlier time the world famous Circus London pikadyyski certainly would have entered the top of the list. He received what many call the first in Europe neon sign, a popular soft drink, which was replaced by a new version in 2003. Today, however, all the neon signs in Piccadilly Circus are at the same building with all the names. large international corporations.

Many organizations have emerged in all parts of the country. Their goal is to collect, restore and exhibit the old classic neon sign and neon signs. One of them – the Neon Museum of Philadelphia, which was opened in 1983 and shows the neon signs of enterprises. The Neon Museum in Las Vegas has iconic neon signs of the closed casinos and businesses. It has more than 150 historical nerestavravanyh restored and neon signs. American Character Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio, was founded in 1999 and has more than 2800 characters of all types, including neon. Neon Museum in Los Angeles opened its doors in 1981 with the aim to preserve the old neon signs and other neon art. In a related vein gallery and a workshop called Let There Be Light opened in New York in 1972 to teach artists to use neon.

After use of the backlight signs began in the United States, followed by other cities, although much more slowly. It seems that Tokyo – one of the first cities outside the United States. They were established in the city park in 1926. The first in Australia to & # 39; appeared in the Melbourne suburb in 1930. Johannesburg, South Africa, the first was in 1935. India got its first about 1940. Shanghai, China, had to wait until 1982 to get their first. Pushkin Square in Moscow, received the first mark in 1989. It was popular soft sign. Stockholm. Sweden received its first around 1936. On the other hand, in Zurich in Switzerland no neon signs.

Nevertheless, it is a few cities in the world, which banned the use of neon signs within its jurisdiction. Prem & # 39; er Minister of Pakistan is trying to fight the growing problem of power, banned them and brightly lit billboards. In January 2010, Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is a & # 39 is the fourth largest city in the world, forbade them to try to stop the growing problem of pollution. In the US in 1996 in Avon, Connecticut, was adopted by a decree prohibiting the use of so-called tube disclosed, but neon signs, embedded in plastic, were well used. town residents questioned the motives of this order. More recently, in Vermont and Massachusetts began operating ban on the manufacture and sale of lighted tubes with other countries, which tend to follow suit. Illumination pipes which do not use mercury, is permitted.

In the city of Madrid, Spain, has a decree banning all lit signs in the city center, in order to reduce pollution, save energy and make the city more aesthetically pleasing. This order covers all neonchyki used in pharmacies in the theater stalls, business signs and bars. So far, Madrid illuminated signs for over 70 years. Duluth, GA, forbids neon signs, and even though these characters are not allowed in Mesa, Arizona, modern statutes and policy of the city is largely weigh survival against the lighted signs.

With the 60-ies in the United States and Canada, there was a movement against the illuminated signs. The City of Vancouver has banned use of these symbols on the once shiny lit streets, which then became a dark passage that left the city of cold, heartless view.

Since we are talking about the neon signs, it might be good to think, to learn about the industry of neon signs. In 2008 the total income of the company "neon sign" amounted to about $ 2.9 billion. In general, signs of industry had revenue of about $ 11 billion. At this time, in this country there were about 35,00 shops with signs, including illuminated signs. These amounts are increased by thousands of years to come.

That there is a commercial neon sign? It's really hard to say. However, when it comes to prices that collectors can pay for them, there are some figures that show that they have paid for high tsenenyya bright signs. In fact, in June 2006 on the sale of commemorative highlighted character Thunderbird Hotel sold for $ 26,000, while the one who said Cloud 9 sold for $ 21,275, and the star of the Holiday Inn sign went for 3220 dollars. This shows that people are willing to pay for the collection of neon signs. Prices of commercial type var & # 39; iruyutstsa depending on the size and other factors.

Now it's time to compare neon signs with another form of lighting, LED. Before you understand the advantages and disadvantages of these two methods as they relate to their commercial use.

First, see what LED and some information about it. LED letters stand for LEDs. First, the LED is used as a replacement for incandescent lights and displays for laboratory equipment. Later it was used in televisions, clocks, radios, calculators and indicators. LEDs on the prices not only declined until recently, that allows you to sell the residential and commercial markets. External lights and Christmas lights with a & # 39 are part of LED home lighting products. Due to the energy crisis and some foreign countries, who are looking for ways to reduce energy costs, LED lighting companies can probably count on a profitable future, when it comes to their products.

Now that we know about LED lighting, we can make a fair comparison with neon signs, as we remember the good and bad points of each. The basis for comparison with the & # 39 is the use of two methods of lighting in advertising.

Firstly, with regard to the use of neon signs, their advantage is that when used properly, they have a very long service life, neon has a very high operating range and can operate at very high voltages using AC and DC, they do not always require special power supplies, and these signs have a very low power consumption. A unique advantage enjoyed by only neon signs, with the & # 39 is that they can be made in any form. This is a very important advantage – the ability to bend the shape makes it ideal for use in advertising, wall clocks and lighting for homes and businesses. Finally, this inexpensive little lights and decorative lamps.

Neon signs also have their drawbacks. They have low light output for input power, provide only a small range of the color spectrum, producing only one color at a time, require a large surface area to be used for general lighting and expensive for use as signs and displays.

The advantages of using LED lamps are as follows – The US Department of Energy expects that the production cost of LEDs will drop lower than that of compact fluorescent lamps called CEL in about 2013, a high level of energy efficiency, a more durable, longer product life and reducing heat. load space (an additional advantage of reducing the energy consumption).

