Cape Cod – your home far from home


Finding the perfect vacation spot on a beach holiday is similar to the search for the perfect work of art to hang over the fireplace; everyone has their own taste. If you spend over a thousand dollars of their earnings on a trip for my family & # 39; and each element must be perfect. With beautiful beaches, friendly people, world-class restaurants and nightlife, shelter Massachusetts Cape Cod – an excellent choice for your next vacation.

Locals usually locals call the "cape", this paradise is just 75 miles from Logan Airport in Boston, which makes it easy and affordable transported from cities across the United States. The most popular time to visit – June and August, although the shoulders of the month and September often give the best deals on hotels and houses. At the height of the summer the average temperature is 80 degrees, often accompanied by a weak breeze that comes from the Atlantic Ocean.

While forty miles of beautiful beaches can be the starting point of attraction for many visitors is the cape with a wide range of activities that make them return. When children are surfing on the fresh ocean waves and frolic on the sand, Mom and Dad can pursue their interests. Fifteen towns on Cape Cod offer ample opportunities for boutiques, shopping, spa services, and consideration of art galleries. On the Atlantic coast has some of the best fish in the deep sea coast on the East Coast. Striped bass and tuna practically waiting to jump on your line. Whale watching – one of the most popular tourist attractions, and a guaranteed sighting surveillance & # 39 is the norm. For those who are prone to seasickness, the Cape has over 50 field sites, including 27 public about the & # 39 objects.

Just off the coast of the island of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket provide quieter and intimate seating areas. While living on these islands is more expensive than on the Cape, these increased costs can be avoided by visiting a day trip. Frequent ferries cross the narrow ocean passage, and the fastest ship of Nantucket reached in just one hour from the city of Cape Hianisport.

Quick day may be necessary, as some of your most pleasant memories about the rest will come from the evening exploration across Cape Cod. Each town boasts wonderful options for dinner, with options for every price range. Lobsters, crabs and fish daily brought from the ocean supply the freshest seafood in the world.

After lunch Zaedte in one of the local pubs. These colorful establishments mix a friendly mix of tourists and toilet. Many brewers, who are working on the Cape, the local beer – it's an honor. For more adventure (or more padpitnyh) cities of Chatham and Yarmouth are known for their karaoke. Several dance clubs also operate throughout Cape Cod, as well as a number of places serving wonderful live music.

When planning your next family vacation, consider Cape Cod. Beautiful beaches, fun activities and a vibrant nightlife ensure that they will be loved for years to come.


Representing Michigan Secret Beach Town


Located in West Michigan, on the western shore of Lake Michigan, is a small and charming village Pentuoter, Michigan. For many years around the city with a & # 39; is the usual Bumper sticker that read "Where the hell, Pentwater?" Anyone who has spent time here, probably fall in love with this place and return again and again, so the town remains unchanged incomprehensible mystery. Most of the residents of Michigan still do not know about this coastal gem.

Let me introduce you.

Visitors Pentwater, coming from the more popular southern route, initially greeted Pentwater Lake, as the road winds along the north shore, strewn with quaint and charming cottage, silhouetted fisherman, as well as random swans or something & # 39; her ducks. If the road winds its way to the right and then to the left, and then coming to the village, the view opens to the mast filled harbor described active marinas and charter boats that really resemble the coastal towns of Maine or Massachusetts. This New England, but much closer to home.

Then the road turns sharply to the north and becomes the main street Pentvoter ideally sent to art galleries, where the works of local and national artisans, many antique stores, clothing boutiques and restaurants with open internal courtyard, offers live music, delicious seafood. and cold cocktails. It's always happy hour here, if not officially, then at least in spirit. This is the scene for the inspiration of the Norman Rockwell complete with white church tower on the outskirts of the city. People drive slowly; they do a deep breath, and they smile, because in Pentwater, you feel as if life on vacation, even if it is not.

Toward the end of the city tour of our village turns west, continues a few blocks, and then turns into dead ends to the main attraction: the freshwater Lake Michigan shore. Guests who have never been to the Great Lakes, are always pleasantly surprised, and local residents, who were born and grew up here, never get tired of it. Endless water horizon, which presents the most beautiful sunsets in the world, the warm sand between your toes, grass sand dunes, which sways in the wind, the sound of fun, gulls, kites and ice cream cones; Pentwater is NOT California, NOT ME, NOT Carolina or Hawaii, but Michigan! And after a long walk through the water to the end of the pier, near the lighthouse and back, you're in love with a secret beach town Michigan. You will come back again and again.

We are waiting, just up the road, to welcome you and your in the summer season.


The guides that I know


Like I'm a novelist. I have written a terrorist thriller called "The Nine Lives of too much" and restless, modern paranormal story called "The Demon in our dreams." In a short time I have a new novel, which deals with rice queens. Most of my fictional efforts shifted to my site – Every now and then I like to go back to my beginning as a traveler. I especially enjoy writing journey with humor with peramyazhovkay. My novel "The Demon in our dreams" – is, in fact, a stranger novel, which collected a lot of guides.

Heard any good guides lately?

On the tour of Alaska, our guide said, "We have a proverb in Alaska Every woman has nine men Chances are good, but the goods – strange…"

But guides men affected in this battle of the sexes. One man said he had a T-shirt with the inscription: "Girls, remember, when you get to the lower forty-eight, you'll be ugly again."

The next day another guide with Alyaskanskaga men: "Here in Alaska, men – men and women, too."

Every time I get to a new city on a business trip or a new port on the cruise ship, I spend an orientation tour with a guide. They are called cultural orientations when they stop at the museum, rather than the craft market, where relatives of the guide work.

Guides can tell jokes, propagandize, scapegoat, recite poetry and tell believers. They have a captive audience for a few hours a day, and in some cases for a week or more. Somehow guides in Alaska & # 39 are the best. Here are a few illustrations of the breed from all over:

On Moorea, Tahiti's sister island, our guide Ben said:

"This church, where members worship a particular faith. They come to my door two or three times a week with pamphlets. Please give me your address so I can give them them, and they can go to your house instead of mine. '"

Alaskan guides full of stories about the bald eagle and the bear. One guide told us about the black bear that wandered into the airport and the arrival zone. He sat on the baggage carousel and started to go through it. They thought they got rid of it by turning off the carousel. He grunted and acted threateningly, so they had to let him continue to ride until the hunters did not take him into a trap and was taken away.

The guide told the story:

"Two bears, a man and a woman is attacked and eaten two men who went camping in the woods. One man was Polish and one Czech. Two bears hunters shot. Autopsy were conducted. Polyak found in women, so that they know that the Czech in the men's. "

On the ship, the princesses in Alaska when we place a martini in the foreseeable hall captain came on the PA "This is Captain Glyug from the bridge on the port side at the highest tree there are two bald eagles Fifteen minutes later, he declares:.." On average, a tree, again on the port side, you will see two more bald eagles. "

Our waitress said: "I think the captain has a picture of two eagles pasted on the glasses If he looks out the corner of his eyes, he sees them on the trees.".

Kamedyk the ship would imitate the captain, "to starboard there are three pillars that break, seven cattle and three sea otters with calves that are floating on an iceberg on the port side, two grizzly bear wash salmon on the shore of the water, and there are two bald eagles. where Princess line to pay to follow the ship in Seward. "

Guides can give different versions of the same. On Bora Bora in French Polynesia a huge abandoned Hyatt hotel with a single foundation stands on the beach. The local guide said that the reason for the refusal of the hotel was because of the greed of builders and management costs, vaccination and corruption.

Anthropologist Bill Kolans about Raiatea gave a different version. Polynesians never give up their land. Relatives often hide the yard, which helps to ensure that the land will remain in the family & # 39; and. After the builders "Hayat" assembled land for their hotel, hundreds of Bora Bora made claims to the land. Buy them all would be terribly expensive, so the project was abandoned.

