Explore Guyana While on a Jaguar Safari

For those who have long dreamed of going to South America on a Jaguar safari, a hidden gem of a destination awaits in Guyana. The continent is an introduction to the Caribbean, it has a long and fascinating history of commerce and exploration, but today remains relatively unknown to outside visitors – making it a rare haven of old-fashioned charm and natural beauty. disordered. Wildlife lovers who want to discover a place like no other while searching for the magnificent South American fauna will find this paradise rewarding. Here are just some of the reasons why.

Appearance of Guyana

One of the only continental-based countries in the Caribbean, the Republic of Guyana is located on the north coast of South America. Its capital, Georgetown, was created by Dutch colonists and today hosts the Caribbean Community secretarial seat; it plays an important role in the culture and politics of the region while maintaining a pleasant old world atmosphere. Across Georgetown, the country is littered with lush rain forests, through which roam wide rivers and a group of attractive creatures. Its abundance of wildlife and extensive unspoilt forests (over 70% of its wildlife habitat are excellently preserved), as well as its relatively unknown status among other wildlife viewing sites in America South, combine to make it an unbeatable Jaguar safari destination.

The wild life of Guyana

Of all the wonderful wildlife viewing destinations in the world, Guyana is among the most biodiverse; it is rich in flora and fauna to stun even the most seasoned travelers and includes eight thousand plant species, over a thousand species of birds, and a stunning array of mammals, reptiles and amphibians. This abundance and variety is due, in part, to the range of habitats the country encompasses – including coastal, mangrove, river, swamp, savanna, sandy forests, evergreen forests and rain forest environments. The pristine state of many of these has allowed life to thrive, and the diversity of plant life allows a rich ecosystem to thrive. As well as the famous big cats that draw visitors to a Jaguar safari, there are Giant Anteaters, Giant River Otters, Capybaras, Caimans, Tapirs, and Guianan Saki Monkeys – to name just a few. The country's smallest animals are just as cute, from bright golden frogs (one of its many endemic species) to gem-like birds that fall across the canvas – look out for the Red and Green Macaws , Green hoatzin and orange dicolorus billing.

When I go

Guyana is a tropical country with two rainy seasons, the shortest running from November to January and the longest from May to August. While the rainy seasons are predictably humid, they are also a chance to see the forests at their finest. There will be lush growth everywhere and the country's incredible waterfalls will be at their strongest. However, it is a unique and beautiful place all year round, and visitors can settle on a Jaguar safari in any season.