The disadvantages of the use of LED lighting include "warm" light, the resulting light-emitting diodes are more expensive than the "cold" light, LED is more expensive than some of the more traditional lighting concept, and a limited selection of options, color quality and the lack of standardization of products.

The aim of this article was to see many topics related to neon signs, are not often known to the general public. What awaits future for each of these types of lighting, it is difficult to predict. Referring to the submitted material, the most reasonable answer might be that both of them will be used for some time, but that could easily change due to improved designs and accomplishments that are or can develop, a change in the economy, or any one of a number other factors. Both branches have very large financial resources and will do whatever it takes to get a larger share of signage market.

Ultimately, there are two major factors that will influence the landmark industry in respect of the profits and investment. Companies want to use any method that works for them the most successful. Consideration of future technology advances with respect to each form of coverage, price and other factors is crucial, as well as to explore the advantages and disadvantages of each. Another idea is that some of them will get the best response from buyers. This may well be the deciding factor. Як і ўсе галіны, гэтыя два канкурэнты, несумненна, будуць разглядаць маркетынгавыя даследаванні як надзейнае кіраўніцтва для прыняцця рашэнняў. Кожная з гэтых дзвюх сістэм мае толькі адну агульную мэту, якая супадае з любым бізнесам ці кампаніяй, і гэта паспрабаваць прыняць правільныя рашэнні, прыносячы максімум грошай, і гэта назва гульні.


Writing sections: prose Blocks



While words can be considered as separate units that make up the offer, the proposals themselves with & # 39 are the components that make up the paragraph. As part of the fiction, whether it is non-fiction, memoirs, autobiography, flash fiction, short literature or genre of the novel, they have the form, structure and function. This article will address all three.

Purpose and structure of paragraphs:

Visually paragraph serves as a block proposals typically the first line with the slits. This retreat signals the beginning of each of the following in the text.

"As a reader, you identify a paragraph at a glance, just him with a & # 39; appearance," according to Carol Pemberton in his book "Writing paragraphs" (Allyn and Bacon, 1997, p 1.). "Paragraphs vary greatly in length, because they are different in content and purpose."

Organizational writer they allow one to focus on the basic idea, which can be either refined or supported by one or more suitable points. Associated second or a related idea, the following paragraph is doing the same, and together they illustrate a longer, more ahoplivayuchuyu idea or topic, as it would be expressed in an essay, term paper or a book, non-fiction and leader.

Paragraphs can contain both general and specific statements such as the following.

General Information: Movies can be strained.

Specific: Films such as Die Hard and Die Hard 2, its rapid action can be stressful.

A second example of the & # 39 is specific, as he calls the two films, and explains why they are wary.

General statements are inclined to interpret the reader can summarize the main idea in each paragraph, but the specific of them allow you to focus on specific features of the basic idea.

Properly structured paragraph contains two integer elements.

1). The overall theme proposal, which is usually a & # 39 is the first, which refers to the main idea of ​​a paragraph.

2). One or more specific proposals that support and illustrate the main idea.

Consider the following passage, which offer themed boldface type and whose support proposals to & # 39 are standard prints.

"There are ways to save on aviyabiletse. Not all seats on all flights have the same price tag. For example, if you can book early enough, you can usually find a lower price tariff, because the seats reserved for him, are still available. People travel on weekends, flying in the middle of the week, such as Tuesday or Wednesday, and secondly offer the lowest prices on travel, and finally, if you are flying in a less popular seasons such as winter, you can take advantage of lower fares airlines. They offer to fill tr dytsyyna empty planes. "

Besides the basic structure of the paragraph, it should contain other elements. One of them – unity.

"When used for writing paragraphs unity means that the paragraph – this is one basic idea," – emphasizes Pemberton (ibid, page 7). "All the statements in the paragraph are related to one idea. The writer does not depart from the idea, on the contrary, remains with her and leads readers to a clear understanding."

As shown in the previous example, the thematic proposal as an introduction to what is to follow, argued that there are ways to save on the pace and maintaining, preserving the unity of the topic, I gave three methods that.

Another important element of the paragraph with the & # 39 is the support or development – that is, if the writer supports, develops and almost proves your theme? If in the previous example, the discussion of the main topics included the best hotels in Florida, it would have had nothing.

Another element – is the length. The very length of paragraph depends on the topic and offers varies depending on the degree of development that occurs as a result of, or the amount of support needed for his illustrations.

Finally, a final statement or offers evidence-based, long deliberation or permutation topics.

TOPICS paragraphs:

While at school students little opportunity to choose the topics about which they need to write because of the tasks corresponding to the curriculum, while others, especially writers, freelancers, almost limitless in what they can learn in the paragraphs and longer parts of which these items are made.

However, they should consider several aspects before they try to turn ideas into words.

Interest, knowledge, experience and abilities in the first place should serve as a weather vane pointing to potential subjects. If a person has something to interest, it is likely that this led to him know about it, perhaps, through the study and even his personal experience with it, which allows him to explore and explain it in writing.

If, on the other hand, it is impossible to choose a theme, the writer can always take a specified and approach it with a new, fresh or different angle.

The goal – is another aspect. Although a school assignment, of course, is the "purpose", while others are not necessarily required, may write to inform, advise others, advise, entertain.

A third reader reading must always be taken into account if the author writes something, especially if it is the intention to publish. Job in the school, to be sure, will read a teacher or professor, perhaps for evaluation. Journey, which discusses important sights of the city of San Antonio, Texas, will contribute to the planning of tourist trips. And the article about caring for rose gardens will appeal to those who have a home flora.

