Lobster Tale: Through the eyes of Cape Cod, Lobster?

Once, when Cape encoder like ceremonial lobster, they simply go
I am going down to the shore, penetrated and tore everything that could be carried under the arms. The
In fact, the pilgrim Miles will be informed that after the good standards and Easter, lobsters could
found in the hills of the water in the depth of eighteen meters, built without
someone even wet toes.
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Homarus Americanus, also known in New England, Maine and Atlantic
Lobsters, which once flourished in such depth here on Cape Cod that actually colonists
We used them not as food but as a fertilizer for their crops, or as bait for their fish
hooks. As food lobster is only suitable for “food poverty”
in this manner fed authorized servants, slaves, children or cows. here
In Massachusetts, the servant finally emerged and won his amendment
Kantrakty- will no longer be forced to eat lobster more than three times
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Of course, today, lobster is considered the king of all summer dishes, especially
celebration than food. For lovers of lobster bake lazy summer day on the beach
with & # 39 is only a prelude to the height of indulgence – tying on lobster, unwinding
Special forks, picks and shovels, as well as advice from her mat
teaching numbers, step-by-step how to split a lobster to get it fully
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We English are so fond of lobsters that Logan airport has its own pool of lobster,
the inhabitants of which rigidly waiting to be transported to all over the world by air express.
It was not always so. In fact, a little about the history of this flexible
crustaceans that would predict an exclusive increase in popularity of the American diet
The trip to the Cape, which was guided by Squanto September 18, 1621, Miles states
struck by the ubiquitous lobster hordes. He found the “savages, who are looking for
lobster “in Barnstebele, and at dawn the next morning, in the Nauset Harbor, he
He moved to buy something of their own:
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“There, we found a lot of lobsters, which collected the savages,
we have prepared under the cliff. The captain set two sentinel over the precipice
land to secure shalopaya, and taking with him a guide and our four
company, went to look for the inhabitants; where they met a woman who is on her
lobsters, they told her about it and made it for them. ”
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Potential exists in the American diet has been marked not only here on the Cape
Cod, of course, but all along the New England coast. In June 1605 Captain J.
Weymouth, during a trip to Maine, I was also struck by the beautiful population
American lobster, a close cousin of the smaller shpinistaga lobster Europe:

“And the night before we drew a small network of twenty fathoms quite near the shore;
we have about thirty very good and large lobsters … which I have not reported,
as it shows the profit from fishing could get. ”
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However, amaryzm as the industry did not start in Maine, and here on the Cape
Cod. The population was so large that the typical lobster was enough for only two or three
kopecks each. In fact, as they say, in a lobster village in Monumei Whitewashing
I earn a decent living for pennies apiece. Crustaceans have grown to such a size that they
At Boston markets frequently reported up to five or six feet. one
gargantua reached a weight of about forty-five pounds.
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Unlike other types of fish, lobsters should be sent alive. Raw dead lobsters
produce poisonous toxins that are sick or perhaps kill all those who with their & # 39; eats.
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Therefore, the lobster industry as we know it today has been made possible up to now
the beginning of the nineteenth century with the development of lobster, sweet, sailing ships
a marine aquarium. By 1840 there were five such strikes in pravinstaune
full day is devoted to the transport of lobsters between the Cape and New York. The
A further incentive to the industry has evolved canneries in New
England in the 1840s, and with the arrival of the railroad and improved methods
food preservation ice.
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Cape Cod originally represented all lobsters for domestic urban markets, but by
The Civil War, the population has been extracted so low that buyers turned to water
Maine to meet demand. As soon as lobster become restless and full New
In England industry was similarly taken to limit the size and season
catch and population over the last century have remained extremely stable.
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Cape Cod Today
In Chatham Harbor in a radiant summer day, with a slight wind and without the sea
running, scenic views of lobster aspire to colorful pots
Beach creates the perfect lifestyle. Even in the fishing industry,
Lobsters enviously called fellow hunters and as light boxes
fishing “gentleman.”
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“Well, we’re lucky here in Chatham,” – says 30-year-old native of Chatham
Ben Bergkist lobster. “A lot of the best fishing is just 8 miles from the coast and,
generally around the headland we have a very good area of ​​the range with a good bottom –
all within twenty-five miles. It’s a fun fishing, if it is good, but it looks like no matter what
Else – if it is not normal, it is very unfavorable, and persistence is considered
all. Anyone who earns money in the ocean, should work
money. It all depends on you, if you want to get out of bed in the morning and to work or
No, regardless of fishing and lobster. ”
In fisheries annually suffer prediction partition stocks lobster Bergkist,
who began helping his father at the age of eight years and took over the boat, Benji,
in 1996, he says that for yourself with getting better every year. Although it has
Bachelor’s degree of Environmental Sciences and the option for a more traditional
car & # 39; EPA on the beach, he sees a strong future in the lobsters.
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With his young wife, two daughters, aged one and four years, and a large mortgage
investing in equipment, he found that hard work and perseverance paid off just
like any other business.
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“Well, probably, successful days on the average equal to an equal number of failures.
All trial and error, and every year is different. You can never count on
twice the same. But in the end, all comes out in the wash.
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Last year, August was wonderful, and July was not, but that’s not always the case. they
(Omar) in July just was not there. And in general, we were caught deeper
than usual, because I somehow feel warmer water deeper than
water in the fire. Once it gets cold, they will either hibernate or take off. water temperature
This explains everything, and it varies throughout the year and from one year to
year. ”
Thus, in order to survive, lobsters can not afford to blindly back to the same
reasons that have been successful in the previous year. They need to be constantly updated
their information by examining the habits and appetites of lobsters that well enough
outsmart him.
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Ben’s working day actually begins with the preliminary night, he checks the weather & # 39; e. if
fury of wind and waves prohibits real fishing, he stays on the beach,
build or repair the trap to work on his boat or hunt for bait
that it is never enough.
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“I get the bait of four or five different boats and some of the markets. Sliver
head or stand, it seems to work best. We also use bass, bruise, flounder, swordfish
tuna. Any scraps at all will work. It’s amazing how good lobster flavor with its
diet, something that would have essentially any debris in the ocean, so may try
well. I have a freezer, so I can save the bait, but it’s really a pain. ”
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His stern face Chris Nash, also chat, not only helps on the water for export,
trap recovery and sorting the catch, but also tedious and permanent
coastal service.

“Chris and I alternate days to obtain the bait, so it turns out – but time –
consumption. Adaptation costs three dollars, and you can lure the 30 traps with it.
It is relatively cheap, but I have 800 traps, and this device. We begin fishing in
April and we make in December, but the rest of the year we spend making equipment
working, building new traps and fix old ones. I’m still working with wooden traps
although I fish wire. Maintenance easier, but they can not seem to make
so much – one hundred and seventy-five percent of my strings is still a tree. ”

Lobsters in the wild, such as flexible look like and known
kanibalistychny so bergkvistski neutralizes most Crusher & # 39; Claw and less
& # 39; ripper & # 39; claw with tight elastic bands. He prefers team (introduced in 1951)
because they do not pierce the meat of lobster claws, like cork, thereby
provide the market more beautiful lobster.

“They are very aggressive, especially females carrying eggs or males, who are fighting for their
food or females. Eggs do with & # 39; go all to clear bombs and attack
all in the mind. ”

Fuel – the largest consumption of lobsters, and then goes to investment in the transmission.
Loss trap lines cross in a storm or line traversed by screws
considered opening loss. There is no such thing as insurance lobster traps
and the trap fifty dollars, the loss of an entire string is not cheap. thirty percent
Losing pots per season are not uncommon.

Bergkist fished 800 traps, pulling it completely every 4 days. for
Omar, he says, there is always the sickly moment of tension when
incoming trap breaks the surface, and the lobsters are there or not there.

“Sometimes all that you see with the & # 39 is a big orange glow, and the trap is just
full, and it’s really exciting to see that many are trapped. I had one
where there was a big twelve, he was not fit, but he stuck one claw
trap, and when I pulled it, it hung on the bag for bait
all that he had. I almost moved, trying to grab it.

