Lobster Tale: Through the eyes of Cape Cod, Lobster?

Once, when Cape encoder like ceremonial lobster, they simply go
I am going down to the shore, penetrated and tore everything that could be carried under the arms. The
In fact, the pilgrim Miles will be informed that after the good standards and Easter, lobsters could
found in the hills of the water in the depth of eighteen meters, built without
someone even wet toes.
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Homarus Americanus, also known in New England, Maine and Atlantic
Lobsters, which once flourished in such depth here on Cape Cod that actually colonists
We used them not as food but as a fertilizer for their crops, or as bait for their fish
hooks. As food lobster is only suitable for “food poverty”
in this manner fed authorized servants, slaves, children or cows. here
In Massachusetts, the servant finally emerged and won his amendment
Kantrakty- will no longer be forced to eat lobster more than three times
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Of course, today, lobster is considered the king of all summer dishes, especially
celebration than food. For lovers of lobster bake lazy summer day on the beach
with & # 39 is only a prelude to the height of indulgence – tying on lobster, unwinding
Special forks, picks and shovels, as well as advice from her mat
teaching numbers, step-by-step how to split a lobster to get it fully
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We English are so fond of lobsters that Logan airport has its own pool of lobster,
the inhabitants of which rigidly waiting to be transported to all over the world by air express.
It was not always so. In fact, a little about the history of this flexible
crustaceans that would predict an exclusive increase in popularity of the American diet
The trip to the Cape, which was guided by Squanto September 18, 1621, Miles states
struck by the ubiquitous lobster hordes. He found the “savages, who are looking for
lobster “in Barnstebele, and at dawn the next morning, in the Nauset Harbor, he
He moved to buy something of their own:
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“There, we found a lot of lobsters, which collected the savages,
we have prepared under the cliff. The captain set two sentinel over the precipice
land to secure shalopaya, and taking with him a guide and our four
company, went to look for the inhabitants; where they met a woman who is on her
lobsters, they told her about it and made it for them. ”
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Potential exists in the American diet has been marked not only here on the Cape
Cod, of course, but all along the New England coast. In June 1605 Captain J.
Weymouth, during a trip to Maine, I was also struck by the beautiful population
American lobster, a close cousin of the smaller shpinistaga lobster Europe:

“And the night before we drew a small network of twenty fathoms quite near the shore;
we have about thirty very good and large lobsters … which I have not reported,
as it shows the profit from fishing could get. ”
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However, amaryzm as the industry did not start in Maine, and here on the Cape
Cod. The population was so large that the typical lobster was enough for only two or three
kopecks each. In fact, as they say, in a lobster village in Monumei Whitewashing
I earn a decent living for pennies apiece. Crustaceans have grown to such a size that they
At Boston markets frequently reported up to five or six feet. one
gargantua reached a weight of about forty-five pounds.
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Unlike other types of fish, lobsters should be sent alive. Raw dead lobsters
produce poisonous toxins that are sick or perhaps kill all those who with their & # 39; eats.
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Therefore, the lobster industry as we know it today has been made possible up to now
the beginning of the nineteenth century with the development of lobster, sweet, sailing ships
a marine aquarium. By 1840 there were five such strikes in pravinstaune
full day is devoted to the transport of lobsters between the Cape and New York. The
A further incentive to the industry has evolved canneries in New
England in the 1840s, and with the arrival of the railroad and improved methods
food preservation ice.
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Cape Cod originally represented all lobsters for domestic urban markets, but by
The Civil War, the population has been extracted so low that buyers turned to water
Maine to meet demand. As soon as lobster become restless and full New
In England industry was similarly taken to limit the size and season
catch and population over the last century have remained extremely stable.
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Cape Cod Today
In Chatham Harbor in a radiant summer day, with a slight wind and without the sea
running, scenic views of lobster aspire to colorful pots
Beach creates the perfect lifestyle. Even in the fishing industry,
Lobsters enviously called fellow hunters and as light boxes
fishing “gentleman.”
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“Well, we’re lucky here in Chatham,” – says 30-year-old native of Chatham
Ben Bergkist lobster. “A lot of the best fishing is just 8 miles from the coast and,
generally around the headland we have a very good area of ​​the range with a good bottom –
all within twenty-five miles. It’s a fun fishing, if it is good, but it looks like no matter what
Else – if it is not normal, it is very unfavorable, and persistence is considered
all. Anyone who earns money in the ocean, should work
money. It all depends on you, if you want to get out of bed in the morning and to work or
No, regardless of fishing and lobster. ”
In fisheries annually suffer prediction partition stocks lobster Bergkist,
who began helping his father at the age of eight years and took over the boat, Benji,
in 1996, he says that for yourself with getting better every year. Although it has
Bachelor’s degree of Environmental Sciences and the option for a more traditional
car & # 39; EPA on the beach, he sees a strong future in the lobsters.
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With his young wife, two daughters, aged one and four years, and a large mortgage
investing in equipment, he found that hard work and perseverance paid off just
like any other business.
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“Well, probably, successful days on the average equal to an equal number of failures.
All trial and error, and every year is different. You can never count on
twice the same. But in the end, all comes out in the wash.
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Last year, August was wonderful, and July was not, but that’s not always the case. they
(Omar) in July just was not there. And in general, we were caught deeper
than usual, because I somehow feel warmer water deeper than
water in the fire. Once it gets cold, they will either hibernate or take off. water temperature
This explains everything, and it varies throughout the year and from one year to
year. ”
Thus, in order to survive, lobsters can not afford to blindly back to the same
reasons that have been successful in the previous year. They need to be constantly updated
their information by examining the habits and appetites of lobsters that well enough
outsmart him.
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Ben’s working day actually begins with the preliminary night, he checks the weather & # 39; e. if
fury of wind and waves prohibits real fishing, he stays on the beach,
build or repair the trap to work on his boat or hunt for bait
that it is never enough.
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“I get the bait of four or five different boats and some of the markets. Sliver
head or stand, it seems to work best. We also use bass, bruise, flounder, swordfish
tuna. Any scraps at all will work. It’s amazing how good lobster flavor with its
diet, something that would have essentially any debris in the ocean, so may try
well. I have a freezer, so I can save the bait, but it’s really a pain. ”
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His stern face Chris Nash, also chat, not only helps on the water for export,
trap recovery and sorting the catch, but also tedious and permanent
coastal service.

“Chris and I alternate days to obtain the bait, so it turns out – but time –
consumption. Adaptation costs three dollars, and you can lure the 30 traps with it.
It is relatively cheap, but I have 800 traps, and this device. We begin fishing in
April and we make in December, but the rest of the year we spend making equipment
working, building new traps and fix old ones. I’m still working with wooden traps
although I fish wire. Maintenance easier, but they can not seem to make
so much – one hundred and seventy-five percent of my strings is still a tree. ”

Lobsters in the wild, such as flexible look like and known
kanibalistychny so bergkvistski neutralizes most Crusher & # 39; Claw and less
& # 39; ripper & # 39; claw with tight elastic bands. He prefers team (introduced in 1951)
because they do not pierce the meat of lobster claws, like cork, thereby
provide the market more beautiful lobster.

