Yacht Charter in Dubrovnik – Gate to One Thousand Islands

Start your sailing card in Croatia here and you will certainly not be disappointed. This wonderful city will make you fascinate and fall in love in no time. Dubrovnik is bursting with stitches of beauty, variety and a magnetism that is unique to the city. There is a wide range of high quality sailing yachts or power boats. Lastly, the prices for boat rental are very competitive.

Sailing from Dubrovnik – How to get there?

You can easily reach Dubrovnik Airport, 15 km from the center, from mainly all major European cities. Or make your way down the Adriatic Highway by car – all the while dreaming of your ideal Dubrovnik card experience. This famous port is located on the Adriatic coast in Dalmatia, on the southern tip of Croatia. Therefore, it is the perfect starting point for a boat charter around the Croatian islands.

Which marinas in Dubrovnik are best suited for naked card yachts?

Marina Gruz can host about 100 yachts up to 55 m LOA and also has several cruise ship terminals. It lies about 4 km northwest of the old town. Already here you have almost everything you need within walking distance: shopping malls, supermarkets to get your yacht charter equipment, banks, restaurants and bars. If need be, you can pay mostly anywhere at your convenience with the Euro or Dollars – the return difference will be Croatian Kuna however. A taxi or transfer bus will take you on the short journey to the city. & It is a beautiful car and you will pass lush greenery and gorgeous villas on the road.

About the same distance to the Old Town is the Orsan Yacht Club in the North West of the historic center. There are 250 boat surveys with a maximum length of up to 20 m. This port is also very well connected and also offers a wide range of yacht card services.

Finally, the Dubrovnik ACI marina about 6 km from the city center has 380 layers and fits yachts up to 60 m. Here you get a fantastic infrastructure for sailors. There is a dry dock, many shops, a swimming pool, tennis courts and much more.

Despite the faith it is not possible to complain at the historic port of Dubrovnik. But with the above options you have many options to choose from.

What does Dubrovnik have to offer sailing?

Before you go on a sailing vacation around the Croatian islands you should pay a visit to the Old Town. A tour at the top of the big branches, up to 6m thick, can mean walking on the largest, coolest set of city walls you'll ever set foot on.

The "Adriatic Pearl", as it is also called, is lively and lively with street performers, music festivals and concerts. You can make purchases until the cable car drops or takes you far, up the hill. Here you can enjoy the breathtaking view of some of Europe's most impressive fortifications. Admire the sea of ​​red roofs and the distant horizon over the Med full of promise for your personal dream Adriatic Yacht Charter. Turn down with your feet firmly on the ground, get even more of the UNESCO World Heritage Site footage – there are so many to choose from. Walking to Stradun, Dubrovnik's magnificent main road, is just one of them. It is a pedestrian zone like the rest of the historic center. Maybe try some Croatian products as you go along or buy some interesting souvenirs and have a chat with one of the local retailers.

When the time is right for sun owners, you can make your way up to one of the many charming rods that have been crossed on the rocks above the sea. Listen to the hypnotic beats, relax and congratulate yourself for being there. Dream as you watch the sun rise over the Mediterranean Sea. Your sailing adventure itself will soon begin …

As it gets dark, roatCroatia Athens has dramatically become a stunning romantic backdrop for you to lose track of time. You can enjoy pristine seafood with fresh quality from the catch, have a glass of wine and watch the international crowd move forward. Most first-time visitors to this city will have a look of pure wonder and joy on their faces. Dubrovnik does just that: It makes people happy to be alive and its stunning intact walls are a sight to behold forever.

What are the best daily escapes from Dubrovnik?

Highly recommended is a day sailing trip around the beautiful Elafi Islands. A rider will take you from Gruz Harbor and take you through clear water. There are many beaches out there to discover, or else many churches and beautiful sights dating back to the 15th century. Enjoy the beautiful view of the orange trees and try the local cuisine before heading back to town.

Another option is a day trip to Mljet National Park. This dense forest island is said to have been the setting for Ulysses to be captured in the goddess Calypso´s cave.

Korcula, also nearby, has an absolutely gorgeous city worth a visit. Here you can also visit Marco Polo's supposedly born home.

Finally you can take an excursion to Montenegro which includes a stop in the beautiful port city of Kotor. The choice is all yours!