Unused flight tickets yield huge savings for corporations

The international open trade market has paved the way for new business opportunities, where business professionals travel from place to place almost year-round. Thus, air travel is now gaining momentum when large corporations book wholesale flights, domestic and international. However, it has been noted that at the end of each year corporations are left with a large number of partially or fully used unused tickets. Corporations either hire an employee or travel agent to take care of these unused air tickets.

Well, it is far better for the corporation to include a tracking service provider who has great help tracking the unused flight ticket for a refund and also includes minimal costs. Moreover, these service providers are the safest way to go, generally working on a contract basis with organizations, and providing information as quickly as possible.

Generally, these unused tickets are also entries for future high value trips if booked with the relevant airline. The following are the four main benefits of these service providers:

• Control costs

Yeardo year, large business entities go for wholesale booking of flight tickets and after the year, the number of unused or partially used flight tickets remained. These left-handed tickets piled up in a corner are an entrance to the latent estate. Many of us do not know that even if flight tickets are non-refundable, there are some taxes that are actually refundable. This amount is calculated by these service providers in its default currency and is settled to our knowledge. Overall, they play a vital role in controlling corporate spending.

• Save time

Calculating the reimbursement value of an unused flight ticket is a very tedious process and takes a long time. If every corporation gets this job on its shoulders, then about 60 to 70% of their time would be spent on calculating the residual wealth. From now on, these corporations seek the help of ticket tracking service providers who effectively use their tools in deriving reimbursement value in a fast and time-saving way.

• No special placement required

Extracting the reimbursement value of unused or partially used ticket needs a different composition and some specialized access tools in which the tools are not available to everyone. In this way, it is a wise decision on the part of corporations to look for services in order to obtain an accurate reimbursement value without placing a separate section for the same in their office.

• Can be used for future trips

Many of these unused tickets can be used to book future trips with the relevant airline, sometimes adding a minimal amount or sometimes absolutely free. This is done by the service providers directly, as they have their corporate future travel listing.

When all is said and done, these service providers prove to be of great help to corporations. They help assess the full reimbursement value of unused flight tickets during the year and at the same time also keep a check on future travel and bookings through airline tickets.


Mexican Travels – Manzanillo – A Gate to Heaven

Manzanillo is located in Colima State. Located in the Bahia de Santiago (Bay of Good Hope) it boasts one of the best climates in the world, the lowest crime rate in all of Mexico, world class fishing, whale watching, bird watching, golf world class, gorgeous beaches and an opportunity to live or vacation in a world class community.

Manzanillo was established as a port city in 1873. In the past year it has passed Vera Cruz Mexico as the highest volume port, receiving over 1 million 20ft containers each year. Bananas, coconuts, coffee, and organic salt plantations are also here in the region. Manzanillo has a population of 130,000, but with the city spread across two beautiful bays, it holds the charm of the small town that makes it a magical place to spend your vacation or retire in peace and quiet.

Manzanillo has all the necessities. First Class Hospitals, Healthcare (at a fraction of US cost), Affordable Dentistry, Bi & Tri Lingual Private Schools, International Airport, Shopping Centers (Wal Mart, Sorianas and others), Churches, Cinemas, public transport, etc. hi speed internet services, affordable living costs, and much more. Americans and Canadians have been gathering in the area for years. The simple lifestyle and free lifestyle (under 1000.00 per month) is an opportunity that calls us to have suffered through the US economic downturn. We ex-immigrants love the charm and traditions of the Mexican people. There kindness and generosity will bring a smile to your face. Celebrations and traditions are common and a lot of fun to get together.

Manzanillo's economy has been a success story here south of the border. With the recent growth in the port industry, a strong middle class and an increase in foreign tourism the city has thrived in the last three years. Real estate has grown steadily and the labor market is strong. The future looks bright for Manzanillo.


See you in paradise,

Jeremy Lusch