The tours of French Polynesia resentment against Chinese kramshchykav address. "There's such and such a supermarket. It is owned by the Chinese, and the products there expensive." The Chinese, who originally brought to Tahiti to work in the sugar fields remaining after the work on the fields stopped. They gradually become a merchant class and now have a number of banks and enterprises.

One Tahitian guide said: "The French bake our bread, the Chinese deliver it and sell, and taitsyane pay for it."

In Bora Bora one tour guide again & # 39; yushyvsya, when a tourist asked him not eat them dogs. Paul Theroux in his book on Oceania found that some islanders in some archipelago eat dog. He thought that the island dogs often seem so hardened, so we knew what to expect. Our guide said: "Of course, we would not eat dogs They are our pets, family members & # 39; and do you think we are savages..?"

Then his whole mood has changed dramatically, and he playfully said: "Now the Americans, that's another story They're really delicious, especially the fingers We call it a meal…"

Captain Cook detail hundreds of years ago began to cannibalism in the South Seas.

Alaska tour guides specializing in poetry recitation at the end of the tour. Their favorite Robert Service Kipling Yukon, and on many bus tours before you give feedback, you will hear the "Shooting of Dan McGrew", "The Cremation of Sam McGee" or "Spell of the Yukon." "They read from the memory, and somehow seem more direct line, if you are traveling overseas for border cities like Skagway.

We took the train steam engine in old railway carriages that followed the gold rush trail from Skagway through the mountains to the place of take-off in Dawson. In 1898, the terrible conditions endured thousands of gold seekers, and thousands of animals died schooling. Through the loud speaker on the train, a woman read the guide to the account of Jack London, who brazenly told how these animals fell or were thrown through the steep mountain trails.

In Skagvagu our guide took us to the old cemetery where is buried Soapy Smith and Frank Reid. Soapy Smith was the leader of a gang that terrorized the city during the Gold Rush. Reid shot soap, and on his grave – the inscription, which is written, that he gave his life for the honor of Skagway. Nearby is the tomb of a woman of pleasure. On her tombstone is written: "She gave her life for the honor of Skagway."

In Hamburg, Germany, the guide trumpeted patriotic environment at work. In the first quarter of the infamous red light district on Reperbane he noted that some of the women he said were prostitutes. "It's good for them. They save precious energy. They go to work."

I have met a lot of good guides for years, and I laughed at this and studied in most of them.


One of the best West Yarmouth hotels – Chef resort


West Yarmouth is located in Massachusetts (USA), site of the famous beautiful natural scenes and beautiful out & # 39; it, which it has year-round. If you plan to get to this place in the next vacation, here's a little guide on one of the best hotels located in the region, – – Chief Resorts. The building has been designed according to modern architecture. Inter & # 39; er equally beautiful with elongated soft blue carpets, bay, which open view of the streets, large chandeliers, tiled area and a wooden paneling on walls. Let's look at some of the services offered at the resort.

accommodation services

Offering different types of accommodation to suit all needs, the resort facilitates you to stay in the room or which best fit your requirements. There are single bedrooms, royal and royal bedrooms and suites. Each room is comfortable and designed to meet the latest standards of living. With attached bathrooms in each room there is even a balcony for fresh air, day light and access to a beautiful scene, as well as services such as TV, room service and laundry service.

Services for events

The resort offers a venue for events. Dinner parties can be organized in the premises for parties indoors or outdoors on the golf course. The resort takes care of the organization of food and nutrition, organization and other parties.

special services

This hotel offers numerous special services, such as indoor swimming pools, spa services, table tennis, golf course and sports facilities.


Best sushi in Tokyo


Sushi – is a specialty of Japanese cuisine. Sushi is widely eaten and appreciated all over the world. If you're visiting Tokyo, you will not miss a golden opportunity to try real sushi. In Tokyo, there are many restaurants where sushi is served; some of them are as follows:

Restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro in Ginza offers the best sushi in town. She was awarded three stars by Tokyo Michelin Guide. The place is known for its warmth and excellent food. There is the best sushi, and each piece – it's a masterpiece.

Kyubei was established in 1936 and since then maintains a reputation for the production of land for the lips, as well as introducing innovations in manufacturing technology sushi.

Tsukizhy fish market is in the center of Tokyo and & # 39 is a famous place to buy fish. It is actually a wholesale fish market, and a few restaurants that are open for business already from 05:00 to noon. Sushi Dai – known restaurant Tsukizhy; this is one restaurant in Tokyo, which offers a rare reviews. Sushi GAI serves the best fresh fish. Each bite is full of delight. Fragrance suppress their taste buds. However, in order to try delicious fish from this world, you have to be early. Late visitors can join a long queue. Place closes at 14:00

Sushi Diawa also located in Tsukizhy. It serves generous portions of strange land. The food is delicious, although the service is quite average. This is the restaurant at reasonable prices, where you need to get up early to avoid disappointment.

Another restaurant which should be noted in Tsukizhy area, with & # 39 is a land-tsuki Tsukizhy. This restaurant has 20 outlets throughout Japan and is famous for the original style of sushi in Edo Mae.

You can also go to Ivasasusi in Tsukizhy. Here purely Japanese decor with a counter containing 15 people. Fresh sushi is preparing for you and served on a green leaf in parts as cooking. Menu in English

Sushi Boone also Tsukizhy – a great place for delicious Japanese cuisine. The best thing about this place, you get a super meal, not waiting in a long queue. The staff is also quite friendly. Satisfied customers claim that the land here is better than in Diawa and Sushi Dai, but then you need to & # 39; it has to know.


Travel guide for Berkshire


1. Introduction:

Characterized by hills and mountains, dissected by river valleys, Berkshire, are considered to be the southern extension of the Green Mountains of Vermont, crossed Western Massachusetts and Connecticut, decreasing in height and profiles from north to south and west to east. Sir Francis Bernard named rewarding his county in England, they form a geological and cultural region, attracting digit summer tourism.

2. History:

Wind, weather & # 39; s and erosion chisels when the towering mountains that formed Gusatonichnay river valleys, green and Guosichnay after the retreat of the last ice age about 25,000 years ago created the present hills and high peaks.

Magikantsy Indians, who in the mid-1600s moved from the Hudson River Iroquois settlements, were first recorded inhabitants of the area of ​​Berkshire, and were considered instrumental in the training of white men basic survival skills, such as land clearing for cultivation and harvest maple syrup set.

Energy industry, attracted by the numerous rivers, used abundant raw materials, including sand, granite, limestone and marble from the car & # 39; the barriers of iron and clay mines that produce lumber, grain, paper and textiles. , In the process of attracting labor and seven & # 39; ads need to manage the mills and factories.

A tool for the transfer of these products and materials, tunnel Husak, who relieves the first northern state railway route connects Boston to the east coast to the Midwest.

Causing great concern in the region, many famous authors of the 19th and 20th century and visual artists involved in their work settings and themes.

Today, with Berkshire & # 39 are synonymous with nature, town of taverns and historical attractions, art, theater, film and music.

3. Orientation:

In addition to regional gateways, such as Municipal Airport Pittsfield, which is mainly served by private and corporate aircraft, NO airlines that are served in Berkshire, the three nearest airports – Albany, NY (52 km), Hartford, Connecticut (103 miles) and Boston, MA (143 miles).

Consists of 32 cities, the region, which can be divided into northern, central and southern areas, requires hours and a half to two hours of driving, not stopping to pass. Access to route 7 west and Route 8 for the site, a little to the east of it, its beautiful, seemingly, temporarily suspended, kvintesentsyynyh New England town, surrounded by restaurants, the white church steeples, art galleries, shops of crafts and antiques, often dissected or reconditioned or rebuilt arteries, including Route 2 in North Adams, Route 7 in Pittsfield, Route 102 / Main street in Stokbryzh and Route 7 / Main street in Great Baryngtane.