“They are very aggressive, especially females carrying eggs or males, who are fighting for their
food or females. Eggs do with & # 39; go all to clear bombs and attack
all in the mind. ”

Fuel – the largest consumption of lobsters, and then goes to investment in the transmission.
Loss trap lines cross in a storm or line traversed by screws
considered opening loss. There is no such thing as insurance lobster traps
and the trap fifty dollars, the loss of an entire string is not cheap. thirty percent
Losing pots per season are not uncommon.

Bergkist fished 800 traps, pulling it completely every 4 days. for
Omar, he says, there is always the sickly moment of tension when
incoming trap breaks the surface, and the lobsters are there or not there.

“Sometimes all that you see with the & # 39 is a big orange glow, and the trap is just
full, and it’s really exciting to see that many are trapped. I had one
where there was a big twelve, he was not fit, but he stuck one claw
trap, and when I pulled it, it hung on the bag for bait
all that he had. I almost moved, trying to grab it.

But my worst day of the lobster was the first day I ever brought to the captain. I could not & # 39; t
find any of my pot. At first I thought that everything was gone, it was so foggy and
rainy. So I just drove blindly around, inspecting and examining. Finally I found a
Buoy and realized that my LORAN was incorrectly placed. I turned it off, turn it back on and we
We were back on the road. This day was profitable, but of course it did not work too special.
And I have days when I come back only 40 pounds. It is never a good day
but, as I said, everything will turn out. ”

On the boat Bergquist, Benji, there is an aquarium with sea water in the hold, supported by a
a pump that circulates the oxygen as well as household and fish. it
where lobsters remain alive and fresh until delivery of fish in lobster pools
markets on the coast, and it is a real key to their freshness.

“If you buy a lobster again, it is either alive or dead, and if he is alive, he is fresh. Of course,
Kind of neat to get them right off the boat, but any market on the Cape should
be the same. I sell mine Nickerson Fish & Lobster, which is right on the marina, five
feet of where to land. You can say that fresh. ”

During unloading at the pier chats to Bergkista often refer those who are
the top observation deck looking for what they perceive as a fresh alternative
restaurant or pool with Omar.

“People ask me, & # 39; you sell me some lobster & # 39; and I say: & # 39; We know what you’re doing?
You want? & # 39; I give them a lower price than they would pay on the market, but a higher price
than I get. Many times people are so shocked that I said “yes”, they will get all
I jammed it. They do not know what it wants, or I will shoot them down
You do not need to completely sell them money.

And I also call friends & # 39; Ben, I have a party, and I need 20 lobsters! & # 39;
But this is not a big part of my income. I could have a tank at home and a big sign
it says “LOBSTERS”, but when I go, I am as soon as I’ll start with this.

Most lobster with Bergquist & # 39; yadayuts here on the Cape, but his father
after the international cargo has been delivered to Scandinavia in large numbers, I went straight to
runway airport with good hard shells, packed in a sturdy foam
boxes. Such a thing is still a big deal here, on a promontory with a lot of mail.
order and the point of wishing airships aviyamabilnyh live and push your
door, complete with algae Cape Cod shellfish, as well as corn and potatoes.

According to Bergquist, the best way to keep the lobsters alive – it is right
refrigerator or on ice in a cooler – somewhere cool and wet, while there lobsters
not sitting in fresh water, where it will sink. For their preparation recommends Bergquist
steamed or grilled, but do not boil. The proper amount of time, which depends
their size should never exceed twenty or thirty minutes.

“First the head or tail of. It does not matter. My wife does not want to be in a room or
way. I like butter and cocktail sauce is also good. I & # 39; m Cape Kader. I eat it
butter and beer – it really is the key ingredient. ”

Lobster lovers, of course, concerned not only fresh, but also the cost
Bergquist, obviously uncomfortable when talking about the prices, “I get about seven dollars
pound, so a 21-pound, I’m the biggest I’ve ever seen, it was about $ 140. I & # 39;
I never have been in a restaurant. I hardly ever pay attention to the prices of restaurants. I got
5.50 dollars per selected lobster and lobster the same can go for $ 30. but Wholesalers
you need a lot to deal with – with lobster, which no one wants, or fatal. ”

He carefully notes that, although it believes that the prices are fair for lobster, this is the
there is no get rich quick scheme. Lobsters – a nice steady income for the fishery, which is
unpredictable at best.

“You can do a full year payment for 3 months, but it also goes the other way
you can deal with these fluctuations in mind, you’ll be fine, but you like it.
Are brutally cold morning and the times when the fish just does not happen, and you
to do everything possible. If the government allows me to fish, I believe that it is possible to fish
rest of his life. I love to go for another ten years, I think I know this much. But I hope
by the time all I paid for, and I can go when I want. ”

Number lobster on Cape Cod consistently decreases from the maximum of 1865
in 1988, until today about 1500 people. But almost every town on the Cape, from Sandwich
in Pravinstaun, continues to support people like Ben Berquist, from which you can get your
own cooler full of lobster, passing the restaurant and market pools.

“In the summer I am between one and four in the afternoon,” – says Berquist.
adding quickly: “Then again, in autumn, we can be in the north is It’s really hard.
exact. ”

So it may be that if you can catch a lobster, he had an uncertain daily tours
on Cape Cod, you have learned something about the lobster. for
Omar, as his car & # 39; er, hunt, a little planning and a touch
lucky catch.

celtic navigation

Many of the scientists can not handle the possibility of ships that traveled across the ocean for a long time so as to dig a cave Franchytsi, showing fishing fleet of 13,000 BC community Most have been difficult to take the Celts, if at the time of Caesar had this technology, despite the words of Caesar. Some people believe that the knowledge gained is never lost, but it is not so. Barry Fel was a professor of oceanography at Harvard University before he was wrong to expose the truth. Some (like Wiseman in the Journal of Archeology "& Camelot in Kentucky", Article 2001) ridiculed as a "self-taught" in matters such as the Agama. However, Fel took one of the small common courses while at Edinburgh University. Who can really learn the truth from academics that hide it? His name made mud scientists, but his legacy from America BC and America of the Bronze Age was a nice place.

