Reflections on flying first class

Reflections volatile first class.

"American Airlines, is Kandy, can I help you?" She sounded about twenty-five, cute-excited and very happy to work Tuesday night at 10:30, especially at some outpost of American Airlines & # 39; 1-800 number. Something made me quite positive, she wrote a name that ends with "I". Maybe even CanDI.

"! Kandy, hello my name is Jill with one" l ", and I & # 39;! M in Nashville Where are you!"

"I am in the city of Tucson, Arizona, I love Nashville! You probably know Johnny Kesha!"

I would like to see I got a few hours of sleep, so that I could keep up with her. But I just kept going, hoping that I would get a second wind. "Look, Kandy, here is the deal. I know that I have developed these frequent miliernyya miles, and on Thursday I will fly to Los Angeles."

"Los Angeles Cool town!" Take a bite out of the lady, and your dentist can go ahead and make the reservation in the Bahamas.

"So, I was wondering what I will need to upgrade by using the accumulated mileage before the first class there and back."

There. I've said it. First class. I always wanted to say to the first class, but simply did not want to. But when I was going to fly five hours impulsive eksperytsyi, damn, I'm going to go for it all. I'm in my 40 odd years of commercial flight always was a member of the crowd "can-i-bite-bow" or "Miss, can I get more disease" bags for my teething baby teeth "crowd at the cheapest rate. I would fly on planes, where the living payments paid in the same way as I do. as long as the first class enjoyed a full length feature film, me and my fellow passengers were given a stack of paper with a small frame storyboard. we were told just a quick flick through the pages and try to understand the concept.

Kenji responded in the same way as I have argued, that was chosen queen, who had returned home; she could not wait when I will go to the first class. For a moment I thought that she too goes.

In principle, this "modernization" entailed a lengthy conference call with several other US airlines – Jeff in the X & # 39; Euston, Steven Milwaukee, Randal in Atlanta, some Farsi translator … I swear, one call was to the buffet vikanav in Massachusetts. . But in the end, they all agreed that this process is worth it, which can be compared with the victory Pulittsera. It took me about an hour and 15 minutes – and 25 thousand of my 30,000 miles – to give me an upgrade. All the while, Kandy umeshvats continued to talk, that all this is all right, and I just loved it!

Well, first class – all I heard it would be. And less. I believe I'll sit in a deck chair BARCO with thermal massage, a private wet bar / bartender next to Dennis Miller, and Candice Bergen leaned over the seat back in front of me and offered to pour champagne from crystal Uoterforda watercolors. We laughed and traded business cards until hot linen towels LA, and their personal masseurs waiting expectations. We could pilotavats aircraft at any time.

Not really.

Thus, wider seats and comfortable. You sit in a row, only two instead of the usual three. It was nice. But when a flight attendant asked everybody to order a drink before take-off, she would have missed me. She was carrying a piece of paper and check it during a conversation with each of the first-class passengers.

After all in the section were presented to all what they ordered, she came to me.

"Thank you again Update", – she said. She used the same tone as the answer "yes" when asked whether there is a change at midnight at the landfill. Each passenger in this section moved to a better mind to seek it with their linen spines.

"Uh, yes, ma," – I said previously.

"You want something?"

"Yeah, I like orange juice." I immediately wished that I ordered something more exotic, "Yes, I will Lafitte Rothschild & 52; 52, which is served at exactly 46 degrees in the cup fertility Zulu".

"And you would like for dinner eastern chicken or seafood salad?" Ah, now it was better.

"Chicken, thank you."

"We can not miss the chicken I checked.", – she said flatly, and she went, stopping along the way to talk and laugh with the other passengers.

The guy sitting next to me, was a quiet, but pleasant when we spoke. It turned out he was klavisharam very popular touring rock band, one with which I was very familiar. I was struck by his humility, and it made it
Experience FC a little closer to the fairy tale. I called in the arm to call the office; you have activated it by credit card. Speak cost of $ 317 for 2 minutes.

