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The municipal town of Lanjarón is located in the western part of the Alpujarras mountain district in Granada province in Spain. This is located at a distance of 50 KM from Granada in the heart of the Sierra Nevada National Park and is the gateway to this region. It is popular for mineral waters and the first bottled water company was established in this country. The water here has healing properties and the bathrooms here are very popular. This water is being used for various treatments and you will find that more older tourists come to this place for treatment. The death penalty is prohibited in this city.


A ruined castle built by the Moors and a rocky outcrop overlooks this city. According to legend, the Moorish ruler of this city was thrown out of the castle tower when he discovered that the Christian army led by Fernando, the Catholic King, was on the verge of victory. This was done in order not to surrender himself to the Christian army. You will find a number of restaurants and bars on the main street of Avenida de la Alpujarra.

The streets of this city are built in Moorish style and the houses are built in traditional architecture. Popular monuments in this city are – the remains of the Moorish castle and the Mudejar-style parish church built in the 16th century.


The average temperatures in a year are as follows:

Maximum – 23 ° C in July-August

Minimum – 7 ° C in January-February

Spas and drinking water

This city is known for its drinking water not only in Spain but throughout the world; this water is bottled and sold throughout the country. Since drinking water is popular for its healing properties, the Spa in this city is also known in Andalusia.

There are 5 natural water sources that have medicinal properties and they are well known as the Fountain of Health. The origin for this water is the Sierra Nevada Snowy Mountain Range. This city is most often called the Alpujarra Mountains Gate and has a ski station behind it.

The spa is located in the city center and is at a distance of 43 KM from Granada. This city's elevation is 500 M. The climate in this country is moderate – neither too hot nor too cold.

The water in this country contains sodium and calcium bicarbonates, iron, etc. It has digestive and diuretic properties. The therapies offered in this country are for respiratory problems, digestive system, nervous system, stress and rheumatism.

At Spa you can get treatments such as underwater massage, jacuzzi baths, jet and circular spray, steam bath, massage, mud baths, electrotherapy, reflexology and lymphatic drainage.