Here is a little story of his suffering, which is presented with more reasons than just the obvious need to strengthen the existence and loss of the art of Celtic sea ships. Under the & # 39; the volume and fall of Celtic sea power has been strangely neglected {Although the film & # 39; Spartacus & # 39; It shows that Kirk Douglas organizes travel to Italy from the Celts (Galatians sileziytsy and – is the Celts during the time of the Punto), who ruled the sea. & # 39; I can not say I've ever heard that the Celts were seafarers, & # 39; It was a typical comment. Those who recall that Julius Caesar described the Britons as a mostly naked savages who wear only the neck on the neck, {a torquetum or tanawa – ancient sextant, which is known to have existed in this period as Maui guided by well-known Greek and could calculate longitude.} Sometimes, when an animal skin thrown over the shoulders, thinking that the British do not have anything better than men-Koryak water crossing.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, most of Book III of Caesar & # 39; s & # 39; De Bello Gallico & # 39; devoted to the greatest naval battle he ever called to take. And his opponents? None other than the Celts from Brittany, whose fleet was razbushany the arrival of the flotilla, they summoned from their allies in Britain! The combined Gallic and British naval armament comprised an immensely powerful force, which consisted of a room, and, according to Caesar, not less than 220 vehicles, more and excelling in construction than in the opposite of the Roman naval forces Admiral Brutus. These Celtic ships, Caesar says, were so firmly built that could outwit violent or contrary wind over the ocean itself, not the victim in this case (& # 39; De Bello Gallico & # 39 ;, the book III, XIII, I.). It is clear that these fine vessels, which towered over the Roman galleys, were able to cross the Atlantic Ocean, & quot; vasto atque aperto mari & # 39 ;, "through the wide open sea", as the Caesar. "(2)

I do not think that these ships were actually engaged in such travel to America? Why Caesar never seen the likes of before? Wind down and the Roman galleys threw in the Celtic installation coupling hooks and sails then boarded them. Caesar made a deal (as his custom) with cousins ​​of his ancestors, who did not control all. He gave them full citizenship of Rome, which they are actually established after the victory over the king of Etruria Tarquini. Thus, the nature of Catholicism and the Church of England has a long and tumultuous past association, as they banned the Druids and put wealth down. Do you see why we believe that tolteki and others in America might have Druidic roots? The commentaries of Caesar is no longer mention of British or Gali naval ships, as well as Tacitus, which took place in the following century, did not give any space and thinking about his native naval power. It seems that the battle against the Veneti was the end of Celtic sea power in classical times. Except for periodic karumpatsy from British bosses, such as Queen Baadekiya.

NORMAN TOTTEN: – "The Eye of God and Agriculture Network

Author Norman Toten

Bentley College, Walt, Massachusetts

The impetus for this kind of research was the need to understand the motive "Atna Coons", which is so prevalent in Celtic New England and Iberia, and is often associated with the "eye of Bel". James Uittal find examples of this in Portugal and Spain. Recently Fell, Dix and Eedel published their observations.

This presentation is limited to two superior symbolic forms of the sun and earth in ancient inscriptions – – eye of the sun god and the treated field network. Both are found in many varieties, visually and phonetically. This document should be seen as a progress report, a part in the consideration and several previous findings in relatively broad and complex problem.

I. Morphology and distribution: The Eye of the Sun

Although later he determined in which direction occurred evolution Sir Arthur Evans (1984, page 303.) Presented the basic shape of the eye Ra – from whole eyelashes (rays) to the circle (pupils), applying a smaller circle or dot (iris). "(6)

This is important for the understanding of world cultures and the elite corporate traders. Circle with a dot – is Marc Cain or Cain (Genesis Gardner, the Grail Kings and other sources), and thus, it is a clever cartouche or abaznachalny sign for family & # 39; and Jesus and arches. -tektony & # 39; (LXX) Great Pyramid.

In the & # 39; White & # 39; we have the Celtic God, as well as the Mesopotamian (later) God. To find them so closely associated or connected in Iver & # 39; pits that now carry names like Spain, Ireland and North America, give great additional tips for tartesskih (the source of the & # 39; biblical ships of Tarshish & # 39; he studied in Anatolia and Portugal. All of them start with Iberia in the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea region, which with the & # 39 is the genetic homeland of the Celts 30-35 000 years ago. since we can genetically and forensic trace these people and marry them with relevant artifacts, we have a reliable history, Mr. e preserved royal and priestly powers.

Another ESOP excerpt from the work of the Moroccan Totena monastery, sent to America in the V century BC. "The Figo monks were solitary (a monk), but in public life (Koinos Bios) of brothers (phratry) monks. Their form of the certificate (martyrdom) under persecution was not death in the arena to meet the pagan spectators but exile, exile to America's wilderness "(7).

Terracotta head of Roman in Mexico: – "This year, Scandinavians celebrate 1,000 years since then, as the Leif Eriksson sailed to the New World from Greenland B & # 39; Jarni Herolfsan was the first to reach the shores of the New World Historians have long believed that Ericsson.. & # 39; column 39 in L & 39; Anse aux Meadows, on the northernmost tip of Newfoundland, it represents the first evidence of Europeans on the continent {When Farley Movat wrote about this in the & # 39; Westviking & # 39; it was ridiculed.}. However, a large number of archaeological evidence points to earlier contact.

Black terracotta head of a bearded man, a height of about 2 cm (5 cm), found in the valley of Toluca about 40 miles (64 km) west of Mexico City in 1933 and dated termalyuminestsentsyyay to 200 AD, could be the first reliable proof that Roman sailors reached America. Stylistically it is different from any other known dakalumbiyskih works of art and has been recognized artists of the artist as a Roman. Although much has been written about the head since its discovery, its whereabouts were unknown until 1994, when an American anthropologist US found it closed in the Museum of the City of Mexico appropriately named Dr Roman Hristov.

Review of the circumstances related to the opening of the head, confirmed that he was placed in the repository no later than in 1510 – ten years before the Spaniards arrived in America Mesa. The main thing is that the head was excavated from the spot by professionals, said David Kelly, an archaeologist from the University of Calgary, Alberta (Professor Emery), Canada. & # 39; It was sealed under three floors, this is as close to the archaeological accuracy. & # 39; {Emphasis and NB}

Archaeologist David Grohl of the University of Illinois agreed that the leader was Roman, but noted that there was no evidence of Roman influence on dakalumbiyskiya culture. He suggested that the head can be washed ashore from the wreck of a Roman shipwreck in the Gulf of Mexico. But not even seem that Roman sailors reached American waters. & # 39; Mezaameryka ancient, Vol.10, p.207; Scotsman, Guardian, D. Mail, February 10; New Scientist, February 12, 2000 & # 39;

Mark Mc Manamin, a professor of geography and geology at Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts, is confident that the Carthaginians discovered America between 350 and 320 BC. In a recent issue of & # 39; Numismatics & # 39; magazine, and at a meeting of the American Association of friends of Tunisia in May 1999, he interpreted a series of unexplained gold coins of this period as the famous image of the world, including a lot of land to the west of Spain. along the ancient trade routes Experts believe that the Carthaginians almost certainly reached the coast of Brazil, where Punic amphorae (containing olive oil and wine) have been found; punitskiya and coins of the 4th century BC have been excavated in seven monuments in the eastern United States, unfortunately, is not mentioned in our sources (& # 39; Jeune Afrique & # 39 ;, Paris 7, September 1, 1999).

According to the Chinese Xinhua News Agency news service in August last year, the similarities between nearly 300 markings identified on pottery, jade and stone at unspecified ancient local places in Central America, very similar to the characters of the Shang Dynasty, 3,000 years of living in the sun, sky, rain, water, crops, trees and stars marked on the animal bones or tortoise shells, known as Jiaguwen. American and Chinese piktogramy 56 in the respective sets were shown to senior scientist at a symposium in Anyagu, the former capital of the Shang Dynasty.