Well, I have a chicken in the end received. He was a little dry, but it came on the cool tray with a small bottle of red wine and a small miniature pastries. And the drinks came in a real glass instead of plastic cups, I am sure that they are fed "up there." I was five. The third, fourth and fifth were ordered vodka, they called a screwdriver. I believe that it is the high altitude made me feel so happy and prohibited that went to Los Angeles

I found out that turbulence, chaos hiding among the cheap crowd, not even enrolled in the first grade. I assumed that this is due to some special hydraulics in the front area of ​​the aircraft. It must be true; I mean, when we were in the first class talking, laughing and sharing drugs, they drank from the bottle and ran with scissors, I heard the icons behind the curtain; hysterical passengers hysterical passengers pulled out of the pocket of the head and cries collective vomiting. Then, as the plane had died down as the economy, their cries become mere rumble and whine.

Every time the pilot approached the software to tell us about a fantastic spectacle from the window, I always felt like I was on the wrong side of the aircraft.

( "Ladies and gentlemen, if you look on the right side of the aircraft, you will see Haley with a comet, which is rare with & # 39 is in limbo, even with our altitude. If you left again, well, there are clouds there. ")

Flying without the clock had lasts four hours and forty seven minutes, and I remember thinking that it was so cool that I come across the nation at least one and a half hours due to the time change. As already mentioned, we have been able to get headphones for a feature film. One from Nashville to Los Angeles – Airport & 75; I'm kidding. That was when Harry met Sally, along with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. Pretty happy, battle-sex date with joyful tears end. It was broadcast on the screen with a high resolution of 4 feet. I realized that this is the phone, so the extra 1259 dollars were involved in the common account Econ. More than half of people have settled with drinks and headphones. Not me.

Oh, no … remember, I still met with mute keys Nazi stewardess (& # 39; bitten, flight attendant), Abe Vigoday with kislachnikam and the International Committee of chess tournament. .

And, perhaps, the flight lasted 4:00 and change. Planting in the first class, reminiscent of mallard gracefully gliding over the smooth surface of silk blankets; It seemed to me that I hear the sounds of people were beaten with pitchforks behind the curtain.

About rasplanavanni and then strangely through the AL – a different story. I can tell. My therapist says it's too early, still too many demons.

But suffice it to say that I "wanted" to get on a plane, any plane, on his way home. Read: I would crawl on the glass shards caused anthrax, to get to the airport.

Oddly enough, the beginning of a trip back to Nashville to become one of the true highlights of my joy. It began in the lobby of my hotel. I checked quite easily on Sunday. I got a receipt, which resembled a tax form 1099. The usual suspects hanging; engaged in the bell tower, which bring loaded bags and hanging bags in hand, various officials scurrying around with trays or flowers, vagabonds from all points of the world. I thought I might ask if I have a spare drachma.

But there, at the exit of the revolving door, how brilliant a needle in a hay man, stood a young man. He was dressed as a driver, and I knew why. He was a driver. My driver. He confirmed a small poster with my name, to confirm it.

I went into the back seat black Lincoln Town cars, which were waiting for the morning paper and a wet bar. As we hit the interstate airport, the driver was completely colloquial. It turned out, he lived all his life in Los Angeles, and in the mid-80s had its own insurance company, it is very successful in this. 86 disaster has thrown him into the city car, but he did not complain; he did not "let this town or nothing" knock it ", he survived. I was hoping to survive the trip, as he drew his dialogue, turning to me. Regardless of nine cars and an explosion propanavaga kerosene.

Needless to say, I arrived at the airport and ended up near my gate when the flight was due to land immediately.

Changing the time will work against me on this trip. And however much I drank, nor slept, or just looking out the window, does not help me to think that I did not come to Nashville via Budapest. On this trip, I was alone in a double-site; actually the whole first class was about 20%. Or 80% empty, depending on whether, on which hung. Plush seats were the same, free drinks in the glass were the same, I guess, because I was not in the "mood" to try one. About 27 hours of flight, I ordered roast beef for dinner; I assumed that I also ordered breakfast. God, this flight took place forever.

on the return journey the film Shelley Long starred in the title role in the film "Brady Breck." I decided to see how it sounds, and fell asleep (again) until the landing gear is not boundlessness lifted me upright.

I slid off the plane, and the darkness of Nashville, TN hit me like lightning. Go home, too, will be a long time.

I made a note to call in Kandy, in Phoenix, Arizona, on the long-distance call. I just knew that she wanted to know how was my trip.

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