The ideas of writing may be the result of an internal inspiration, external stimulation or brainstorm different options, and then filtering, sorting and grouping of items that will be discussed.

Dual purpose thematic proposals;

"Thematic proposal states that the main idea of ​​the paragraph," says Pemberton (ibid, p. 35). "For this reason it is the most important sentence in the paragraph. The writers make a paragraph in support of the thematic proposals, and readers rely on their proposals, to find out what the main ideas are developed."

The very theme proposal has two objectives. First, it establishes and predicts the target item. Second, it reduces the scope of its activities, offering the idea of ​​controlling, creating parameters to which the author should follow the information to be relevant and not straying from its purpose.

Thematic proposal should lead to a discussion and to develop and is narrow enough idea to be adequately addressed in the same paragraph, but should not be complete in itself without this mentioned point.

Consider the following suggestions.

"The fundamental value of writing for the student is that it improves its assessment". The last four words, "it improves his grades," it limits the items that can be discussed in this section, the reader and creates the expectation that he will learn to do it.

"Think of the thematic proposals as a writer reader promises" – advises Pemberton (ibid, p. 36). "The writer promises to discuss said the main idea."


Although topical application of a general nature, and sometimes short, the proposals which follow in support of them, should be specific and may be longer because they typically represent the facts. They are intended to provide the reader with accurate and clear understanding.

General references often leaves the reader open to interpretation based on their own experience and understanding. For example, "dobraaplatnaya position" can mean an unemployed 25 thousand dollars, and for the wealthy – a seven-digit figure. Without specific numbers nobody will ever know what it means for the author.

In order to support the thematic proposal, the writer must use the specific details, facts, examples, and even published quotes, for example, "13.5 percent of Americans live in poverty," says the article, "Zbyarenne poverty" by 15 September. , 2019, the magazine "News and Views".

"Details of the provided support," says Pemberton (ibid, p. 62). "(They are) – it is concrete information that shows that the writer is referring to the thematic offer examples illustrate the main idea in the paragraph can be used one or more examples, depending on the general idea, which is supported by independent observers agree Quotes -…. It the exact words of the writer or speaker. "


Another important element of writing paragraphs with & # 39 is consistency. The very consistency entails several aspects. For example, the relationship between ideas must be clear and interlinked – that is, logically and smoothly flow from the previous one. Supporting the idea of ​​further explain previous statements. The main ideas can be expressed through repetition. Finally, the text stream is provided and enhanced by means of transition words such as "but", "however", "however", "so", "for" and "while", among others.

"Reading clumsy letters like riding with the lost driver who wanders through the crowded streets, palyavayuchy for the destination, but a waste of time and pulling passengers," says Pemberton (ibid, page 68).

Consider the sequence of the next step.

"I just returned from a rough day. I have, as usual, at 6:30 am on fire alarm and I showered and dressed. It seemed to be a drizzle, so I brought an umbrella. The sky was hardly drops. But all We rode as if throwing cats and dogs, and I'm almost 15 minutes late for work, I found a report from my secretary on the table, I think it has a problem with the relationship, because it does not have & # 39;.. lately did not have the smell. Maybe she did not sleep last night. I had such a night last week. Even Tylenol did not help. Because I miss traffic ive opening Harold Comment on the meeting. He has twice told me that we would go fishing on Saturday, but do not seem to remember where I put it to myself. I dropped my lunch, and I almost got into a fight with a customer day. Hardly crawling traffic because of the rain, when I went home. I walked into the kitchen, I realized that I did not go to the shops with food l ately, so cabinets and e naked. I instead plopped down on the sofa, still in a suit and tie, and I fell asleep. "

Consistency can be improved by proper use of transitional words, phrases and sentences.

"The words, phrases and sentences that are used as passages like bridges that transport readers into security from one point to another," – advises Pemberton (ibid, page 72).


Exposure Writing entails explanation, description, illustrating (in words) and disclosure and a & # 39 is almost in all genres, including fiction. While writing the story can demonstrate actions, emotions, feelings and moods through conversation and interaction of two or more characters, it simply tells ekspazitarny colleague, as in "Regina and Dawn parted last night" or "The garden was a tangle of weeds." It is certainly important for writing paragraphs.

There are several methods of writing the exposure that can be used and may even improve the creation paragraphs. The first of them provided for comparing and contrasting.

"Writing with a sample of comparison / contrast, you study the similarity (comparison) and difference (contrast) between two people of the & # 39; objects or ideas," says Pemberton (rate, page 135.). "A theme can be as abstract as socialism against capitalism, or it can be as specific as toothpaste brand against brand X Y. It is obvious that the topic should be narrow enough for one point, to allow discussion of the specific similarities and differences."

Consider the following two examples.

By comparison, "The small restaurant, which opened in the city last month, is very similar to dinner, the service friendly, the food is simple and useful, and reasonable prices."

Contrast: "Wheat bread Frayer similar to Hoffmayer & # 39; s: natural and baked with stone-ground wheat On the other hand, it tends to be more rough and dry.".

Another method of writing the exposure indicated by "writing process". Ideal for instructions and guidance, representing chronological, step by step procedure as follows.