These impressive similarities provide fuel for theories that Chinese arrived in America before the end of the Shang Dynasty in 221 BC. Shang legends state that the king led his men on a journey to the East, and some scientists believe that it moved them through the Bering Strait to North America. Chinese classics, & # 39; Shan Hai King & # 39; about 2250 BC, contains what seems to be an accurate description of the Grand Canyon. {We have articles describing a massive complex of stay dug in the walls of the Grand Canyon at a considerable height from the place where the river flows today. The article presents the image of a Buddha statue, which is a & # 39 is a lotus god from Egypt. After Smitsanian gone, the US government put it outside and made a report, which confirmed the preliminary report of trusting people in the early 20th century. You can not get to any area in a simple manner, even if you want to go for the officials. Grand Canyon was one of my accounts when I worked in the area.} Peanuts and maize have been found at ancient Chinese sites belonging to 3000 BC. The orthodox view of the fact that none of these plants has not left her native America before export by European colonists in the 16th century AD.

In 499 AD, Chinese Buddhist monk Hui Sheng returned to China, saying that he had spent 40 years in the land of Fu Sango. He left the post of the country, which was visited by what is written in the official history – land that modern scholars of ancient Mexico.

Then there is the pottery in 3000 years valdavskim coast of Ecuador, decorated and incised in the same way as pottery from the Japan region, John. was evidence of earlier local industry}, and not preceded in Ecuador simpler and simpler bowls and urns, & # 39.; National Post (Toronto), 27 August; D. Telegraph, August 28, 1999 & # 39;

Historian Maverick Farley Mowat recently brought the & # 39; The Farfarers: before the Norse & # 39 ;, in which he argues that the first Europeans to reach America were & # 39; Albans & # 39; {Site in Central America has a similar name.} Who went to the north of Scotland in the 8th century AD in search marzhavay ivory (for centuries considered more valuable than gold), sailed from Iceland to Greenland and northeast Labrador. 78-year-old prisoner Canadian author {Who is my elder brother and first wife of his father's father spent two years as a missionary in the Arctic.} Claims that remains of long houses is significantly above the tree line. in northern Quebec were built by these immigrants. Yet I read the article, which states that no Movata experience and other stupid remarks about an extremely honest man who has nothing but disgust the majority of scholars.}. His 36 books about the life history and ecology of North America sold 15 million copies, and he is deprived of the usual contempt for historians. & # 39; Times, November 9, 1999 for the general assembly of claims to the Colombian discoveries in America, see the FT61: 26-28. & # 39; & # 39; (3)

My personal review of numerous sculptures or cast heads in archeology Villas and frescoes of blond warriors tamoshnem Temple Warriors (Chichen Itza) – is just one of thousands of other actual things that you will see in this encyclopedia. Botany brings the American sweet potato that convinced naygavortsy in this discipline, which insisted on the fact that they are right. Sociologists, geologists and creators of cards, as well as historians, oceanography and physics included, as every possible area of ​​study is good evidence that the liars had good reason to hide their real purpose of the people they sought to abuse. & # 39; Liars & # 39; This is a very good word, and the Americans were very euphemistically say that the white man talking on a forked tongue.

Reflections on flying first class

Reflections volatile first class.

"American Airlines, is Kandy, can I help you?" She sounded about twenty-five, cute-excited and very happy to work Tuesday night at 10:30, especially at some outpost of American Airlines & # 39; 1-800 number. Something made me quite positive, she wrote a name that ends with "I". Maybe even CanDI.

"! Kandy, hello my name is Jill with one" l ", and I & # 39;! M in Nashville Where are you!"

"I am in the city of Tucson, Arizona, I love Nashville! You probably know Johnny Kesha!"

I would like to see I got a few hours of sleep, so that I could keep up with her. But I just kept going, hoping that I would get a second wind. "Look, Kandy, here is the deal. I know that I have developed these frequent miliernyya miles, and on Thursday I will fly to Los Angeles."

"Los Angeles Cool town!" Take a bite out of the lady, and your dentist can go ahead and make the reservation in the Bahamas.

"So, I was wondering what I will need to upgrade by using the accumulated mileage before the first class there and back."

There. I've said it. First class. I always wanted to say to the first class, but simply did not want to. But when I was going to fly five hours impulsive eksperytsyi, damn, I'm going to go for it all. I'm in my 40 odd years of commercial flight always was a member of the crowd "can-i-bite-bow" or "Miss, can I get more disease" bags for my teething baby teeth "crowd at the cheapest rate. I would fly on planes, where the living payments paid in the same way as I do. as long as the first class enjoyed a full length feature film, me and my fellow passengers were given a stack of paper with a small frame storyboard. we were told just a quick flick through the pages and try to understand the concept.

Kenji responded in the same way as I have argued, that was chosen queen, who had returned home; she could not wait when I will go to the first class. For a moment I thought that she too goes.

In principle, this "modernization" entailed a lengthy conference call with several other US airlines – Jeff in the X & # 39; Euston, Steven Milwaukee, Randal in Atlanta, some Farsi translator … I swear, one call was to the buffet vikanav in Massachusetts. . But in the end, they all agreed that this process is worth it, which can be compared with the victory Pulittsera. It took me about an hour and 15 minutes – and 25 thousand of my 30,000 miles – to give me an upgrade. All the while, Kandy umeshvats continued to talk, that all this is all right, and I just loved it!

Well, first class – all I heard it would be. And less. I believe I'll sit in a deck chair BARCO with thermal massage, a private wet bar / bartender next to Dennis Miller, and Candice Bergen leaned over the seat back in front of me and offered to pour champagne from crystal Uoterforda watercolors. We laughed and traded business cards until hot linen towels LA, and their personal masseurs waiting expectations. We could pilotavats aircraft at any time.

Not really.

Thus, wider seats and comfortable. You sit in a row, only two instead of the usual three. It was nice. But when a flight attendant asked everybody to order a drink before take-off, she would have missed me. She was carrying a piece of paper and check it during a conversation with each of the first-class passengers.

After all in the section were presented to all what they ordered, she came to me.

"Thank you again Update", – she said. She used the same tone as the answer "yes" when asked whether there is a change at midnight at the landfill. Each passenger in this section moved to a better mind to seek it with their linen spines.

"Uh, yes, ma," – I said previously.

"You want something?"

"Yeah, I like orange juice." I immediately wished that I ordered something more exotic, "Yes, I will Lafitte Rothschild & 52; 52, which is served at exactly 46 degrees in the cup fertility Zulu".

"And you would like for dinner eastern chicken or seafood salad?" Ah, now it was better.

"Chicken, thank you."

"We can not miss the chicken I checked.", – she said flatly, and she went, stopping along the way to talk and laugh with the other passengers.

The guy sitting next to me, was a quiet, but pleasant when we spoke. It turned out he was klavisharam very popular touring rock band, one with which I was very familiar. I was struck by his humility, and it made it
Experience FC a little closer to the fairy tale. I called in the arm to call the office; you have activated it by credit card. Speak cost of $ 317 for 2 minutes.

