Skybus in St. Augustine, Florida

Make flight "back" was one of the topics with which I now come to the tape-cutting ceremony for SKYBUS airlines in the airport district of St. John's, St. Ogastsin, Florida. This initiation was ceremony first commercial air terminal. SKYBUS introduced commercial flights to St. Petersburg Augustine July 18, 2007. The service between Columbus, Ohio, and St. Augustine. Augustine.

Perhaps you zadastsesya why I would be so shocked commercial airline to arrive in St. Augustine as a real estate professional. Besides the fact that I moved to St. Augustine from Columbus, Ohio, and the fact that I still own their home in Columbus, Ohio, and this for me personally, it makes sense to have a convenient, cost-effective and simple solution for my own use on passengers, airlines SKYBUS simply again everything is so simple! This flight also provides easy access to Jacksonville, Daytona Beach and Orlando, Florida, and other parts of the lung away from the St. Augustine from the Midwest! SKYBUS also has a direct flight to Punta Gorda (Ft Myers) for those traveling to the West Coast of Florida.

When I had my first flight at age 16, I remember coming out on the tarmac to board a plane at the airport of La Guardia, NY to fly directly to North Carolina with his father. It was an exciting time, and I remember being approached to the aircraft. He looked so great! Aircraft Props (in the 60s there were very few jets) shone in the sun. I surprisingly found out exactly how this aircraft ever to go down to the ground. The smell of aircraft fuel was stunning, and two stewardesses (they were then women) greeted me with smiles and soothing words.

Defeating forward today, it was the experience of "Back to the Future." Ease of travel from point A to point B – this is what the doctor ordered for my busy life. More I do not need to travel to Jacksonville, Orlando and Daytona Beach to get home. Call me selfish, but in this fun experience, hundreds of people joined in the Midwest. Answer (need) in this type of service has been so positive that SKYBUS Airlines added a second daily flight between St. Augustine and Columbus, Ohio, and they added a service between Portsmouth, North Africa and St. Augustine. Both additional services starting December 17, 2007 Now I can easily visit some & # 39; nd in Massachusetts!

The whole idea about the surprisingly low rates (at least, each flight has 10 seats for $ 10, and then gradually increases) is to provide the average person the opportunity to fly at reasonable costs. The fact is that you really need to plan future flights because tickets go quickly.

At least four of my personal friends were flying in the back and forth SKYBUS Airlines. They eagerly applauded experience, claiming that this is the best flight experience they have ever had !! Now it is evidence that many other airlines want.

Air terminal SKYBUS is nearly 12,000 square feet. It was built for the "record-breaking 54 days' worth of about 1.6 million. Agreement between the airport authority and SKYBUS St. Augustine allows you to split the terminal by another airline if there is another commercial airline that wants to fly to Augustine.

St. Johns County has benefited from services SKYBUS revenues from fuel, parking, concessions and rental cars and rental. Benefits of St. Augustine from SKYBUS bring more jobs and business opportunities. Starts and car rentals. This will be a boon for the economy of St. Augustine, and add the tourism industry. And for me, in the real estate industry, I hope that attention to St. Augustine and St. Johns County as a prime location for a life-threatening condition is very obvious.

When I checked in January, February and March in Florida are still $ 40 for one price. It's way back in the $ 80 … not bad for a holiday or for snow birds, which now have a simple, easy and shorthand way flight. Bids, which they won last long after I publish this article!

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