"In order to convert the chair, you first need to move it to the work area, for example, in the basement or garage. Next you need to remove staples or staples that hold the tissue attached to the frame. .If the chair will be five or more years, he might , began to disintegrate, and you will most likely want to replace it. Measure the area covered by them, and cut a new stuffing according to the desired size, tight zapakuyuchy him in a chair & # new fabric coating also need to cut to size measurements. After you will, pull it around chair frame before re-cross-linking or re-attachment to the place. You may need a helping hand to pull one side of it, until pryshpilyaesh another. Finally, bring back the chair to its original place. "

Another method of writing the exposure – a classification. This allows the author to classify objects, things, ideas and even people and then provide enough detail that the reader can understand the differences between them. However, the only common denominator of the & # 39; combines paragraph. Consider the following example.

"All published books written, but there are differences between them, for example, from the United States and the United Kingdom has the English language, however, words such as & # 39;.. Haven & # 39; spelled differently letter & # 39; u, & # 39, in the harbor & # 39; & # 39; If they are placed vertically on a shelf, their names are read from top to bottom Books in Germany, obviously, in this language, but the titles on the spines are read from the bottom up English or German, but.. with & # 39 are in Hebrew and read from the back cover, which is actually the front. Pages are read from right to left. ".

In this example, the "book" with the & # 39 is the common denominator, but their spelling, language, printing on the spine and read direction are their honors.

Another technique of writing the exposure – a definition.

"Usually, the definition is very short – just to explain a term or concept, which is either unknown or is used in an unusual sense …" – says Pemberton (ibid, page 157.). "However, sometimes … a paragraph will be devoted to expanding the definition of the term. Because of the greater length of the readers naturally expect that one value (or perhaps several meanings) will be developed."

Consider this example of a paragraph, proposes a definition.

"The most common in the world of the definition of" alone "- is anywhere without at least one company or presence But this conception is more than just exist independently If you are uncomfortable you are suspicious and are therefore not able to connect to.. others, you are equally alone, because you can not complete the connection man-man or the soul-a soul. the definition goes beyond the pure presence of the other. If you are going to, for example, with ten friends, but still not be able to contact them in some meaningful way, you can also . Ichyts lonely Finally, if you try to go up to someone and he or she does not show any interest to you, or even give up, you can also consider themselves lonely & # 39; ".

Article Source:

Pemberton, Carol. "Writing paragraphs". Needham Heights, MA: Allyn and Bacon, +1997.


New ideas wedding in England


Tropical beaches and islands are not the only option for wedding destinations. There are many other beautiful and unique settings, which also makes for unforgettable weddings. A large region of the United States, which is popular for weddings – New England. Let these ideas will help you start planning his own wedding in New England.

When most people think of New England, they paint a magical countryside inn, snow-covered mountains, rocky shores and bright autumn leaves. All these wonderful scenes really true in New England, depending on the season and the place that you choose for their students. Also note that you can create a completely different vibration, depending on where you decide to tie the knot. Although the region has a lot in common, each state has very unique features that gives couples the opportunity to have exactly the type of wedding they want.

If you love all things classic and timeless, the perfect place for your wedding in New England will Connecticut. Known for its good taste, Connecticut will be a strange place for a wedding with a classic style. Show yourself in a simple strapless dress with pearl jewelry to exchange promises in the old wagon white temple. Watch out for the reception at the country club, or in a tent. It would be absolutely beautiful place for a wedding in early summer. Decorate wedding pink peonies and garden roses for a beautiful classic effect.

For autumn wedding you will be hard to find a better place in the country than Vermont. Flame, fresh clear days and cool nights make Vermont autumn leisure. Remember that the peak foliage season really changes little from one year to the next and that the higher altitude will get their best colors before. Thus, if you performed a wedding in the mountains of Stowe, the wedding at the end of September or in the first days of October would be the perfect time, and if you have chosen this site as the quaint town of Woodstock on a smaller hill, the early and mid-October, it will be better for foliage. Pamper your guests with seasonal inventions, such as fresh apple cider, local cheeses and Vermont with pumpkin soup with pumpkin. Just do not forget to plan for at least a year in advance, because the fall foliage season in New England is very rich!

The rocky coast of Maine will make another great place for a destination wedding in New England. This will be an excellent choice for a summer wedding, as the weather & # 39; e is gorgeous – not too hot and not too cold. The beautiful town of Bar Harbor is an excellent choice for a wedding in Maine, as well as any of the small coastal towns. Simple style wedding is best suited to the rough natural beauty of the coast of Maine, so draw men in khaki pants and navy pilots instead of tuxedo and the bride in a clear organza wedding dress with delicate pearl jewelery. Play on the unique features of Maine by a lobster or a hoe lighthouse for a wedding. If we talk about the lobster, you could be anything else for a wedding dinner in Maine?

New England has many other wonderful places for the wedding. There is a picturesque mountain. Washington Inn in New Hampshire, on the shores of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket in Massachusetts or any of the many ski resorts for winter weddings. The only time that is not ideal for a wedding in New England, – in early spring; Locals, known as "mud season", days before Memorial Day are subject to unpredictable temperatures, spring showers and, of course, a large amount of dirt from the melting snow. Memory Day weekend marks the beginning of the peak wedding season in New England, as locals and visitors flock visiting many scenic spots in the region.


Venice after our cruise stellar pryntsesnaga


When John and I Latstsatsi reached Venice at the end of the cruise "Star Princess", the ship sailed huge lagoon near St. Mark's Square and at the time was the largest structure of Venice. He dock south of the city, and we went back and forth to San Marco on vaparettsy. We spent the first night in Venice on board the ship.