Well, I have a chicken in the end received. He was a little dry, but it came on the cool tray with a small bottle of red wine and a small miniature pastries. And the drinks came in a real glass instead of plastic cups, I am sure that they are fed "up there." I was five. The third, fourth and fifth were ordered vodka, they called a screwdriver. I believe that it is the high altitude made me feel so happy and prohibited that went to Los Angeles

I found out that turbulence, chaos hiding among the cheap crowd, not even enrolled in the first grade. I assumed that this is due to some special hydraulics in the front area of ​​the aircraft. It must be true; I mean, when we were in the first class talking, laughing and sharing drugs, they drank from the bottle and ran with scissors, I heard the icons behind the curtain; hysterical passengers hysterical passengers pulled out of the pocket of the head and cries collective vomiting. Then, as the plane had died down as the economy, their cries become mere rumble and whine.

Every time the pilot approached the software to tell us about a fantastic spectacle from the window, I always felt like I was on the wrong side of the aircraft.

( "Ladies and gentlemen, if you look on the right side of the aircraft, you will see Haley with a comet, which is rare with & # 39 is in limbo, even with our altitude. If you left again, well, there are clouds there. ")

Flying without the clock had lasts four hours and forty seven minutes, and I remember thinking that it was so cool that I come across the nation at least one and a half hours due to the time change. As already mentioned, we have been able to get headphones for a feature film. One from Nashville to Los Angeles – Airport & 75; I'm kidding. That was when Harry met Sally, along with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. Pretty happy, battle-sex date with joyful tears end. It was broadcast on the screen with a high resolution of 4 feet. I realized that this is the phone, so the extra 1259 dollars were involved in the common account Econ. More than half of people have settled with drinks and headphones. Not me.

Oh, no … remember, I still met with mute keys Nazi stewardess (& # 39; bitten, flight attendant), Abe Vigoday with kislachnikam and the International Committee of chess tournament. .

And, perhaps, the flight lasted 4:00 and change. Planting in the first class, reminiscent of mallard gracefully gliding over the smooth surface of silk blankets; It seemed to me that I hear the sounds of people were beaten with pitchforks behind the curtain.

About rasplanavanni and then strangely through the AL – a different story. I can tell. My therapist says it's too early, still too many demons.

But suffice it to say that I "wanted" to get on a plane, any plane, on his way home. Read: I would crawl on the glass shards caused anthrax, to get to the airport.

Oddly enough, the beginning of a trip back to Nashville to become one of the true highlights of my joy. It began in the lobby of my hotel. I checked quite easily on Sunday. I got a receipt, which resembled a tax form 1099. The usual suspects hanging; engaged in the bell tower, which bring loaded bags and hanging bags in hand, various officials scurrying around with trays or flowers, vagabonds from all points of the world. I thought I might ask if I have a spare drachma.

But there, at the exit of the revolving door, how brilliant a needle in a hay man, stood a young man. He was dressed as a driver, and I knew why. He was a driver. My driver. He confirmed a small poster with my name, to confirm it.

I went into the back seat black Lincoln Town cars, which were waiting for the morning paper and a wet bar. As we hit the interstate airport, the driver was completely colloquial. It turned out, he lived all his life in Los Angeles, and in the mid-80s had its own insurance company, it is very successful in this. 86 disaster has thrown him into the city car, but he did not complain; he did not "let this town or nothing" knock it ", he survived. I was hoping to survive the trip, as he drew his dialogue, turning to me. Regardless of nine cars and an explosion propanavaga kerosene.

Needless to say, I arrived at the airport and ended up near my gate when the flight was due to land immediately.

Changing the time will work against me on this trip. And however much I drank, nor slept, or just looking out the window, does not help me to think that I did not come to Nashville via Budapest. On this trip, I was alone in a double-site; actually the whole first class was about 20%. Or 80% empty, depending on whether, on which hung. Plush seats were the same, free drinks in the glass were the same, I guess, because I was not in the "mood" to try one. About 27 hours of flight, I ordered roast beef for dinner; I assumed that I also ordered breakfast. God, this flight took place forever.

on the return journey the film Shelley Long starred in the title role in the film "Brady Breck." I decided to see how it sounds, and fell asleep (again) until the landing gear is not boundlessness lifted me upright.

I slid off the plane, and the darkness of Nashville, TN hit me like lightning. Go home, too, will be a long time.

I made a note to call in Kandy, in Phoenix, Arizona, on the long-distance call. I just knew that she wanted to know how was my trip.

United States Study: towards the middle of the Atlantic, and New England

Depending on the source, the US – the third or fourth largest country in the world. The continental United States consist of forty-eight states, and its capital city, Washington, Kaluga, Alaska is in the northwest, on the border with Canada and Russia in the Bering Strait. Hawaii – a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. The United States also have jurisdiction over several territories in the Caribbean and Pacific Oceans.

we have divided the state in the geographic regions of the United States to study.

Syarednyaatlantychnyya directions

The US Census Bureau recognized the three countries forming the region of the Middle Atlantic: New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. In recent years, due to economic and political centers in the area of ​​Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia, and Washington's capital city, classified as Mid-Atlantic.

This region is inhabited by many European migrant groups, including Dutch, Swedish and English. Settlers also had various religious features: Roman Catholics, Quakers and Baptists.

The first settlers were mostly farmers and fishermen. This city provides a gateway to other parts of the country and the ports of New York, Delaware and Baltimore.

Most of this area with the & # 39 is urbanized, but still there are beautiful forests, national parks, camping, and passes through the area of ​​the Appalachians.

You can find events and festivals throughout the year to visit on your vacation.

New directions England

During autumn tours are offered by this region through beautiful changing leaves. Drop occurs in the region earlier than in other regions of the US.

New England is in the northeast corner of the United States. It was the first settlement in 1620, when English settlers arrived in Massachusetts Bay.

The inhabitants of this region served as a catalyst for the Boston tea and the abolition of slavery. In this region, the United States began the industrial revolution.

region mountainous terrain and valleys. The coastline is jagged, sandy beaches. There are lakes, hills and swamps. Appalachian mountain range extends through Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. The highest peak of the region, Mount Washington, located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

The region early autumn, hot, humid summers and long, cold winters. The region has a number of ski resorts, such as Vermont and New Hampshire.

The most populous states in the region – Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Information about Manchester New Hampshire and detailed information about the city

Manchester – the main urban center in the state of New Hampshire and north of Boston in a region that includes the states of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. The population of over 109 000 people. Manchester took the thirteenth place in the statement of the hundred best cities, living in CNN.MONEY.com, not to mention that Kiplinger has been recognized as the second tax metropolis in the states. Manchester has one of the fastest growing economies in the New England.

Manchester has chatyrohsezonny climate with winter winters and warm summers, spring and autumn are usually clear and short passages.

Manchester is several ethnic events in the historic Palace Theater, the Art Museum Chur & # 39; er and the Institute of Art in New Hampshire. Verizon Wireless Arena – is a civilian center that offers a variety of activities, from sporting events to concerts with leading artists, comedian, theater performances, as well as family programs and fairs.

Manchester school system has four public high schools, four public high schools and fourteen public elementary schools. In addition, there are many private and religious schools. You can find 7 medium universities in the Manchester area.

The city is served 4 newspaper publishers, the public television station in New Hampshire and one commercial broadcaster, WMUR-TV Channel 9, ABC affiliate, as well as various radio stations AM and FM.