But my worst day of the lobster was the first day I ever brought to the captain. I could not & # 39; t
find any of my pot. At first I thought that everything was gone, it was so foggy and
rainy. So I just drove blindly around, inspecting and examining. Finally I found a
Buoy and realized that my LORAN was incorrectly placed. I turned it off, turn it back on and we
We were back on the road. This day was profitable, but of course it did not work too special.
And I have days when I come back only 40 pounds. It is never a good day
but, as I said, everything will turn out. ”

On the boat Bergquist, Benji, there is an aquarium with sea water in the hold, supported by a
a pump that circulates the oxygen as well as household and fish. it
where lobsters remain alive and fresh until delivery of fish in lobster pools
markets on the coast, and it is a real key to their freshness.

“If you buy a lobster again, it is either alive or dead, and if he is alive, he is fresh. Of course,
Kind of neat to get them right off the boat, but any market on the Cape should
be the same. I sell mine Nickerson Fish & Lobster, which is right on the marina, five
feet of where to land. You can say that fresh. ”

During unloading at the pier chats to Bergkista often refer those who are
the top observation deck looking for what they perceive as a fresh alternative
restaurant or pool with Omar.

“People ask me, & # 39; you sell me some lobster & # 39; and I say: & # 39; We know what you’re doing?
You want? & # 39; I give them a lower price than they would pay on the market, but a higher price
than I get. Many times people are so shocked that I said “yes”, they will get all
I jammed it. They do not know what it wants, or I will shoot them down
You do not need to completely sell them money.

And I also call friends & # 39; Ben, I have a party, and I need 20 lobsters! & # 39;
But this is not a big part of my income. I could have a tank at home and a big sign
it says “LOBSTERS”, but when I go, I am as soon as I’ll start with this.

Most lobster with Bergquist & # 39; yadayuts here on the Cape, but his father
after the international cargo has been delivered to Scandinavia in large numbers, I went straight to
runway airport with good hard shells, packed in a sturdy foam
boxes. Such a thing is still a big deal here, on a promontory with a lot of mail.
order and the point of wishing airships aviyamabilnyh live and push your
door, complete with algae Cape Cod shellfish, as well as corn and potatoes.

According to Bergquist, the best way to keep the lobsters alive – it is right
refrigerator or on ice in a cooler – somewhere cool and wet, while there lobsters
not sitting in fresh water, where it will sink. For their preparation recommends Bergquist
steamed or grilled, but do not boil. The proper amount of time, which depends
their size should never exceed twenty or thirty minutes.

“First the head or tail of. It does not matter. My wife does not want to be in a room or
way. I like butter and cocktail sauce is also good. I & # 39; m Cape Kader. I eat it
butter and beer – it really is the key ingredient. ”

Lobster lovers, of course, concerned not only fresh, but also the cost
Bergquist, obviously uncomfortable when talking about the prices, “I get about seven dollars
pound, so a 21-pound, I’m the biggest I’ve ever seen, it was about $ 140. I & # 39;
I never have been in a restaurant. I hardly ever pay attention to the prices of restaurants. I got
5.50 dollars per selected lobster and lobster the same can go for $ 30. but Wholesalers
you need a lot to deal with – with lobster, which no one wants, or fatal. ”

He carefully notes that, although it believes that the prices are fair for lobster, this is the
there is no get rich quick scheme. Lobsters – a nice steady income for the fishery, which is
unpredictable at best.

“You can do a full year payment for 3 months, but it also goes the other way
you can deal with these fluctuations in mind, you’ll be fine, but you like it.
Are brutally cold morning and the times when the fish just does not happen, and you
to do everything possible. If the government allows me to fish, I believe that it is possible to fish
rest of his life. I love to go for another ten years, I think I know this much. But I hope
by the time all I paid for, and I can go when I want. ”

Number lobster on Cape Cod consistently decreases from the maximum of 1865
in 1988, until today about 1500 people. But almost every town on the Cape, from Sandwich
in Pravinstaun, continues to support people like Ben Berquist, from which you can get your
own cooler full of lobster, passing the restaurant and market pools.

“In the summer I am between one and four in the afternoon,” – says Berquist.
adding quickly: “Then again, in autumn, we can be in the north is It’s really hard.
exact. ”

So it may be that if you can catch a lobster, he had an uncertain daily tours
on Cape Cod, you have learned something about the lobster. for
Omar, as his car & # 39; er, hunt, a little planning and a touch
lucky catch.

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