During our fist in Venice, while he was on board the ship, we quickly found our hotel and headed to Harry's Bar. We had two martinis each served in very small glasses. We tried one right and one on the rocks. In a small room there is a small bar and a sprinkling of tables. I bought a copy of the book Arryga Kiprani called "Harry's Bar, the life and times of the legendary Venetian landmarks." The book was nineteen euros and four drinks – sixty nine Euros, only 132,00 dollars. Late visit one drinks cost us 56 euros or 84 dollars.

For five nights we stayed at the Best Western Albergo San Marco for 583 euros (about 874 dollars each). We had separate rooms. The hotel is located a few steps from Piazza San Marco. Unlike breakfast in Rome, the breakfast was very simple: lack of hot food and a very limited number of other proposals that have been invisible.

We ate lunch and dinner in small places that were very reasonable. Often they called themselves pizza restaurants, but had a full menu of Italian cuisine. House white wine was equally good, the bread was delicious, and the lunch we were often delicious pizza. We have never sought and does not require expensive restaurants and have always been satisfied with the places that we found just wandering the streets. Great help non-Italians have had a number of places of Bangladesh.

We wandered separately in different parts of the city, starting at ten, and then went back to each other for lunch. Often we gublyaemsya, but it was fun getting lost in the maze and maze of Venice, and making a variety of discoveries: a new church, a wonderful company, the fish market near the Rialto Bridge, a cafe with tempting cakes. John Leonid found univermag Coins near the Rialto and found some good buys.

We were in Venice from 8 November 2007 to 14 November 2007, and have sometimes been very cold out & # 39; ie, bone-chilling and penetrating moisture at night, but the city will make you forget the cold for their beauty and uniqueness. The end of October and beginning of November – this is a good time because you avoid the large horde of the season. Council city parents: stop selling pigeon food in the Piazza San Marco and prune these thousands of pigeons. They fly into people leave droppings, shed feathers & # 39; s and cause trouble.

Venice – magical city of dreams, unreal and unearthly. We recall the night scene along the canals, the Bridge of Sighs, Bakin, gondolas, Ryyalta bridge, reflections sunken houses on the canals, the Grand Canal, colonnades, baroque churches with beautiful art, quiet secret gardens, abbeys, stone wells, which are everywhere, symbols of a lion and the Doge's Palace. We have visited the Doge's Palace and the Bridge of Sighs actually went and saw the prison cells. Two glorious church among the hundred – Santi Giovanni e Paolo and La Basilica della Salute (the dome, which is now covered with forests).

Venice – buried city, but his fame lives in your memory forever: Library in Piazza San Marco, the area of ​​marble palaces, computers, objects Carnevale in stores with scary costumes and masks, magical sunsets, shimmering city, where life is more unique, than in any other city in the world. People began to sip espresso at Cafe Florian in 1720.

We went to Lida on vapareta and strolled along the beach front of the hotel, where the background Ashenbah pressed Polish boy of fourteen in Thomas Manet's "Death in Venice".

Bookstore Libreria "Acqua Alta» to use the book, which are located in two large rooms, advertises itself as the most beautiful bookshop in the world. In addition to all the shelves in one room is Gondola in full, loaded with books and in another room, another large boat full of books.

One day I visited the Vivaldi museum moved the Academy Bridge and went to Peggy Guggenheim Museum. It is located on the Grand Canal in an unfinished palace, which itself with the & # 39 is a work of art. In the beautiful garden sculpture Peggy Guggenheim is buried next to her beloved dogs fourteen; stone gives their names and dates. There are several paintings by Jackson Pollock, so I bought a tie there with the motif of pollock in the museum.

Interesting art gallery with her museum – Bac Art Studio, where you can meet the owner of the Jack Russell, who insists you throw him the ball. You Stamitz before he does. I stupidly asked the owner, not the dog says, in English, and the owner said he knew English but does not speak. "I do not think that dog in America say in English", – he threw.

In Venice, we have opened an Irish pub Inishark, where they met the British and Irish tourists. That evening we were to do that, because we do not want to visit the opera La Fenice or string quartets at various venues.

Many years before I arrived, and with & # 39; traveling from Venice by train, it is a fairly simple maneuver since the vaparetsi stop at the railway station. At this time we are in town on the ship, and we had to leave the plane. We were wondering how they were going to manage this with our heavy bags. On the morning of our departure we booked a water taxi. One bell pulled our two big bags for himself and led us through the Piazza San Marco to the wharf water taxi right outside the hotel Baglioni.

Water standing water taxis, and our bags were loaded on board. We sat in a comfortable cabin, which can be twenty people were easily put. The boat was a mahagonavaga boat, which resembled an old Chris Craft. We clasped one channel, then the second, and came to the great waterway of Venice. We had half an hour to wide open throttle to get to the pier to the airline terminal. The trip was 100 euro, and we tipped the boatman twenty, for a total of $ 180.

On the landing of the boat on a sign that says you can wait for the shuttle bus or spend seven minutes walk to the entrance to the terminal by a covered walkway. We walked, pulling wheeled bags behind. We have seen Rome, enjoy a cruise on the Star Princess and enjoyed the visual delights of Venice. Now it's time to go home by JFK. Chao, Venice.


regard the importance of


Communication has been one of the most important aspects of the growth of human society and culture. Without it, so many things to do, people would have shared it was not possible, and the world would not be the way it is. Telecommunications, transmission of signals at a distance for the purpose of communication is also very important.