In Manchester is Manchester Fisher Coates, the secondary team in baseball, and "Manchester Monarch", a professional hockey in football.

For transportation of Manchester has a regional airport Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, which is served by almost all major airlines, with the largest share of used Southwest Airlines. The airport has an international air service by Air Canada in Ontario and Toronto. Public transportation is provided by the Manchester Transit Authority, which operates buses in the city. Concord Trailways and Boston Express operated commuter services in Boston, along with other regions of the state.

Key motorway include Interstates 93 and 293, and the Everett Turnpike, which with & # 39 are multiband highway and connecting the metropolitan area with the Concorde and the White Mountains to the north, and our Boston and the south. NH 101 – a 4-lane highway to the east of Manchester to Hampton and beaches on the coast, as well as Maine and Interstate 95 on the north shore of Massachusetts. Westbound NH 101 – a highway with two lanes, which is the main artery in the Keene area Monadak and points west.

In Manchester, there are two major trading point: in the center of Manchester and on the streets of South Will. Trade Center in New Hampshire located on the street South Willow of more than 125 shops.

The crew of the yacht – Cruise on the islands of Southern New England

In Newport, Rhode Island, it is the largest group of private yachts available for charter in the summer season in New England. Newport – the perfect place to start a private charter crew, due to a one-week cruise of Newport, you can easily visit all the islands in the south of New England, including Martynski Vineyard and Nantucket. While they are both wonderful, great atmosphere and architecture of New England, complete with paved roads, there are other islands that can be visited nearby, such as Block Island Kuttyhunk and Elizabetskiya island. Try a one-time charter from Newport, Rhode Island, to explore the islands of southern New England.

Newport, Rhode Island – is one of the largest deepwater harbors on the east coast of the US, which has a large number of available joints, which makes it a natural New England summer home for visiting yachts. As soon as the heat will be born on dry land, ran out into the sea from astuzhayuchymi thermal winds.

If you leave from Newport, an ideal first stop with a & # 39 Block Island. Unlike other islands in the area, members of the Massachusetts Blake Island – part of Rhode Island, and is only 22 nautical miles.

One unique aspect of the blue Island – a large internal bay or Salt Pond, as it is called locally. This is the perfect anchor for the visiting yachts from well protected water. The salt pond has plenty of room for anchor and several prystaninav when the dock is yours. Block Island little year round inhabitants, but in summer the population nabrastae visitors. In the city center, where the ferry pier is a bustling few blocks secured several large summer hotels that used to satisfy the visitors of summer turn of the century. Come and you will still find a rocking chair on the long front porch of the old hotel, the perfect place for meetings and shooting with ocean views. There are several shops and blocks of small shops to visit. Rent a bike and ride the rest of the island, which is still rather uninhabited and covered with wild roses.

Not far from the island unit is Kuttyhunk. This island is much smaller than Block Island and one of the smallest in the group. There is a central inner harbor with a small jetty. Take care about the size of the yacht, part of the harbor, as there can be no room for turning. Very small settlement there is one road that runs from the main pier. Explore the area or the image of a picnic at one of the beaches. Depending on the size of your boat, close to the main harbor, the available mooring ball.

Nearby are Elizabetskiya island. The private property has several bindings, including canvas bay, a good place to fix for dinner, depending on which way the wind is blowing. Since the island is privately owned, it is possible to gain a foothold at anchor, but a visit to the shore is not recommended.

To the east of Kutyhunka is Martha's Vineyard. On this island there are several harbors and anchorages, however, probably the most famous of & # 39 is a harbor town of Edgartown. Access to Edgartown harbor requires passage through an incision with a fairly fast current. Once inside, on the anchor site has a lot of balls to the pier, but only up to a certain size yachts. If the yacht is at a greater level, it is better to fix fixing outside the harbor. Edgartown Harbor and surrounds a beautiful New England town, full board with clapboard and shingle, with roses covered with wallpaper, secret gardens and pavers. Edgartown is well-known in certain circles for shops and top-level restaurants and a & # 39 is a haven for any number of well-known people in the world.

Only 22 nautical miles from Edgartown is the island of Nantucket. At Nantucket is only one main town, which is surrounded by a marina. Come to this haven of well-marked channel that leads directly to the anchor point. Here is the area and imposing a night, which is served by the local service water taxi, but there are a number of docks at the island from the & # 39 is a very popular summer resort; Reservations connections must be made in advance. Around this harbor is typical houses and linings for New England, many built in the last few centuries, when Nantucket was a thriving whaling port. Look at the roof top for many widows walks, where his wife sailor captain looking sailor returning from the sea. Road paved roads still lead out of the harbor, but on the streets and quaint buildings in the heart of the city are now living a variety of fine shops, serving many visitors. There are various beaches along the edges of the island and a lot of wide open spaces to ride a bicycle or explore. This is another island, well-known restaurants, and you have to stay at the Club Car, bar and restaurant along the edge of the harbor, which is a & # 39 device is unmistakable in the city center. This restaurant is located in one of the train cars, which were used in the turn of the century in Nantucket to move from one side of the island to another. If the train service was stopped, the wagon train, who was sitting in the train, where it now sits, was converted into a restaurant.

Nantucket is located 68 nautical miles from Newport. Start cruise back towards Newport, but stop for the night in the harbor at the northern end of Hadley Elizabetskih islands. Gorgeous haven, hidden away from it all, trade Hadley – a great place for a final quiet night at anchor. The next stop is back in Newport, about 35 nautical miles. If Newport time was not spent to charter, time should certainly be held in Newport at the end of the charter.

This charter is a convenient route cruise, which runs on a bicycle or a sailing yacht with numerous islands in reasonable proximity to each other. Krepak fastens numerous and all waiting for just a short cruise from Newport.

How much is the salary of the assistant?

Check out these common leadership on health care wages in the sector and how to improve your car & # 39; career.

The average salary of a paramedic will depend on many years of experience and achievements of education and experience, as well as from the medical institution where the nurse works. In general, car & # 39; EPA can be a very useful and valuable, especially if you like to take care of sick people.

General guidance for payment for medical assistant

The average salary of an assistant starts at $ 29 100 per year and can reach $ 50,000 per year, depending on the key factors mentioned above. More experienced nurse can expect to receive a higher level of wages in the health care professional.

According zarplaty.com, higher pay salaries only covers 10 percent of the current population health. It is best to pay health workers work mainly in private hospitals and doctors; offices. The national average when it comes to the hourly rate is 14.50 dollars.

Top 10 salaries for medical assistants at the State

Here are a dozen states that pay the highest salary of the assistant:

1. California – $ 22
2. Idaho – $ 21.66
3. DC – $ 21.36
4. Connecticut – $ 20.36
5. Massachusetts – 20.08 dollars
6. New Jersey – $ 20.06
7. Alaska – 19.67 dollars
8. Rhode Island – $ 19.53
9. Delaware – $ 19.18
10. Washington – $ 19.04

The starting salary of a doctor, who had just started car & # 39; a career in this field, is about 20 000 dollars. However, other good places for car & # 39; EASURES The assistant, for example, Washington, offering about 33 000 dollars for a newly certified professional health.