4. Northern Berkshire:

North Adams:
North Adams, as the name implies, with & # 39 is the main town in the Northern Berkshires. Once a bustling textile and shoe assembly during the 19th century, it has since aimed to education and culture at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. Much of its history can be traced in a state park heritage western gateway.

Western Heritage State Park gateways:
The park, covering an area of ​​the former freight yard of Boston and Main Railroad, consists of several restored buildings that once housed freight and cargo goods, which have been converted into shops, a dining room and a museum, which surrounds the courtyard pavement, now all listed in the National Register historic places.

The museum called the "celebration of the building of the tunnel Goose and the era of the Iron Horse", reflects the life of North Adams at the turn of the 19th century, as well as the impact on him and the northern Berkshires as a tunnel, and the rail industry. District.

According to the museum, pralyagayuchy a wide and shallow sea about 450 million years ago, according to the museum, the North Adams area elongated in the coastline up to the west of the Ohio and its greater depth lurked east of Boston. Its mountains Husak, Berkshire, Takanik and Apalahii themselves formed through 225 million years, when the pressure caused by the South American and African continental plates fights on the old coastal bottom, submerged rock pushed back, which led to the fold and thrust the mountains of New England. today ranges.

After the plates were separated and the Atlantic Ocean opened, modern landscape of peaks, valleys and plains took the form, and the next ice age, which was characterized by waves of advance and retreat, carried huge boulders on the south, in the process of tearing and grinding. mountains in the lower sunrise.

As climate warming ice melting from glaciers and released, he formed the great rivers and their sediment rocks, clay and sand will eventually filled the valley. Accumulation of water which now can not escape, going into the icy edge of the lake.

In isolation, to the Goose Valley was available only a steep and treacherous mountain pass, which required days to cross and attack the French and their allies were not uncommon, but its advantages are, on the contrary, were significant: the trees and the stones provided the raw material for construction, soil was fertile and promoted the cultivation of the crop, the river served as a powerful source of energy, sand served as the basis for the manufacture of glass, iron and turned into tools.

Although Fort Massachusetts, built in 1741 and is the westernmost created by the colonial government in Boston for the protection of their land, was assaulted by the Indians, he served as the location for the celebration of the future of the city of North Adams. Replacing the second structure, it had a longer destiny Genskaga after signing the contract in 1763, which provided a way out of France, and India.

British soldiers were early settlers Husaka, engaged in agriculture, frezervannem and wood, and it was renamed Adams to honor patriot Samuel Adams Boston after the Revolutionary War.

Growth due to generator Husak River, spawned several dozen small mills that are able to produce lumber and green corn, until increasing population has not led to the need to establish in 1878 a second, separate settlements – North Adams.

However, a greater impact on the area was the fact that in 1875, 4.75-mile tunnel was opened cones. Engineering marvel for its day and the longest train journey in North America east of the Rocky Mountains was nadakuchana manual work and rudimentary pickaxes, hammers and explosives nitroglycerin.

Linking the eastern industrial centers with the West through a single northern rail route, he turned North Adams in a railway town.

The Museum Visitor Center Visitor Western Heritage Western Heritage presented displays, movies, model railroad the HO, as well as interactive exhibits about the tunnel in retired cars.

State Reserve Mount Greylok:
Mountains, which define the Northern Berkshire, offer additional opportunities for sightseeing, especially in the form of a nearby mountain Greylok.

Created between 300 and 600 million years ago when an ancient seabed produced metamorphic gray gray gray and white quartz, which will be its eventual construction book, he climbed the mountain peak, when continental collision characteristic takanichnay aragenii, exerted such pressure value this rock has developed into 20,000 feet of projections. After completing his Millennium sculpture, weather & # 39; s and erosion eventually made their present height and profile.

Now it is part of the 11-mile miles, 4.5 miles wide north-south, located between the green mountains in the north, the mountains of Gander in the east, the mountains on the west and Takashi Berkshire in the south and east, it is the central part of the state reservation Mount Greylok .

Its main roadway – a longer, 16.3-mile mountain road colorful Greylok. It includes 11.5 miles of the segment Apalachavskaga national scenic road.

Called either a gray cloud, or the castle, which is surrounded by a peak in the winter, or the head of the Indian Indians Gray Locke, it was bought by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1898 to preserve the natural environment for public enjoyment. This is the first state park desert and contains the highest peak.

Department of Conservation and Recreation Management — Massachusetts State Department of Parks and Recreation, Reservation at 12,500 acres, which includes about 70 miles of routes, was transformed into a road and the road that passed the 107th Civil Campaign President Roosevelt Housing for Health provide employment depression era, improve the environment and create a public recreation on the & # 39; sites.

In the period from 1933 to 1939, they cut down trees, improved roads, construct buildings and erected stone retaining walls and drains, most of which still exist.

Inspiring, as well as many natural attractions berkshyrskiya, literary expression of well-known authors, such as William Cullen Bryant and Oliver Wendell Holmes – Mountain attracted them to the top. For example, Nathaniel Hawthorne, rising in a cart in freedom in 1838, said: "Every new dimension of the mountains (referring to Goose ranges, Taconic and Rollers"), or other type of situation creates a surprise in mind. "

Henry David II followed in 1844, rising alone, while Herman Melville made the trip with 11 in 1851.

To the state of the reservation Greylok mountains can be reached with Route 7, which itself passes through Laynsbaro before result in disabling of entry and, after a brief passage in the visitors center. He works for park rangers, exhibits and films that go on the field and forest that are intertwined with the habitat of native birds, wild turkeys, white-tailed deer and black bear. With him are walking trails and a road on top of 7.5 miles.

High slopes that are viewed during ascent, prytulyayuts ancient forest spots that serve as plant and animal habitats, and of several types of overlooking them.

For example, Round Rock 3 km away, offers a scenic view of hardwood forests and allows the visitor to explore the small borealnyya Spruce swamps and Blueberry barrels, while Jones's nose, just 7 miles further up the road opposite the exit to the open meadows and small bushes, ideal for butterfly watching.

Dynamite-trails CCC at a distance of 5.6 km, in the room called the 107th company for explosive storage, leading to ferns, streams and wildflowers.

New Eshfordski view, located 3 km away and overlooks the valley of Green River, stony Korzhakov and the city Williamstown offers an interesting look at the maximum water flow. For example, someone who comes from Hopper Brook, near Amble to the rivers Green, Guosik and Goodson, before reaching the final outflow into the Atlantic Ocean in New York.

As for the upper elevations are characterized by a long winter, the rule of rainfall and lower temperatures, conditions reminiscent of those found in the Canadian borealnyh forests, their violent winds that come and restrain the trees if they are struggling with elements of survival and ice crystals, as a set of miniature knives, cutting them at the gap and branches.

Hopper, ice circle, located on the steep western slope, with & # 39 is the southernmost such a feature in the New England and so was named national natural landmark.

Canadian forest closer to the growth seen from Apalachavskaga path at a distance of 6.7 miles, leading to the dominance of spruce red spruce and balsam and above the height of 3000 feet, with a mountain ash and yellow birch, while the twisted sections of maple and beech express Winter the struggle for survival. As the name implies, the region with the & # 39 is part of a 2.12 mile path that stretches from Maine to Georgia.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of the United States by the US Department of the Interior National Historic District is for the purpose of honoring and preserving 4321-futovaga Adams top of mind at a distance of 7.5 miles, but with all the areas above 3100 feet. work of civil protection corps.