This was Telecom has a long and creative history. One of the first means of communication, and may in fact the first was the use of smoke signals. In classical and ancient times, it was a very effective means of communication in a smaller, more rural world. Other old methods included the use of sound in such things as drums and horns. Flags, lights and special towers used optical telecommunications. A later development of more advanced civilization and industrious society has created the telegraph, radio, television and finally the Internet.

Communication provides a lot for the world. Trade, which creates telecommunications, – a good chunk of the gross world product. It provides business, money and market stability in the world. This not only creates products like itself, but also is beneficial and strengthens the entire world market, creating a denser community, and allowing to react more quickly and share information.

There is also a contribution to science for consideration. The development of telecommunications research and provides useful basis for other technologies. With the development and improvement of radio and understanding of how to operate the radio waves, the flight was one of the main benefits of telecommunications. Space and sea travel, exploration and improvement of means of transport – all the more significant development of telecommunications. Despite the fact that telecommunications – is not the only factor, the possibility of transmitting information from fourth place back from one place to another has allowed science to develop in places, which always can not be observed directly and clearly.

The world is constantly growing, and it would not be possible without telecommunications. As soon as people move and grow the country, more and more developed cities around the world. With the help of telecommunications has become much faster to send messages from one place to another. Direct contact with the receiver envoy is still used and is still used today in some places and in some places, but the ability to send a message to large tracts of land without physical travel through the land makes it easier to get the message. This is very helpful in such things as war, problems with the weather & # 39; eat geographical problems, disease, health, and trade.

Effect of Light on telecommunications obvious. This is one of the leading reasons why the world has become so large and became so useful and up to date with many questions. Telecommunications contribute to a better awareness of the society and people's lives. This helps to develop solutions and to gather support for causes and issues around the world, making the Earth a little short and a little more secure.

This article was presented in partnership with http://www.Facsimile.Com, which is a & # 39 is a site for Fax Machines.


Skybus in St. Augustine, Florida


Make flight "back" was one of the topics with which I now come to the tape-cutting ceremony for SKYBUS airlines in the airport district of St. John's, St. Ogastsin, Florida. This initiation was ceremony first commercial air terminal. SKYBUS introduced commercial flights to St. Petersburg Augustine July 18, 2007. The service between Columbus, Ohio, and St. Augustine. Augustine.

Perhaps you zadastsesya why I would be so shocked commercial airline to arrive in St. Augustine as a real estate professional. Besides the fact that I moved to St. Augustine from Columbus, Ohio, and the fact that I still own their home in Columbus, Ohio, and this for me personally, it makes sense to have a convenient, cost-effective and simple solution for my own use on passengers, airlines SKYBUS simply again everything is so simple! This flight also provides easy access to Jacksonville, Daytona Beach and Orlando, Florida, and other parts of the lung away from the St. Augustine from the Midwest! SKYBUS also has a direct flight to Punta Gorda (Ft Myers) for those traveling to the West Coast of Florida.

When I had my first flight at age 16, I remember coming out on the tarmac to board a plane at the airport of La Guardia, NY to fly directly to North Carolina with his father. It was an exciting time, and I remember being approached to the aircraft. He looked so great! Aircraft Props (in the 60s there were very few jets) shone in the sun. I surprisingly found out exactly how this aircraft ever to go down to the ground. The smell of aircraft fuel was stunning, and two stewardesses (they were then women) greeted me with smiles and soothing words.

Defeating forward today, it was the experience of "Back to the Future." Ease of travel from point A to point B – this is what the doctor ordered for my busy life. More I do not need to travel to Jacksonville, Orlando and Daytona Beach to get home. Call me selfish, but in this fun experience, hundreds of people joined in the Midwest. Answer (need) in this type of service has been so positive that SKYBUS Airlines added a second daily flight between St. Augustine and Columbus, Ohio, and they added a service between Portsmouth, North Africa and St. Augustine. Both additional services starting December 17, 2007 Now I can easily visit some & # 39; nd in Massachusetts!

The whole idea about the surprisingly low rates (at least, each flight has 10 seats for $ 10, and then gradually increases) is to provide the average person the opportunity to fly at reasonable costs. The fact is that you really need to plan future flights because tickets go quickly.

At least four of my personal friends were flying in the back and forth SKYBUS Airlines. They eagerly applauded experience, claiming that this is the best flight experience they have ever had !! Now it is evidence that many other airlines want.

Air terminal SKYBUS is nearly 12,000 square feet. It was built for the "record-breaking 54 days' worth of about 1.6 million. Agreement between the airport authority and SKYBUS St. Augustine allows you to split the terminal by another airline if there is another commercial airline that wants to fly to Augustine.

St. Johns County has benefited from services SKYBUS revenues from fuel, parking, concessions and rental cars and rental. Benefits of St. Augustine from SKYBUS bring more jobs and business opportunities. Starts and car rentals. This will be a boon for the economy of St. Augustine, and add the tourism industry. And for me, in the real estate industry, I hope that attention to St. Augustine and St. Johns County as a prime location for a life-threatening condition is very obvious.

When I checked in January, February and March in Florida are still $ 40 for one price. It's way back in the $ 80 … not bad for a holiday or for snow birds, which now have a simple, easy and shorthand way flight. Bids, which they won last long after I publish this article!


heart passion: the birth of a dream and entrepreneurship


"I knew that any proper dream can be realized. Material resources are on the side and call a dream."

