Why choose a private villa for a holiday?

Financial difficulties, given the current economic crisis, many Seven & # 39; and rethinking family vacation. If you are lucky enough to afford a vacation, it is more important than ever to find a good value for the dollars spent. One way to vacation on a budget – rent a private house. Compared to the hotel or all-inclusive resort, rent a private villa is a solid value.

Imagine swimming in their own pool, sipping pinavuyu color as the sun dipped. Enjoy panoramic views of the ocean and the mountains, if your hostess is busy preparing the next meal, a snack or a drink. The beautiful beach of the Caribbean – it's an easy 5 minute walk … masseuse comes in an hour … Ahhh, this is vacation.

Villa del Mar in Playa Kafrezi Dominican Republic – affordable luxury vacation. Attentive courteous staff will do all prezemleniya work, so you can relax. It's pretty your individual desires. Maid will take care of cooking, as well as to supply all meals, snacks and drinks, and then cleanse the dirty dishes. They will tend to your clothes and keep the villa spotless. The clerk can perform errands, go shopping with food and provide a shuttle service to the airport. The best thing is that you have so few solutions: swim in the pool or swim at the beach? Sleeping in a hammock or enjoy a massage? Fresh pina colada or a cold-cold beer?

Here's how to be a vacation. Villa Vista del Mar can be your home away from home, but with luxuries usually can not afford. Prices for this villa the beaches of the Caribbean, with 5 bedrooms start at just $ 184 / night in the summer up to 4 people. This is an incredible value – $ 46 per person.

Take a look at the chart below to find out how a private beach villa vacation makes more sense than staying in a hotel or resort.

A summary of the Villa Vista del Mar, rent a private beach villas compared to typical hotel rooms

overnight rate

Typical Hotel: $ 100- $ 500 / night double occupancy

Villa Vista del Mar: Starting from US $ 184 / night for 4 people or $ 46 per person


Typical hotel: NO, except for a single room. Common areas are shared by all guests

Villa Vista del Mar: Ample 5 bedroom numerous indoor and outdoor living areas surrounded by wide lawns, gardens and landscaped banana trees. There is no implied houses. Privacy walls around the pool allow for sunbathing and subtle bass.

private kitchen

Typical hotel: NO, maybe, coffeemakers and mini-fridge

Villa Vista del Mar: Yes Fully supplied kitchen includes a full room service. Preparation, serving and clean all meals, drinks and snacks on demand during the day

personalized nutrition

Typical hotel: Usually Buffet

Villa Vista del Mar: Guests choose meals, snacks and drinks, which they want, and get the rest domestic servant. Individual needs and preferences can be taken. For children, you can make separate meals. The villa has a recommended menu guide / planning food

Housekeeping and laundry service

Typical Hotel: Apartments do, and baths are cleaned once a day

Villa Vista del Mar: YES-Maids take care of the cleaning of the whole villa on a daily basis and will strive for personal laundry and ironing service, excluding special items, such as dry cleaning.

Outside of personalized services

Typical Hotel: Don not think

Villa Vista del Mar: Yes, there are many options. The owner can provide a shuttle service from the airport, shopping with food and to carry out orders. The house can be called a masseuse, manikyurystu, hair, etc. Local tour operator arrives at the villa to discuss and organize events, customized to suit your needs

several areas

Typical hotel: no

Villa Vista del Mar: Yes – numerous spacious indoor living / dining areas and several outdoor terraces and balconies

Private patio with views

Typical Hotel: sometimes a small balcony with a premium number

Villa Vista del Mar: TO-large outdoor covered porch and a large sun terrace (with abundant lounge chairs, rockers and dining chairs) – all fenced wall particular

Home atmosphere

Typical hotel: no

Villa Vista del Mar: YES – Comfortable family furniture, along with all linens, pool towels, pool toys, beach chairs, games, puzzles, DVD-drives, reading books, etc.

In ground pool

Typical Hotel: usually a large communal swimming pool, open to all guests. Open limited hours

Villa Vista del Mar: Yes, a large private pool is available 24 hours a day. Available gates for the pool separated from the living area, where children live

TV / Movies

Typical hotel: only 1 TV with pay to view

Villas del Mar: Free unlimited cable TV with a DVD to the LR and 2 bedrooms with a collection of different films

Local, long distance and international calls

Typical Hotel: apply very high tariffs (50 cents per call to $ 2 per minute)

Villa Vista del Mar: free use of the mobile phone allows guests to make and receive local and long distance calls. Guests must purchase minutes at very reasonable prices.

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