As waves zatsyanenyya green by filtering clouds, hills Goose and Berkshire, and the Green Mountains in Vermont and the top of taconite and Katkill in New York are constantly changing color palette. Shaded dark and sometimes bathed in the sun and moon lit, they become practically essential view, viewed from the top, which is considered an island in the clouds, which itself has been formed and therefore frozen in time.

There are several structures on the top of the mountain, including a 92-futnaya memorial tower veterans dedicated to Massachusetts to victims of the war in 1933, and the Basques Lodge, a rustic building built post beams designed pitsfildskim architect Joseph McArthur Vance between 1936 and 1937 gg. It fits into the landscape with stone features Greylaka and red spruce and oak. Named in honor of the Commissioner for reservations Mount Greylok, who played for the construction of houses in the upper part of the top, it contains a stone fireplace and beamed ceiling, and since its completion takes hikers, skiers and hunters east. Food in the restaurant is available and you can book accommodation.

Its architecture is reflected in the architecture of the nearest ski shelter Thunderbolt, which was built in the same period.

5. The Central Berkshire:


As Berkshire County Center, Pittsfield became the first neighborhoods to the west of Boston, which was listed cultural areas of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Ever since renamed the Cultural District Upstreet, it offers a wide range of places of visual and performing arts, including the annual exhibition of art in the open air theatrical company "Barryngtan" urban players Pittsfield, Lichtenstein Center for the Arts and the Golden Age, Colonial Theater 780 places, which is part of the Berkshire theater group and has since been declared Hillary Clinton "a national treasure".

Additional information is available at the Visitor's Center Pittsfield, located on North Street and Columbus Avenue, in the modern intermodal transportation center, a transitional point for taxis, buses and trains.


In addition to its concentration of Art, the interest in this area has reached its later famous inhabitant, the author Herman Melville, who lived in the visible Erraud manor in which the inspiration for his famous novel served as another peak – Mount Greylok. , Moby Dick.

Melville, who was born in 1819 in New York, first visited the house of Pittsfield, then his uncle's property, 13 years engaged in agriculture, campaigns and made annual trips to him until he in 1850 forever not moved there with his family & # 39; it. this point of recognition would be clumsy and global as well as any future author, to the call which he still had to answer, demanded of materials and experiences gathered along the way.

Sporadically and poorly educated, he initially felt reservoirs in different places before sailed in them, literally – starting the three-year voyage on the ships kitabolnym Acushnet. Briefly Sea Strait to land on the Marquesas Islands, he again sailed for Hawaii on a series of boats, and finally joined the Navy, the United States he returned to New York, which is now at home and needs a more sedentary lifestyle .

Travel time sometimes is not clear until it is kankuryravany – in this case, it was the destination pages, which he filled the fruits that it has brought in the end, with the result that there were five published novels.

Although these captured sea adventures were flowing, cash rewards from the sale amounted to little more than a trifle.

Returning to the site visit his childhood, in the summer of 1850 Melville took something & # 39; nd in Pittsfield for a break in New York City with heat and noise, and impulsively bought a farm, which later called "arrow: after the native artifact he dug during plowing fields.

With the sea of ​​blood, he never sailed on land, especially in the library / office of the second floor, which served as a refuge from the chaotic home, which he shared with his mother, sisters, and, of course, his own family & # 39; it.

Tickets for the home tour can be found at the visitor center / gift shop for him.

Despite the fact that the area is full of inspiration and material, woven with, thread, in all its literary expression, she farmhouse – and in particular, dining room – was the basis of the narrative titled "I and my chimney", which was centered the efforts of his wife replace it with a huge corridor. Words from the story from that time were written on it as evidence of his wife, who is fighting for it, but perhaps as his own successful triumph over them. However, the tale includes the most complete description of the house.

Like Nathaniel Hawthorne and Oliver Wendell Holmes entertained in the northern hall, where there is a second, smaller fireplace and a table with tea service.

Нягледзячы на ​​тое, што жонка Мелвіля напісала ўсю перапіску ў пакоі ложка на другім паверсе, Герман сам дасягнуў свайго літаратурнага росту, асабліва прыглядаючыся да акна на выгляд на гару Грэйлок.

Нягледзячы на ​​месца, якое засталося без выхаду, ён маральна перавозіў яго да мора. "У мяне на прыродзе такое адчуванне мора …", – напісаў ён у снежні 1850 года. – Мая пакой здаецца карабельнай кабінай, і ноччу, калі я прачынаюся і чую, як крычаць ветры, Мне амаль падабаецца, што над домам занадта шмат плыву, і мне лепей пайсці на дах і ўсталяваць дымаход ".

Аднак ягоныя марскія выявы не скончыліся. Сапраўды, натхнёны зімовым выглядам на гару зімой, чый заснежаны профіль нагадваў яму цудоўнага белага кашалота, які разбіваў акіянскую паверхню, ён стварыў знакамітую класіку раман "Мобі Дзік", які ён першапачаткова меў намер назваць проста "Кіт".

Імпульсіўнасць, набытая домам, які, відавочна, абыходзіў логіку, аказаўся каталізатарам яго творчасці, бо 13 гадоў, якія ён правёў у Arrowhead, дазволілі яму ўзняцца на славу, як гара, якая натхніла яго, падштурхнуўшы яго да напісання чатырох раманаў, амаль усе яго апавяданні, і пачнецца там том паэзіі.


Страла не адзіная знакамітая рэзідэнцыя, з якой цяклі прызавыя словы. Музей, які прасочваецца па лініі Пітсфілд-Ленокс, – гэта гара, аўтабіяграфічны дом аўтаркі Эдзіт Уартан, які "… дэманструе свае тэорыі архітэктурнага і ландшафтнага дызайну", паведамляе музей.

"Нарадзілася ў прывілеяваным свеце старога Нью-Ёрка, дзе для жанчын сацыяльныя чаканні засланілі інтэлектуальныя амбіцыі", працягвалася "(яна была) па сутнасці самаадукацыяй (як Герман Мелвіл) і стала першай жанчынай, якая атрымала Пулітцэраўскую прэмію за Мастацкая літаратура і першая … атрымала ганаровую доктарскую грамату з Ельскага краю ».

Скончыўшы больш за 40 кніг за 40 гадоў, у тым ліку бэстсэлераў, такіх як Дом Міра ў 1905 г. і класіка Новай Англіі Этан Фром, у 1911 г. яна дасягнула літаратурнай вядомасці.

Пабудаваная ў 1902 годзе на аснове прынцыпаў, разгледжаных у яе працы 1897 г. "Упрыгожванне дамоў", у суаўтарстве з архітэктарам Огдэнам Кодманам-малодшым. Гора лічыцца аўтабіяграфічным выразам яе тэорый архітэктурнага і ландшафтнага дызайну, і гэта сёння Нацыянальная гістарычная славутасць, толькі пяць працэнтаў такіх абазначэнняў узнагароджаны дасягненнямі, звязанымі з жанчынамі.

У захапленні ад Беркшыраў яна выказала свае эмоцыі Кодману ў лісце, калі яна напісала: "Праўда, я закаханы ў клімат, пейзаж, жыццё і ўсё".

Як гэта здарылася з Германам Мелвілам і Эррауэдам, Эдыт Уортан чэрпала натхненне ў Маунтін-Гор, чый ўплыў быў тканы на працягу ўсіх яе твораў. У той час як Мелвіл паглынаўся выглядам на гару Грэйлок, яна зрабіла тое ж самае з возерам Лаўрэл і Лаўрэлем-сажалкай.

Таксама як Arrowhead, праводзімыя экскурсіі могуць быць прыняты з дома Уортона, які яна лічыла асабістым домам, а не грандыёзным асабняком. "Мы павінны зрабіць рэчы прыгожымі", – напісала яна ў "Упрыгожванні дамоў". "Яны не растуць так самі".

