open source education – a new way of learning

Today & # 39 with a new form of learning. open source education certainly change people's views on education and help to increase knowledge and provide access to education for children around the world.

Lisa Petryds, president and founder of the Institute of Knowledge Management in Education, finds the cost of education with open source – "Open educational resources provide a platform that focuses on students that truly marries technology with education, provide access to justice and education resources. for all, and last but not least, it is in some cases allows you to re-professionalism of teaching. "

Earlier training was pretty Herculean task for students without classrooms and teachers. Now that we have access to and dissemination of the Internet & # 39 facilities around the world, students have access to free education through websites, personalized for this kind of training! Popularizing training open source can help reduce the cost of printing and publication of books, which, in turn, will help students to reduce their own costs. It will also help to contain the financial bar & # 39; er for educational resources as students, who will buy the book, will be free to share child versions of books online with other children.

The curriculum provides free online educational resources, which can also be used to distribute and adapt. This practice encourages the participation of educators, developers, parents, and students, as well as inviting their feedback and ideas. Wikiversity, Curriki and MIT Open Courseware – some of the repositories of educational programs with open source, which provide the basis of the curriculum for a particular course. Curriki – a non-profit private social enterprise which is engaged in improving the quality of education with global access to the free and open construction resources.

Due to the numerous learning platforms that are available now, and corporate, and academic organizations are gradually acquiring a number of advantages. For example, instead of trainers visited many sites of companies, employees can easily access the Internet resources of learning. Moreover, recently the experts in the field of industry business environment are studying the potential of open source code control system. There are a variety of training tools with open source software, including Xerte, Udutu and Claroline to help professionals in the creation of internet software and providing practical knowledge or without any cost! Moodle – one of the famous and dynamic learning tools on the Internet that offer a wide range of tools to improve virtual learning. It also provides its users the ability to create personalized learning environment.

In addition to this, the formation of open source software also helps higher education initiatives. According to the Internet database of education, in 2003, an open program course programs of the Institute of Massachusetts Institute of Technology started to provide its users with open access to the program notes, courses, problematic issues and solutions, examination of samples, as well as some selected video lectures. "Using open source allows the university the flexibility to change the software and make it more suitable to the Oxford style," said Stuart Leigh, director of computer systems and services to the University of Oxford.

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