The crew of the yacht – Cruise on the islands of Southern New England

In Newport, Rhode Island, it is the largest group of private yachts available for charter in the summer season in New England. Newport – the perfect place to start a private charter crew, due to a one-week cruise of Newport, you can easily visit all the islands in the south of New England, including Martynski Vineyard and Nantucket. While they are both wonderful, great atmosphere and architecture of New England, complete with paved roads, there are other islands that can be visited nearby, such as Block Island Kuttyhunk and Elizabetskiya island. Try a one-time charter from Newport, Rhode Island, to explore the islands of southern New England.

Newport, Rhode Island – is one of the largest deepwater harbors on the east coast of the US, which has a large number of available joints, which makes it a natural New England summer home for visiting yachts. As soon as the heat will be born on dry land, ran out into the sea from astuzhayuchymi thermal winds.

If you leave from Newport, an ideal first stop with a & # 39 Block Island. Unlike other islands in the area, members of the Massachusetts Blake Island – part of Rhode Island, and is only 22 nautical miles.

One unique aspect of the blue Island – a large internal bay or Salt Pond, as it is called locally. This is the perfect anchor for the visiting yachts from well protected water. The salt pond has plenty of room for anchor and several prystaninav when the dock is yours. Block Island little year round inhabitants, but in summer the population nabrastae visitors. In the city center, where the ferry pier is a bustling few blocks secured several large summer hotels that used to satisfy the visitors of summer turn of the century. Come and you will still find a rocking chair on the long front porch of the old hotel, the perfect place for meetings and shooting with ocean views. There are several shops and blocks of small shops to visit. Rent a bike and ride the rest of the island, which is still rather uninhabited and covered with wild roses.

Not far from the island unit is Kuttyhunk. This island is much smaller than Block Island and one of the smallest in the group. There is a central inner harbor with a small jetty. Take care about the size of the yacht, part of the harbor, as there can be no room for turning. Very small settlement there is one road that runs from the main pier. Explore the area or the image of a picnic at one of the beaches. Depending on the size of your boat, close to the main harbor, the available mooring ball.

Nearby are Elizabetskiya island. The private property has several bindings, including canvas bay, a good place to fix for dinner, depending on which way the wind is blowing. Since the island is privately owned, it is possible to gain a foothold at anchor, but a visit to the shore is not recommended.

To the east of Kutyhunka is Martha's Vineyard. On this island there are several harbors and anchorages, however, probably the most famous of & # 39 is a harbor town of Edgartown. Access to Edgartown harbor requires passage through an incision with a fairly fast current. Once inside, on the anchor site has a lot of balls to the pier, but only up to a certain size yachts. If the yacht is at a greater level, it is better to fix fixing outside the harbor. Edgartown Harbor and surrounds a beautiful New England town, full board with clapboard and shingle, with roses covered with wallpaper, secret gardens and pavers. Edgartown is well-known in certain circles for shops and top-level restaurants and a & # 39 is a haven for any number of well-known people in the world.

Only 22 nautical miles from Edgartown is the island of Nantucket. At Nantucket is only one main town, which is surrounded by a marina. Come to this haven of well-marked channel that leads directly to the anchor point. Here is the area and imposing a night, which is served by the local service water taxi, but there are a number of docks at the island from the & # 39 is a very popular summer resort; Reservations connections must be made in advance. Around this harbor is typical houses and linings for New England, many built in the last few centuries, when Nantucket was a thriving whaling port. Look at the roof top for many widows walks, where his wife sailor captain looking sailor returning from the sea. Road paved roads still lead out of the harbor, but on the streets and quaint buildings in the heart of the city are now living a variety of fine shops, serving many visitors. There are various beaches along the edges of the island and a lot of wide open spaces to ride a bicycle or explore. This is another island, well-known restaurants, and you have to stay at the Club Car, bar and restaurant along the edge of the harbor, which is a & # 39 device is unmistakable in the city center. This restaurant is located in one of the train cars, which were used in the turn of the century in Nantucket to move from one side of the island to another. If the train service was stopped, the wagon train, who was sitting in the train, where it now sits, was converted into a restaurant.

Nantucket is located 68 nautical miles from Newport. Start cruise back towards Newport, but stop for the night in the harbor at the northern end of Hadley Elizabetskih islands. Gorgeous haven, hidden away from it all, trade Hadley – a great place for a final quiet night at anchor. The next stop is back in Newport, about 35 nautical miles. If Newport time was not spent to charter, time should certainly be held in Newport at the end of the charter.

This charter is a convenient route cruise, which runs on a bicycle or a sailing yacht with numerous islands in reasonable proximity to each other. Krepak fastens numerous and all waiting for just a short cruise from Newport.

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