Перадаючы сюды свае самыя патаемныя эмоцыі, яна перажыла сур'ёзныя змены, узрушэнні і асабісты рост, нягледзячы на ​​тое, што да 1911 года яе дом займаў толькі дзесяць гадоў.

Персанажы, налады, сюжэты і дыялог, якія ляглі ў аснову яе самых прадаваных кніг, былі захопленыя на паперы ў яе спальні на другім паверсе, праз залу ад будуара. Акружаная сабакамі, яна раніцай пісала, выкарыстоўваючы дошкі, падпертыя на каленях, і кідала скончаныя, рукапісныя старонкі на падлогу, каб потым сабраць і набраць пакаёўку.

Сады, прадугледжаныя серыяй вулічных пакояў і якія складаюцца з італьянскага агароджанага секцыі, французскага кветніка, алеі ліпы і тэрасаванага газона, пашырылі яе філасофію за межы ўнутранай прасторы, што дазволіла ёй стварыць свет высакароднай прыгажосці з якой яна магла ўзбадзёрыць свой творчы дух.

Кафэ Terrace, з выглядам на гэтую прыродную прыгажосць, размешчана на галоўным узроўні дома, а крама сувеніраў "Шпількі і калкі" знаходзіцца на першым паверсе.

Беркшырскі маляўнічы музей чыгункі:

Хоць вобласць Цэнтральнага Беркшыра славіцца гістарычнымі дамамі знакамітых аўтараў, такіх як Герман Мелвіл і Эдзіт Уортан, адхіленне ад славутасцяў можна палюбавацца ў маляўнічым музеі чыгунак Беркшыр у Леноксе.

Заснаваны ў 1984 годзе ў якасці турыстычнага цягніка, ён пражывае на вакзале Lenox, які быў адным з трох такіх аб'ектаў раёна, нараўне з Lenox Dale і New Lenox, пабудаванымі ў сярэдзіне 1850-х гадоў для чыгуначнага транспарту Stockbridge і Pittsfield. Першапачаткова на вуліцах Гусатоніка і Сталіцы, а потым выкарыстоўваўся на гусатонічных і нью-ёркскіх, Нью-Хейвенскім і Хартфардскім чыгунках, ён быў запатрабаваны пажарам 24 студзеня 1902 года і на наступнае лета замяніў вясковы палявы камень і ляпную структуру.

Паколькі іншыя віды транспарту, асабліва аўтамабільны, замянілі чыгунку, станцыі яго часта закідвалі альбо выкарыстоўвалі для іншых мэтаў; у гэтым выпадку будаўнічая кампанія набыла будынак у кастрычніку 1968 года і выкарыстала яго ў якасці рамонту магазінаў і складскіх памяшканняў, у канчатковым выніку ахвяраваўшы яго ў Беркшырскім маляўнічым музеі чыгунак у 1985 годзе. Пасля шырокага абнаўлення праз шэсць гадоў ён быў прыняты ў Нацыянальны рэестр гістарычных мясцін.

Нягледзячы на ​​тое, што страта правоў на выкарыстанне рэйса прымусіла яго адмяніць маляўнічыя турыстычныя экскурсіі на 10 км у Стокбрыдж, будынак вакзала, у якім прадстаўлены экспанаты, тыпавая макет чыгункі і сувенірная крама, можна прагледзець і кароткі праезд на чыгуначным двары. рухавік і кабуз дазваляе наведвальніку падняцца на борт і агледзець рухомы састаў.

50-тонны дызель-электрычны прамысловы камутатар, пабудаваны ў 1957 годзе ў Эры, штат Пенсільванія і ахвяраваны Аб'яднанай асвятляльнай кампаніяй у Нью-Хейвене, штат Канэктыкут, у 1986 г., як правіла, выкарыстоўваецца для спрынту паміж станцыяй і дваром.

Восем трэнераў "Пулман Стандарт", пабудаваныя ў 1911-1925 гадах, прадастаўлялі прыгарадныя паслугі паравых рухавікоў ад Хобакен да паўночных пунктаў Нью-Джэрсі, калі імі кіравалі Дэлавэр, Лакавана і Заходняя чыгунка, хаця пераўтварэнні 1920-х гадоў для некалькіх блокаў кіравання дазвалялі электрычную службу якія будуць прыняты па заканчэнні гэтага часу.

Вызваленыя ў 1984 годзе ад службы транзіту штата Нью-Джэрсі, перад якой яны таксама выкарыстоўваліся Эры Лакавана і Конрайл, яны былі набыты маляўнічай чыгункай Беркшыр.

Caboose C-591, які таксама падшыпнік, быў пабудаваны ў 1942 годзе кампаніяй Pullman Standard Company у Вустэр, штат Масачусэтс, і кіраваўся аўтамабілем класа NE-5 па чыгунцы Нью-Ёрк, Нью-Хейвен і Хартфард, а пазней і Penn Central і Conrail. Некалькі дзён лічыўся "домам", у ім размяшчаўся кандуктар грузавога цягніка і задні канец, які сядзеў у кубку, каб назіраць за падпаленымі восямі і іншымі анамаліямі, гатаваў на сваёй вугальнай печы і спаў у двух нарах. Ракавіна і туалет завяршылі размяшчэнне.


У некалькіх мілях на поўдзень ад Ленокса знаходзіцца Стокбрідж, яшчэ адзін горад Цэнтральнага Беркшыра, увекавечаны вядомым мастаком – у гэтым выпадку Норманам Рокуэлам.

Заснаваны ў 1739 годзе, сам Стокбрідж прыжыўся як індыйскае паселішча, потым ператварыўся ў багатую дачу ў пазалочаны век і, нарэшце, стаў маляўнічым здымак Новай Англіі, Роквелл, які захапляўся на палатне і ў публікацыях, якія гэта сёння.

Шмат хто з поглядаў і малюнкаў, якія ён бачыў, усё яшчэ можна ўбачыць. Напрыклад, у вёсцы Зялёны 19-га стагоддзя знаходзіцца месца Кангрэгацыйнай царквы 1824 года, у той час як летнія сядзібы, пабудаваныя багатымі прамыслоўцамі па лініі Мэйн-стрыт, калі вы едзеце на захад. Бібліятэка Стокбріджа, адна з найстарэйшых дзяржаўных, была пабудавана ў 1864 годзе, а левае крыло – першапачатковая структура.

Адзін з гарадскіх мястэчак Беркшыра знаходзіцца тут, а другі знаходзіцца ў Пітсфілдзе. Дадому на фестывалі тэатраў у Беркшыры ён прапануе спектаклі на трох сцэнарыях Бэкбрыдж: на 408-метровай галоўнай сцэне Фіцпатрыка, тэатры аднарога ў 122 месцы і нядаўна прадстаўленай, адкрытай сцэне Ніл Элленф.

Катэдж Хоторн, што крыху на поўнач ад горада, гэта дом, у якім Натаніэль Хоторн напісаў Дом сямі франтонаў паміж 1850 і 1851 гг.

Inn Lion Red

Адзін з найстарэйшых будынкаў Стокбріджа, які ў цяперашні час з'яўляецца славутасцю, індэкс Red Lion, размешчаны на рагу Маршрута 7 і Маршрута 102 / Галоўная вуліца, прасочвае карані да маленькай карчмы Сіласа Пепуна, створанай пад знакам Чырвонага Льва у 1873 г. Паступова павялічыўся ў 1848 г., калі ён быў вядомы пад назвай Дом Стокбрыдж, і 36 гадоў праз, калі паднятая дах садзейнічала дадатку трэцяга паверха, ён мог пахваліцца агульнай колькасцю гасцей у 100.

Перабудаваны ў 1897 годзе пасля пажару, арыгінальны будынак якога пераназвалі ў іншакласніку Ye Red Lion Inn, у 1955 годзе ён упершыню адчыніў дзверы зімой.