Other key benefits

In addition to standard monetary compensation for this profession, medical and medical assistants can also enjoy the other benefits of employment, such as:

• The advantage of health care
• Benefits to receive additional education
• Paid holidays
• Sick leave
• More help
• Pension payments
• Insurance
• Taxes and other companies bonuses

Earnings Medical Officer / Assistant, depending on the size of the company

As indicated above, the salary may be higher or lower depending on the medical institution or the size of the company in which you are working. Given that, in most cases, the larger the company, the higher the salary. On discharge fee, it looks like a look, if we compare the salaries of company size:

19 employees – $ 19 000 – $ 36 000
10 – 49 employees – $ 18 000 – $ 42 000
50 – 199 employees – $ 17 000 – $ 46 000
200 – 599 employees – $ 19 000 – $ 40 800
600 – 1999 employees – $ 19,000 – $ 41,000
2000 – 4999 employees – $ 21 000 – $ 49 000

The future of the health care industry, presumably in the next 5 – 10 years will increase. So, if you think to go to this kind of health profession, you will have more chances to enter the car & # 39; a career with a steady growth expectations for employment and wages.

Increasing car & # 39; EASURES Medical Officer / Assistant

To raise the salary and the value of the company in which you work, you have to undergo continuing education to expand their knowledge and skills and thus become an indispensable member of your company.

You can start by logging in certification programs that can further increase your car & # 39; career and add value to your resume. In the United States there are four well-known large organizations who provide training and certification programs for health care assistants.

they are:

• A certified clinical medical assistant (CCMA)
• Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)
• National Certified Medical Assistant (NCMA)
• Registered nurse (RMA)

What are the main duties of medical assistants?

Job Description may Var & # 39; iravatstsa from one medical facility to another. But some of the common health care assistant tasks include the following:

For administrative tasks

• Schedule appointments with patients
• Fill out the insurance form
• Arrange admission to hospital
• Handle correspondence to patients
• constantly updating medical records

clinical setting

• Record medical records
• Explain treatment procedures
• To adopt and monitor vital signs
• Instructions for treatment
• Sterilize medical instruments
• Make an electrocardiogram
• Dial blood
• Prepare the patient for exposure
• Remove the seams

Again, the clinical duties of assistant health may vary depending on the state or the specifics of the establishment of services in which you are working. If you work in a medical office that specializes in certain areas, your responsibilities will be to build on them. With this it is very important to be more flexible and better prepared.

Unforgettable holidays at the White Mountains – the most scenic 100 miles in New England

This amazing journey on the White Mountains of New Hampshire has stunning views at every turn, habits and pleasant family vacation and a visit to a world record wind speed at home. Just read on to learn about the wonderful trip on vacation in the White Mountains.

National Forest White Mountain is located about 4 hours drive north of Boston, Massachusetts. Deep in the mountains of New Hampshire with a & # 39 are part of the Appalachian mountain system, which covers the Eastern United States. The forest park is the White Mountains Trail, and this drive, which is arguably the most scenic 100 miles in New England. So you really treat. Start & # 39; start with …

National Forest Visitors Center Mountain White Mountain …

Most people begin to travel from the visitors center in the White Mountains north Woodstock route 112 and go on route 3N to the Franconia region.

If you're traveling with children, you want to pencil dates back in this region at the trading post Clark and The Whale & Tale Tale – in Lincoln on route 3N. In Clark can see the bears that go on locomotive , Climb the tower, and generally keep the young happy. Tale "Kit" – a water park with a wave, picnic areas , Changing Places and live entertainment.

Back on the road head north towards Franconia-cuts. This is a good stretch of road that the camera is ready. I can not list all the stops that you can do, but I will mention only two of my favorite in the area of ​​the White Mountains.

The gorge was formed more than grooms 200 million years ago if the White Mountains were molten rock. This is what happens in this area, if it cools quickly, softer material was involved in the fractures that formed. These fractures wore when natural erosion much more rapidly than the surrounding granite rock – leaving the gorge. And now you get pleasure from a geological wonder in the base of beautiful Mount Liberty.

In the gorge there is a visitors' center, where the tour begins and ends. And do not forget to check out the bridge that crosses the river Pemigevaset – this is one of the oldest on the trail of the White Mountains.

The famous landmark, you can no longer see …

You might be thinking, why would I mention something that you can not see anymore? Well, the truth is … you see some of his … but the rest you will need to submit.

The old man from the hill was a rocky toothed profile formed over 10,000 years ago during the last glacial period.

May 3, 2003 supporters of the White Mountains region around the world were devastated when this world famous natural monument collapsed and fell to the bottom cannon mountain . How it could all ask? Aren & # 39; ie rocks and mountains … forever? Well, this incident proves that they are not from the & # 39 are. Despite years of efforts of many people to conserve it, centuries of winter climate in the White Mountains finally took its toll. Worth a stop during a trip to the White Mountains Trail to see and reflect on the fact that once was. For me, this is a reminder that nature does not play favorites.

Continue heading north on route 3, until it is out of & # 39; riding the route 302 and go on 302 towards Bretton Woods. Here the mountains are getting higher and higher, until eventually you will not see a big daddy of them all – Mount Washington at 2,888 feet.

National forest roof of the White Mountain …

Depending on the time available, you have four options to experience this gift in the National Forest White Mountain. Just look – hey, there's nothing wrong with that. Ride the train from the cog railway to the top. Under the & # 39; to go by road to the top – the fastest way. And, of course, you can go if you are well prepared. But promise me that you'll win a hike to the top, if you are not in perfect condition and with somebody. This mountain claim lives every year, because the conditions in this area can deteriorate dramatically within minutes.

It should reach the summit?

All I will say is … kind of awesome. Visit the museum at the top and see the day: in 1934, when the highest wind speed was taken ever recorded on earth – 231 million. You'll learn why its unique geographic position provides the mountain worst weather & # 39; em on the ground.

Now go back to Route 302 and go south to the town of North Conway.

The picturesque area of ​​North Conway …

Schedule enough time to catch the colorful train on which you sat down in North Conway. Station in this Victorian style – it's hard not to notice and call in the city center.

train rides ambergris and ammunition along the scenic valleys and notches in the vicinity. And as you breeze through rolling valleys of Mount Washington and squeezing the slot under the gentle clatter of steel against steel, consider that it was once the main form of transportation in the area of ​​Boston. Now most of the trains – locomotives, but on weekends and special days falling they use their popular steam locomotive.

Train in the valley – 55 minutes and back notches train is 5 hours. Both have a first-class car, if you want a different feel. In the steps of the train has a swimming coach, which offers magnificent views of the steep ravines and cliffs slender. I'm not sure that my children have the patience to 5-hour train ride, so we always take a short excursion. But as I love trains – especially steam trains – one day …

Trains generally run between mid-June to mid-October. These colorful trains are very popular throughout the season, and they take on additional reservations Notch train and dinner on both trains.

This area of ​​the White Mountains full of shops, and there are children enough to do . Story Land and the Heritage-New Hampshire, located next to each other on route 16 Glen . You and the kids will enjoy themed attractions, concerts, playgrounds and meeting storyboard characters.