Katherine Marshall Outside themselves

In a conversation with a friend, I recently again I heard the story of another woman who pursued his dream! Deborah's dream was to create agriculture for people with autism and other disabilities in the development and support of their professional, entertaining and household needs. Her dream has come true, and its mission was the mission of the new company Farmsteads of New England, Inc.

I decided to meet with Deborah and hear her story. Why she had this dream? Where did it start? History Deborah will be different from yours or mine, but it is always interesting to see how the dream start, and then directed us to the heart the way to purposeful life or life activities. Hearing these stories, we can assume on what to look for in our own life. Maybe we missed the experience and events that have a hint of our life goals and dreams!

journey begins

From the words of Deborah:

"I have always been interested in helping people. As a child I wanted to be a nurse. In high school I was doing a rehearsal for the children who were studying in the classroom, which was listed" trenirovanym mentally retarded. "I loved working with these children, and attached to one girl, .. with autism At this time, the teacher told me that I should get special education, I said to her. "no," I decided that I wanted to become a doctor, not a nurse.

"After graduating from college as an awareness I became very unhappy and I realized that it is not. I gave up college and graduated repetyvats children with learning disabilities. Then I returned to kalezh– Gordanski College in Wenham, Massachusetts, and received a BA in a concentration of education special education. Next was obtained master degree of disability in learning and emotional drawbacks from the University of Virginia.

"I taught high school students who have these disadvantages, and have done so for almost twenty years, without giving time to get married and create something & # 39;. Th My second child was born with a rare metabolic disorder that made him far behind and on the spectrum autism If Andrew was eight years old, I began to wonder what will happen to his future. I thought that the farm will be a good environment, as it will allow him to use his gross (large) motor skills and extra energy. He loved the big open spaces, and the farm will meet these needs. A ramya of Agriculture provides a variety of activities that bring concrete results. One can understand why they do the work, and Andrew did not have to be isolated and lonely.

a dream is born

"I started to dream about agriculture, which my son could live and work together with other people with similar needs and support staff. I was sitting on this idea for several years. When I started a doctoral program in special education administration, and Andrew was about 11 years old, I began to study the idea of ​​rural opportunities and found that in Ohio there is agriculture, which is specifically aimed at people with autism. It was exciting — my dream there somewhere and worked!

"Looking back to New Hampshire to see that there are services for adults, I realized that I have to start his own homestead. When Andrew was 16, I decided that it might be useful to me five years to get it off the ground and it would be ready for him when he was 21 years old. in 1999, I quit my job in the position of teacher and placed in newspapers to let people know that I am interested in the formation of the estate, and I gathered the main group of people together and Corporation formed in 2000. We formed a board of directors, received Tus tax-exempt in 2001 and began to raise funds. We have acquired the historical farm Rosewald in Hillsborough, New Hampshire in 2003 and started to provide services!

dream grows

"Today we live in five adults" farmers "(clients) who live here, and four who come for daily service. We are going to build more residences, so that we can provide more services to more people. We are changing people's lives. One girl I did not know if she can overcome the terrain, and did not know if she could climb the stairs. she does this and more. it just blossomed. His father came to visit and cried when I saw it going up the stairs!

"In our" farmers "are enviable life -. A beautiful place to live, close friends and important work My goal is for people to go to bed at night, and were proud of themselves when they have done something important during the day New England manor (Www.farmsteads-ne.org) multiple name and broad geographical information, because we would like to replicate this feature in other places. My other goal is as soon as it runs for five years – to have experience behind to help others start monastery!

"It was an exciting and very difficult journey, but it is very useful to see a dream come true, and improving the lives of people present reward -. It is possible for people to get pleasure from intercourse and lead productive lives."

How interesting to see and admiration Deborah heart that I gave birth to God's purposes for life, it turned into something unique and useful for those whose lives have often been marginalized. Let it continue to see the fulfillment of all your dreams and goals! Many more people with autism and developmental disabilities, will benefit from her attachment to serve them — and, I might add, by helping them to set free be the person that God has called them to be!

Happy dream journey

Judy Peterson

© Copyright 2006 – Judy Peterson. All rights reserved.


open source education – a new way of learning


Today & # 39 with a new form of learning. open source education certainly change people's views on education and help to increase knowledge and provide access to education for children around the world.

Lisa Petryds, president and founder of the Institute of Knowledge Management in Education, finds the cost of education with open source – "Open educational resources provide a platform that focuses on students that truly marries technology with education, provide access to justice and education resources. for all, and last but not least, it is in some cases allows you to re-professionalism of teaching. "

Earlier training was pretty Herculean task for students without classrooms and teachers. Now that we have access to and dissemination of the Internet & # 39 facilities around the world, students have access to free education through websites, personalized for this kind of training! Popularizing training open source can help reduce the cost of printing and publication of books, which, in turn, will help students to reduce their own costs. It will also help to contain the financial bar & # 39; er for educational resources as students, who will buy the book, will be free to share child versions of books online with other children.

The curriculum provides free online educational resources, which can also be used to distribute and adapt. This practice encourages the participation of educators, developers, parents, and students, as well as inviting their feedback and ideas. Wikiversity, Curriki and MIT Open Courseware – some of the repositories of educational programs with open source, which provide the basis of the curriculum for a particular course. Curriki – a non-profit private social enterprise which is engaged in improving the quality of education with global access to the free and open construction resources.