Сёння гэтая славутасць з белым роспісам, высціланай ганкамі, мае 125 нумароў пад даўніну і дзевяць вясковых гасцявых дамоў; падаюць амерыканскія і традыцыйныя тарыфы ў Новай Англіі ў галоўнай сталовай, удава Бінгам і карчме, а ў батлейцы Льва і ў сезонным адкрытым двары; у краме сувеніраў можна пахваліцца жывымі забавамі і вырабамі з Беркшыра.

"У выдатным мястэчку Беркшыр-Хілз, які калі-то быў вёскай," ён цягнецца ", на вуліцы, якая калісьці была дарогай па калёсах, мілагучная, гістарычная гасцініца Red Lion прапануе вам цёплы прыём".

Музей Нормана Рокуэла:

Інтэрнат Red Lion, а таксама мноства іншых вуліц і збудаванняў Стокбріджа і раёнаў, можна ўбачыць застылыя ў часе музеі Нормана Рокуэла сусветнага класа.

Народжаны, як і многія мастакі-сінонімы Беркшыра, у Нью-Ёрку – у гэтым выпадку ў 1894 г. сам Роквелл, заўсёды ўсведамляючы, што яго жыццёвым прызначэннем было мастацтва, імкнуўся пракласці ім ранні шлях, наведваючы Нью-Ёрк Школа мастацтва, Нацыянальная акадэмія дызайну і Ліга мастацтваў студэнтаў. Пачынаючы сваю кар'еру ў якасці пазаштатнага ілюстратара, ён першапачаткова прадставіў свае працы ў выданнях, арыентаваных на моладзь, такіх як "Хлопчыкі"; Жыццё, а потым і тыя, хто задавальняе больш дарослым чытачам, у тым ліку "Жыццё", "Літаратурны дайджэст", "Вялікі джэнтльмен", і той, дзеля якога ён быў найбольш вядомы, "Суботні вечар", які ён абвясціў як "найвялікшае акно шоу ў Амерыцы". Яго праца ў выніку ўвайшла ў 321 вокладку за 47-гадовы перыяд.

Перамяшчаючыся з Арлінгтана, Вермонт, у Стокбрідж у 1993 годзе, ён правёў там апошнія 25 гадоў свайго жыцця, усе, акрамя аднаго з іх, былі ў ягонай студыі ў цэнтры горада, якая ў далейшым была пераселена на сучасны музей, які займае 36 акраў з выглядам на даліну ракі Гусатон. .

"Заснаваны ў 1969 годзе," паводле дадзеных фонду ", пры дапамозе Нормана і Молі Рокуэлл, музей Норман Роквелл прысвечаны задавальненню і вывучэнню працы Роквелла і ўкладу ў грамадства, папулярную культуру і сацыяльныя каментары які акрэдытаваны Амерыканскай асацыяцыяй музеяў, з'яўляецца самай папулярнай круглагадовай культурнай славутасцю на Беркшырах ".

Сучасная галерэя, распрацаваная архітэктарам Робертам А. М. Стэрнам, змяшчае "самую вялікую ў свеце калекцыю арыгінальнага мастацтва Нормана Роквелла (якая ахоплівае 998 арыгінальных карцін і малюнкаў), у тым ліку любімыя творы для" The Saturday Evening Post ", знакавых Чатырох свабод і натхняльная пазнейшая праца, якая вывучала сацыяльныя праблемы сучаснасці ".

У 2008 годзе названы афіцыйным дзяржаўным мастаком Садружнасці ў штаце Масачусэтс, Рокуэл лаканічна выказаў сваю карціну і ілюстрацыю філасофіі, калі сказаў: "Не думаючы пра гэта канкрэтна, я паказваў Амерыку, якую ведаю і назіраю перад іншымі, хто не можа" заўважылі ».

Мабыць, яго самая вядомая праца ў музеі першай галерэі калекцыі "Норман Роквелл" – "Дом на Каляды", палатно з алеем 1967 года, якое праводзіць гледача на шпацыр напярэдадні Раства па галоўнай вуліцы Стокбріджа па галоўнай вуліцы Inn Lion Red, публічная бібліятэка і асабнякі.

Нядаўні часовы экспанат "Невядомы бункер: Эдвард Хопэр у якасці ілюстратара" прапанаваў вывучыць амаль невядомую, 20-гадовую ілюстрацыйную кар'еру гэтага майстра-рэаліста.

"У кожным мастаку з развіццём зародак наступных работ заўсёды знойдзена раней …", – сказаў ён. "Той, што ён быў калі-небудзь, ён заўсёды ёсць, з невялікай мадыфікацыяй. Змена спосабаў і прадметаў можа змяніць яго мала ці зусім".

У студыі Rockwell, Лінвуд, катэдж, ёсць яго мэбля, бібліятэка і арыгінальныя мастацкія матэрыялы, а музейныя пляцоўкі ўзмацняюцца скульптурамі на адкрытым паветры, створанымі яго сынам Пітэрам.

6. Паўднёвыя Беркшыры:

Вялікі Барынгтан:

Great Barrington, у якім размешчана галоўная вуліца з рэстаранамі, крамамі рамёстваў і антыкварнай крамай, а таксама вядомымі назвамі гасцініцы, такія як Holiday Inn Express і Fairfield Inn Marriott, служыць турыстычным цэнтрам і, такім чынам, неафіцыйна. цэнтр Паўднёвых Беркшыраў. Тым не менш, ён прапануе шырокі спектр месцаў выканальніцкага мастацтва з Беркшырскай опернай кампаніяй, Барынгтанскай сцэнічнай кампаніяй і фестывалем Астана Магна.

Помнік Горы:

Паўднёвыя Беркшыры & # 39; Прыродным прыцягненнем прынцыпу з'яўляецца гара Манумент, сцежкі якой даступныя па маршруце 7.

Ніколі не ўхіляючыся, як і іншыя падобныя рэгіянальныя славутасці, прыцягнуць больш вядомых аўтараў, якія самі былі натхнёны ўключыць яго ў свае творы, – ён быў упершыню захоплены ў 1815 годзе, калі Уільям Кален Брайант напісаў гісторыю пра магіканскую жанчыну, якая саскочыла на смерць ад яго пік Squaw у спрошчанай назве "Гара помніка".

Inter-literati verses flowed as easily as the champagne that oiled them 35 years later when Herman Melville met and climbed with Nathaniel Hawthorne, their inspirations sparked by the thunder and lightning intermittently igniting the sky between sips.

Today, three trails lead through the 503-acre open reservation-the 1.51-mile Indian Monument, the 0.83-mile Hickey, and the 0.62-mile Squaw Peak trails, the latter of which connects with the former two and leads to the 1,642-foot summit, affording views of the Housatonic River Valley, the Southern Berkshires, Mount Greylock in the north, and the Catskills in the west.


Travel guide for the Southern Vermont


1. Introduction:

Easily accessible from the lower New England, Southern Vermont – under the & # 39; bulky carpet peradgor & # 39; advertisements and valleys of the Green Mountains, which offer a wide range of seasonal sports, but it is supported by all state specifications, including cards with postcards villages covered bridges, maple farm and cheese manufacturers.

2. Orientation:

Brattleboro, the gateway to the area, "a & # 39 is home to an eclectic mix of native Vermonters and transplants from across the country," according to guide "the Greater Brattleboro", published Brattleboro Chamber of Commerce. "This cosmopolitan city – it is an indisputable economic, recreational and cultural center of the southeastern Vermont."

Contacting Interstate 91, he & # 39 is the first major town Vermont, north of the Massachusetts line, and the only one that is serviced by three outputs. In this case, 1 is output to the street Channel 2 output of the main street and historical city, and output the route 3 5 / Putney Road, which offers commercial concentration of hotels and restaurants. For example, the hotel "Comfort and Hampton" and "Holiday Inn Express" is located here, while the hotel Art de Latchys complete with its own cinema located in the city center.

