How to triple your tourism demands and sales with simple staff training – without spending money

Can you imagine if you could lower your marketing costs as you increase your sales?

Profitable hosts and tourism professionals know that training staff to improve customer service and staff attitude is one of the best returns on investment you can make. We are in a customer service / hospitality industry and it is presented to your staff both at work and in your remote marketing. If your staff is happy, excited and a team player, their ability to effectively represent and promote your destination or tournaments goes forward. A great place to use happy motivated staff to promote and increase sales is at travel trade shows.

Trade shows and public presentations are great opportunities for him

knowledgeable field staff to communicate enthusiastically face to face

with prospective clients. Who else can share with prospective visitors

your great trips or destinations, better than field guides?

My Tip: Role-playing here with your staff is essential. See also “Travel

Success Trade Success "audio course. Don't consider the exhibition without

listening to this. This can increase your success and revenue tenfold. Travel Trade Marketing

——————- Phone sales advice —————-

Phone sales represent another opportunity to engage your staff effectively.

The field staff knows your product better than anyone, but not all staff are

suitable for telephone sales. Use judgment for this important "gateway"


—————– Next Steps to Success ————————

Your staff, whether they work in the field or not, are one of them

your most important assets. Make the time investment to choose

the best candidates for the job, provide ongoing training and reviews, and

create incentive programs to compensate your staff for their mentoring work,

as well as their ability to encourage returning clients and receive new ones

referrals. Outstanding customer service, combined with unique travel,

excellent accommodation and enthusiastic, motivated staff will ensure continuity

and enhancing business success for you and your business.

My Tip: I hate to sound like a broken record, but train and role play

regularly. Call on your staff and simulate a variety of perspectives

calls: friendly, catchy or uncertain prospects. What about existing customers?

Can they be friendly or need help? Even angry at times? to be

prepared to handle all calls professionally with service, your number 1