Due to the numerous learning platforms that are available now, and corporate, and academic organizations are gradually acquiring a number of advantages. For example, instead of trainers visited many sites of companies, employees can easily access the Internet resources of learning. Moreover, recently the experts in the field of industry business environment are studying the potential of open source code control system. There are a variety of training tools with open source software, including Xerte, Udutu and Claroline to help professionals in the creation of internet software and providing practical knowledge or without any cost! Moodle – one of the famous and dynamic learning tools on the Internet that offer a wide range of tools to improve virtual learning. It also provides its users the ability to create personalized learning environment.

In addition to this, the formation of open source software also helps higher education initiatives. According to the Internet database of education, in 2003, an open program course programs of the Institute of Massachusetts Institute of Technology started to provide its users with open access to the program notes, courses, problematic issues and solutions, examination of samples, as well as some selected video lectures. "Using open source allows the university the flexibility to change the software and make it more suitable to the Oxford style," said Stuart Leigh, director of computer systems and services to the University of Oxford.


Why choose a private villa for a holiday?


Financial difficulties, given the current economic crisis, many Seven & # 39; and rethinking family vacation. If you are lucky enough to afford a vacation, it is more important than ever to find a good value for the dollars spent. One way to vacation on a budget – rent a private house. Compared to the hotel or all-inclusive resort, rent a private villa is a solid value.

Imagine swimming in their own pool, sipping pinavuyu color as the sun dipped. Enjoy panoramic views of the ocean and the mountains, if your hostess is busy preparing the next meal, a snack or a drink. The beautiful beach of the Caribbean – it's an easy 5 minute walk … masseuse comes in an hour … Ahhh, this is vacation.

Villa del Mar in Playa Kafrezi Dominican Republic – affordable luxury vacation. Attentive courteous staff will do all prezemleniya work, so you can relax. It's pretty your individual desires. Maid will take care of cooking, as well as to supply all meals, snacks and drinks, and then cleanse the dirty dishes. They will tend to your clothes and keep the villa spotless. The clerk can perform errands, go shopping with food and provide a shuttle service to the airport. The best thing is that you have so few solutions: swim in the pool or swim at the beach? Sleeping in a hammock or enjoy a massage? Fresh pina colada or a cold-cold beer?

Here's how to be a vacation. Villa Vista del Mar can be your home away from home, but with luxuries usually can not afford. Prices for this villa the beaches of the Caribbean, with 5 bedrooms start at just $ 184 / night in the summer up to 4 people. This is an incredible value – $ 46 per person.

Take a look at the chart below to find out how a private beach villa vacation makes more sense than staying in a hotel or resort.

A summary of the Villa Vista del Mar, rent a private beach villas compared to typical hotel rooms

overnight rate

Typical Hotel: $ 100- $ 500 / night double occupancy

Villa Vista del Mar: Starting from US $ 184 / night for 4 people or $ 46 per person


Typical hotel: NO, except for a single room. Common areas are shared by all guests

Villa Vista del Mar: Ample 5 bedroom numerous indoor and outdoor living areas surrounded by wide lawns, gardens and landscaped banana trees. There is no implied houses. Privacy walls around the pool allow for sunbathing and subtle bass.

private kitchen

Typical hotel: NO, maybe, coffeemakers and mini-fridge

Villa Vista del Mar: Yes Fully supplied kitchen includes a full room service. Preparation, serving and clean all meals, drinks and snacks on demand during the day

personalized nutrition

Typical hotel: Usually Buffet

Villa Vista del Mar: Guests choose meals, snacks and drinks, which they want, and get the rest domestic servant. Individual needs and preferences can be taken. For children, you can make separate meals. The villa has a recommended menu guide / planning food

Housekeeping and laundry service

Typical Hotel: Apartments do, and baths are cleaned once a day

Villa Vista del Mar: YES-Maids take care of the cleaning of the whole villa on a daily basis and will strive for personal laundry and ironing service, excluding special items, such as dry cleaning.

Outside of personalized services

Typical Hotel: Don not think

Villa Vista del Mar: Yes, there are many options. The owner can provide a shuttle service from the airport, shopping with food and to carry out orders. The house can be called a masseuse, manikyurystu, hair, etc. Local tour operator arrives at the villa to discuss and organize events, customized to suit your needs

several areas

Typical hotel: no

Villa Vista del Mar: Yes – numerous spacious indoor living / dining areas and several outdoor terraces and balconies

Private patio with views

Typical Hotel: sometimes a small balcony with a premium number

Villa Vista del Mar: TO-large outdoor covered porch and a large sun terrace (with abundant lounge chairs, rockers and dining chairs) – all fenced wall particular

Home atmosphere

Typical hotel: no

Villa Vista del Mar: YES – Comfortable family furniture, along with all linens, pool towels, pool toys, beach chairs, games, puzzles, DVD-drives, reading books, etc.

In ground pool

Typical Hotel: usually a large communal swimming pool, open to all guests. Open limited hours

Villa Vista del Mar: Yes, a large private pool is available 24 hours a day. Available gates for the pool separated from the living area, where children live

TV / Movies

Typical hotel: only 1 TV with pay to view

Villas del Mar: Free unlimited cable TV with a DVD to the LR and 2 bedrooms with a collection of different films

Local, long distance and international calls

Typical Hotel: apply very high tariffs (50 cents per call to $ 2 per minute)

Villa Vista del Mar: free use of the mobile phone allows guests to make and receive local and long distance calls. Guests must purchase minutes at very reasonable prices.