3. Bratlebaro:

Located at the confluence of the Connecticut and West, Bratlebara was originally occupied by Abenaki tribes, but protection against them has developed as a drummer Fort, built and named in honor of Governor William drummer of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1724.

The following year, they had moved to the French during the French and Indian War, he moved to Quebec, and then the structure was converted into a point of sale for a few of those who remained behind. Nevertheless, peace is often fleeting in this period, disappeared between 1744 and 1748 years. What caused the re-occupation forces.

After receiving a grant in New Hampshire, the area that surrounds it, it has been named Bratllbaro, after Colonel William Brattle, a junior from Boston was chartered as the first city in Vermont the day after Christmas in 1753.

Sprouted from the fortress settlement that gave rise to an area of ​​the first store in 1771, the first post office in 1784 and the first bridge in Connecticut in 1804 became more industrialized during this period thanks to the power provided by Wheatstone Falls Brook soon reinforced paper flour and woolen textile factories, machinery manufacturers for the production of paper and transportation, two machine shop and four printers. For over a hundred years the company resides Estey Organ Company. After that railways Massachusetts and Vermont valley celebrated trade, trade, and travel from all over New England and to her.

The current spelling "Bratlebara" was adopted in 1888.

Today the city, most of all, with the & # 39 is synonymous with art. In addition to numerous concert venues, it is unique is its program of Gallery Walk, in which the first Friday of each month, the exhibits on display about 50 locations around the city, some accompanied by live music and other artists themselves. Numbered each display matches the description, location and directory path, which is published monthly.

city ​​maintaining & raison d & # 39; être – is a permanent museum and art center Bratleboro located in the city center, opposite the Marlboro College graduate in the former Union Station and offers views of the river, which are parallel to the tracks from the outside and stored. inside the original tickets, which belongs to the corresponding designation "Ticket Gallery".

"Founded in 1972," according to his own description, "the museum and art center Bratlebaro is rotating exhibits of contemporary art and a wide range of cultural events, including lectures, workshops, performances, film screenings, and (i) family activities."

"Close to home: new pastels Ray Ruseckas", one recent exhibits, offers, as the name suggests, the artistic perspectives of the area.

"The mountain slopes, forests and fields of the Connecticut River Valley," said Dream Williams, curator of the museum, "- Ray Ruseckas" and "inspiration." Ruseckas change has ground dynamics in seasons, atmospheric cleverly fixing fleeting effects as well as the rhythms proportions place … A refined shifts tone or contrast between light and dark (it) has the effect of psychological fears seen between fission and in that it has a mind or felt. "

"Dancing with the thread" Debra Bermingham, another recent piece, equally showed surreal effects.

"(It) pictures elusive and mysterious as the landscape, shrouded in the mist" – wrote Williams. "The images appear slowly, sensually from gently layered surfaces Covers from blue-gray to a pearly white plashchanaga empty scarcely populated space Zimklivyya items -.. Vessel fragment under full sail, a kettle, a month – through the fog, we removed from the place and time.

Other recent exhibits have included "People, Places and Things" by Jim Dine, "Art + computer & # 39; yuter / Time" from the collection of Digital Arts Ann and Michael Spatera, as well as a three-dimensional sculpture inflated "expanded form" Rodrigo Nava.

Art, at least in literary form, can be interpreted through architecture – in this case the house Radiyarda Kipling Hindi "Naulaha" for "value for the price" – in neighboring Dammerstane. One of the 17 national historic sites in Vermont, he served as his home in 1892 because his bride originally from this area, and he wrote his famous novel "The captain courageous" and "The Jungle Book."

As a house that can be rented at various times staying with Landmark Trust UK, it features the original furniture and home for transportation, which was once a barn Kipling, sports lounge and fireplace. four.

Despite the fact that it is not open for visits to the museum, one of the recent patrons who have taken the status of "hotel" and found that it achieved the advantage of writing in the guest book Navlahi: "It is exciting to visit the house of writers and artists, but, that you usually get, this hour tour with an absolute prohibition not to touch. How wonderful then sit at the table and soak bath Mr. Kipling. "

Besides art, Southern Vermont is often equated to the covered bridge itself, and not from Brattlebaro & # 39 is no exception. Constructed in 1879, and located outside of the road Guildford 9, 80 feet 19 feet oil with indoor oil, for example, covers a Wheatstone Brook. Made of spruce lumber with bars with wooden lattice and stone plate with supporting legs for supporting the boards, it is 5.5 feet wide, nor covered pavement, which was added in the 1920s. It is the only such structure, visible on route 9, and the only one of the symbolic structures of Brattleboro, which has been preserved.

4. Grafton

Being stored country, Grafton, located north of Brattlebara may serve kvintesentsyynym manner Vermont and elegance any card with its church, shops crafts, galleries, museums and historical restaurants that line the main road (route 121) and maple syrup platform for manufacturing cheese located straight up.

In the mid-1800s, four conventional stores and a dozen mills and school house was a center for farmers, traders and travelers, making shoes, sleds and oil. Retaining a century and a half later, his blacksmith shop and shafavyya, it offers visitors a chance to step back and try the atmosphere of New England.

"Uniqueness" Grafton ", according to his own description," comes from the fact that this is a real city and not leave the museum, and its inhabitants – the most valuable resource. It is a dynamic organization that continues to carry out the traditional town meetings with a surprisingly diverse population of 600 people. "

Surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colors in autumn and covered with a white blanket of winter, it offers numerous opportunities for recreation, but last season, in particular, "is a magical time in Vermont that makes you believe that you live in the map holidays. Ski ski, snowmobile (or .) walk through the village then relax with a cup of hot chocolate, "- he concludes he said to himself.

The cornerstone of the city with the & # 39 is the Grafton Inn. Tracing its origins in a two-story private house Enos Lovela, who turned it into a restaurant to cater for travelers who seek for good food and lodging in the 1801 year, it has increased in size and prosperity than in the village, and counted several owners – from Hyman Burgess brothers Phelps, who added the third floor after the acquisition of property for $ 1,700 in 1865. General view of the remains to the present day.

Although it coped with the initial purpose to serve business travelers, for many years there were several well-known people, including Rediard Kipling, Daniel Vebster, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

After stagnation, disorders and depression era of competition arising upgraded sanatoriums, it was acquired by the Fund Windham in 1965 and elevated to the more expected standards of plumbing, heating, hot and cold running water and a private bathroom. And yet, 45 guest rooms retain the character of the country.

Its restaurants include a restaurant, "The Old Tavern" and pub "Phelps."

In addition to the hotel, in Graftane there are several attractions, including the Native Museum, History Museum and the Museum of graftana mining and minerals Vermont.

Behind the tavern is a retail store Grafton Village, which offers a wide selection of cheeses, maple products, wine and souvenirs vermantavskih demonstration, but the cheese is handmade in half a mile up the road in a cheese company Grafton Village.

Founded in 1892 as the cheese-making company "Grafton", she continues to produce handcrafted keddar, the process can be seen through the glass, though its manufacturing facility and retail store of considerable size situated in Bratlebora. Behind the building is a short Grafton covered bridge.

Another experience with Vermont, you can enjoy the sugar Plummer House. He belongs to the third generation syrup producers, and has 4,000 maples, which are heard in the period from February to April. Held informal tour, and a syrup can be purchased at the gift shop, similar to a barn.

