Information about Manchester New Hampshire and detailed information about the city

Manchester – the main urban center in the state of New Hampshire and north of Boston in a region that includes the states of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. The population of over 109 000 people. Manchester took the thirteenth place in the statement of the hundred best cities, living in, not to mention that Kiplinger has been recognized as the second tax metropolis in the states. Manchester has one of the fastest growing economies in the New England.

Manchester has chatyrohsezonny climate with winter winters and warm summers, spring and autumn are usually clear and short passages.

Manchester is several ethnic events in the historic Palace Theater, the Art Museum Chur & # 39; er and the Institute of Art in New Hampshire. Verizon Wireless Arena – is a civilian center that offers a variety of activities, from sporting events to concerts with leading artists, comedian, theater performances, as well as family programs and fairs.

Manchester school system has four public high schools, four public high schools and fourteen public elementary schools. In addition, there are many private and religious schools. You can find 7 medium universities in the Manchester area.

The city is served 4 newspaper publishers, the public television station in New Hampshire and one commercial broadcaster, WMUR-TV Channel 9, ABC affiliate, as well as various radio stations AM and FM.

In Manchester is Manchester Fisher Coates, the secondary team in baseball, and "Manchester Monarch", a professional hockey in football.

For transportation of Manchester has a regional airport Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, which is served by almost all major airlines, with the largest share of used Southwest Airlines. The airport has an international air service by Air Canada in Ontario and Toronto. Public transportation is provided by the Manchester Transit Authority, which operates buses in the city. Concord Trailways and Boston Express operated commuter services in Boston, along with other regions of the state.

Key motorway include Interstates 93 and 293, and the Everett Turnpike, which with & # 39 are multiband highway and connecting the metropolitan area with the Concorde and the White Mountains to the north, and our Boston and the south. NH 101 – a 4-lane highway to the east of Manchester to Hampton and beaches on the coast, as well as Maine and Interstate 95 on the north shore of Massachusetts. Westbound NH 101 – a highway with two lanes, which is the main artery in the Keene area Monadak and points west.

In Manchester, there are two major trading point: in the center of Manchester and on the streets of South Will. Trade Center in New Hampshire located on the street South Willow of more than 125 shops.

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