Highway Kankamagus …

Let's finish our tour of the White Mountains, joining the Regular road 112 Conway and return back to the National Center for visitors to White Mountain forest.

This part of the road known as Highway Kankamagus. Along this road there are many opportunities for a photo shoot. In fact, your trip is enough daylight so you can take pictures.

But you can always come back tomorrow, right? No prizes for the performance and watching for just one day. You book your vacation in the White Mountains for at least a week … are not you?

Top 5 places summer holidays 2017

Summer is considered the ideal time of the year, to be reborn with the people we love, and give us ample opportunity to resume the old relationship with its terms or zaplanavavshy something different in the sad days of the summer season or zaplanavavshy vacation in some of the best and most sought after in this region holidays. If you love traveling and going to take the opportunity to make money during the summer holidays in order to get closer to the people close to your heart, you should consider the following places as an option for a fabulous vacation with a magnificent range of impressions, a convenient pocket. festivals and incredible options to rejuvenate the old intimacy.

1. Key West, Florida

Summer – the perfect time to go and enjoy a relaxing or adventure holidays close to the beaches, and if you thought to find a place that can offer you all of the above, as well as a smaller crowd and available packages, then you should consider. visit to Key West, Florida. The small town of Florida, known for its perfect beaches, strange, exciting sidewalks, fabulous sandy beaches and excellent nightlife, Key West makes a perfect choice for holidays, as most people are planning to stay in Miami. If you like to fill water soothing water on a background of a brilliant sky, then all you need now is to go to Key West, Florida.

2. San Francisco, CA

Magic Vestkoast western city of San Francisco does not require the administration to give you a wonderful holiday mood. Inspiring vacation option that provides a rich assortment of beaches, stunning scenery, incredible architecture, fantastic nightlife and splendid culture, in San Francisco has everything you need for a summer vacation. Regardless of the fact that with the & # 39 is a well-known option for a holiday, the city is pretty fantastic experience for those who love to explore unique places, tranquil sights and loves to walk on the busy road, filled with high-end retail brands. Thus, if you are planning a holiday that can offer you a great number of variations to enjoy the West Coast, the San Francisco – a perfect option for you.

3. Orlando, Florida

Blooming theme park of the city of Florida, Orlando never ceased to amaze people, regardless of the season, festivals or any other conditions. Orlando with a great set of parks based on the theme, adventures, water activities, sports, and others, makes the perfect setting without any conditions. Regardless of whether you plan to vacation with children, family & # 39; s, friends, girlfriend, or any other person in this town has everything that you need to save and get a great vacation experience. Meet the wonderful markets, fabulous restaurants and attractions flowering, which cover most of the city and get a flawless vacation experience in Florida.

4. Nassau, Bahamas

Those people who are traveling on domestic routes and think is useful visa and passport, landing on the landing to the Bahamas will be the most strange experience, especially when it is summer season and will give you a magic condition to have a soothing dip in the Caribbean Sea. The capital city of the Bahamas, Nassau – one of the most visited and desired leisure options in the country that offers a wide range of activities, attributes and functions that allow you to explore and offer you one of the finest hotel experiences that you can get directions to the Caribbean sea.

5. Boston, MA

If you are thinking to spend the summer holidays, which can be not only fun, but also a kind of interactive education, then a visit to Boston, Massachusetts – one of the best options that you can get. Due to the abundance of different museums and galleries related to science, history, art, culture and more, Boston makes a great place for children as well as seniors. In addition, the city has such an amazing culture and beautiful coastal area, which gives it a magnificent view and a beautiful summer vacation. In addition, the shopping area and food outlets in the city gives it a wonderful image that is hard to resist. Summer season – it's also a time when you can easily find luxury accommodation at lower prices, and book flights to Boston can be as simple pockets.

Places like Elavston National Park, the beaches in Miami, Honolulu and the island more frequently gather tourists from around the world in the summer season and give less experience you have had in the first place. Thus, if you like to take full advantage of the summer season this year, while pay less and enjoy more with less crowds and great potential, then all you have to do is find some of the most amazing places runaways that do not beat to secure a flourishing and exciting vacation experience, saving a fortune, finding some cheap flights.

Studying capitals sprawl in the US

About Atlanta and Boston

Atlanta dubbed everything from the "capital of the new South" and "the next international city" to "the best place to do business." It is the capital and most populous city in the state of Georgia and the cultural and economic center of the metropolitan area of ​​Atlanta. Atlanta is considered the "alpha" or "city of peace" and occupies 36 th place among the world's cities and 8th place in the country with a gross domestic product of 270 billion dollars.

Boston & # 39 is the capital and largest city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the largest city in New England and the 24th largest city in the United States. The city is also a & # 39 is the economic and cultural anchor of a much larger metropolitan area called Greater Boston, which is a & # 39 is the tenth-largest metropolitan statistical area in the country. One of the oldest cities in the US, Boston, is a world leader in innovation. The city has one of the highest costs of living in the US, although it is still highest in the world.

tourist attractions

In cosmopolitan Atlanta, and Boston has many tourist spots that just about anyone can find something to savor. In Atlanta, the most popular attractions: Georgia Aquarium, Fox Theater, Atlanta Botanical Garden, a National Historic Landmark Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Civil and Human Rights, P & # 39; emontski Park Cemetery Oakland, Atlanta History Center, the High Museum of Art, Turner Field Hall of fame college football, House swans, Ebenezer Baptist church in Atlanta, Library and Museum, Jimmy Carter, Capital Olympic park, Zoo Atlanta, Philips Arena, Georgia House and Margaret Mitchell House.

While in Boston, Fenway Park, the Fine Arts museum, Freedom Trail, Boston Public Garden, the North End, Boston Public Library, the Presidential Museum and John F. Kennedy Library, ships and museums of Boston Tea Party, the New England Holocaust Memorial, Boston Arnold Arnold, Old North church, Beacon Hill, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the promenade, Newbury Street, Museum of science, Faneuil Hall market, USS Constitution Museum, and The Boston Pops.

While gourmet, Aviva by Kameel, Capital Grille, Bone & # 39; s Restaurant, Canoe, Fandangles and South City Kitchen Midtown in Atlanta and Italian Express Pizzeria, Sam LaGrassa & # 39; s, Ostra, Mistral, Mamma Maria and James Hook & Company – some of the mandatory stops. cherish the most appetizing dishes.

Best time to visit

Best time to visit Atlanta – from late May to August, when you can enjoy a rich and active entertainment concerts, which take place around the city. Flights to Atlanta are available all year round. Best time to visit Boston between June and November. Fine autumn weather & # 39; e is doing a tour on foot of joy. And while summer brings flocks of tourists and expensive hotel rates, sidewalk cafes, baseball games and concerts in the open air traveling costs. Flights to Boston can be found throughout the entire season.

the main airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta (IATA: ATL) – the main airport serving Atlanta in the busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic since 1998, as well as on the number of landings and takeoffs.

Logan International Airport (IATA: BOS) – the main airport serving Boston, with & # 39 is the largest airport of New England and the 18th busiest US airport.