5. Molly Stark Trail:

Molly Stark Trail specified by law in Vermont in 1936, the 48-mile, officially numbered 9 trails zigzagging through the Southern Green Mountains, the lowland valleys, lakes, streams, waterfalls and the historic villages of Bratlebora in the east to the west of Bennington. It was named after the wife of Brigadier General John Stark, who led the colonial militia Vermont and troops of New Hampshire to victory at the Battle of Bennington in 1777, during which he declared: "There are boys Today we beat them or Molly Stark Tonight She sleeps a widow. "

In this case, it did not have to, but never set foot on a scenic road that bears her name and is associated with several other Vermont glory, such as Ethan Allen, Grandma Moses and Robert Frost.

It serves as a threshold for national Forest Green Mountain. It created in 1932 to control the rampant logging, floods and fires its 399151 acres of New England and akadyyski ekaregion forest located in the districts of Benington, Edison, Rutland, Windham, Uindor and Washington.

Three nationally designated trails – Long Trail, National Recreation Trail by Robert Moses and areas Apalachavskaga way – with 900 cute lesser known ways to allow to obtain a wide range of related sports activities, from hiking to biking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing and snowmobile in the three Alpine and seven Nordic ski areas.

Abundant wildlife including bears, elk, coyotes, white-tailed deer, black bear, wild turkey and many species of birds.

City Uilmingtan notes as a midway between Bennington and Bratlebara and the intersection of Route 100 north of the road on the way Molly Stark.

Founded April 29, 1751 the Governor of the State of New Hampshire Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth, and named in honor of Spencer Komptana, first Earl Vilmingtana, the city itself is actually nourish that ensured its surrounding land, including grass, oats, corn, vegetables, potatoes . and spruce, hemlock, birch, beech and maple, which are turned into lumber. Mountain Stozhkov offered skiing.

The growth of the city and the population was caused by a number of weighty events, such as the introduction in the 1830s, saw mills, creating a railway connection at the end of this century, and the dedication of Molly Stark trail in the 1930s.

Go through the town, on the main street (Route 9 and the path itself) overlooks another village Vermont, with a blanket, craft and antique shops, restaurants and church vitamins.

"Vilmingtan," according to "the head of the Valley of Southern Vermont visitors Dalfilda" published by the Chamber of Commerce in the most Vilmingtane, "contains fine examples of architecture of the 18th and 19th century in as many as eight different styles. 1750 1788) Colonial Revival (1880 1900) architecture is so well preserved that the main part of the village was placed in the Register of historic places in Vermont. "

Turn right at the traffic lights (which goes from Bratlebora) on route 100 leading to the Old Red Mill, "a roadside tavern, pub and restaurant on the edge of the river", as does the expense.

Rural character, a restaurant, a converted sawmill since 1828, retains much of its original design itself is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It includes dining venues Deck Bar & Grill Jerry with open spaces overlooking the river Deerfield, a restaurant Old Red Mill, whose "Hearty food and drink – are special features of the house."

"Outstanding steaks and fried foods, as well as fresh seafood from New England – Favorites menu, which is preceded by a fresh garden salad and warm fresh baked bread."

6. Route 100:

Short road route 100 leading to West Dover, gateway to the ski resort Mount Snow, as evidenced by Alpine themed house House, one of the first buildings.

In 1779, it sets the captain Abner Perry from Holistan, Massachusetts, and granted the status, signed by Governor Thomas Chittendenom, head of the newly formed republic Vermontskay next year West Dover and its eastern counterpart duverski started heading Uordsbaro city. However, after a successful application for its division, he turned himself in Uordsbara Dover and after the enactment of the legislative assembly in 1810.

Although the summer was originally served as a season to attract tourists, who were attracted to the area of ​​farms in the early 1900s, his winter on the other hand has taken center stage in the middle of the century, when Walter Shenkneht from East Haddam, Conn bought a farm Ruben snow, turning it into a modern and popular Mount Snow ski resort.

Demand soon turned several houses in many of today as well as matches shops, restaurants and resorts are required to maintain the influx of sports fans.

Literally paving the way for everything, route 100 to replace the original dirty artery, which in the early days of planting sled. In addition to cars, winter tourists to bring even a small airport Deerfield Valley.

As the base city, the purpose of the West Dover becomes more apparent as you approach the entrance to Mount Snow, featuring buildings such as the Inn at Summit Farm, Inn West West, Market House and the Snowy Mountains.

"West Dover" ( "self"), according to "Guidance for Visitors to the Valley of Southern Vermont" with a & # 39 is one of the finest examples of homogeneous historic district of Vermont. It consists of a total of 20 buildings belonging to the 1805 to 1885 the whole area included in the National Register of Historic Places.

"The village shows a number of well-preserved buildings. Kangregatsyynaya Church West Dover (for example) was built as a home for meetings in a contemporary style in 1858 with money collected from the sale of the benches at the auctions. Initially the office was a school house number 6, erected in 1857 across the street, Harris House, one of the oldest in the village, now lives in Dovre historical society. "

Equivalent to any locality Vermont – is a historic tavern, in which case it takes the form of West Dover Inn.

Begun more than 150 years ago, "according to its own description", situated in a quiet valley dirfildskaga upper reaches of Vermont, and only two miles from the base of Mount Snow, our home continues an important American tradition of friendly hospitality.

"Originally built in 1846 as a stop and pop taverns, West Dover hotel has been lovingly restored and now provides 12 quiet, luxurious living spaces, as well as a modern and memorable dining in a tavern and restaurant in 1846".

The menu has a pub recipes and homemade dishes such as rib steak, salmon, roast duck and pasta.

Mount Snow, the main attraction of the area, achieved its north and south under the & # 39 access roads along the route 100. It is considered the most accessible ski resort in Green Mountain and located just nine miles from Vilmingtana, it covers 588 hectares, divided into four. горныя раёны Галоўнай гары, Паўночнай мяжы, Санбрука і Карынтыі, падняўшыся ад вышыні 1900 футаў да вышыні 3600 футаў. Яго вертыкальнае падзенне – 1700 футаў.

Дваццаць пад'ёмнікаў забяспечваюць магутнасць на гадзіну 30 370 чалавек.

Улетку і восенню Bluebird Express прапануе маляўнічы пад'ёмнік на шасці чалавек да вяршыні, адкуль віды на рэстаран Bullwheel ахопліваюць горы Маленькага раўнадзенства, раўнадзенства, Маці Мірыяк, Дорсет, Літл Страттон, Страттан і Гліб, якія ў сукупнасці выглядаюць так, быццам яны хвалепадобныя, зялёна-дывановыя хвалі перамяжоўваюцца з ледзяным сінім колерам, падобным на люстэркі азёр. Воблачныя перашкоды тупаюць па абшарах чорнымі плямамі.

"Маунт Снег", у адпаведнасці з яго самаапісаннем, "прапануе доўгія крэйсеры, чорныя алмазы і тэхнічную мясцовасць дрэва. У гарналыжнай зоне пражывае восем паркаў мясцовага стылю і супертруба. Ён прапануе 12 пад'ёмнікаў атрымаць доступ па розных мясцовасцях … Перадавыя лыжнікі і гоншчыкі будуць атрымліваць асалоду ад 12 трас і двух пад'ёмнікаў на Паўночнай частцы асобы. У сонечныя дні на паўднёвай частцы гары, якая называецца Sunbrook, ёсць дзесяць трас, якія абслугоўваюцца двума пад'ёмнікамі з вялікімі лыжамі на адкрытай трасе і верхавая язда ».

Жыллё ўключае схіл гатэля Grand Summit Resort і Snow Lake Lodge, менш дарагую альтэрнатыву на сваім возеры. Бясплатныя шатлы дастаўляюць лыжнікаў на гару ў сезон.

7. Бэнінгтан:

Бэнінгтан, на заходнім канцы сцежкі Молі Старк, асабліва багаты на славутасці.

Узнагароджаны гарадской грантам пасля таго, як у 1749 г. яе ўстанавіў губернатар Нью-Гэмпшыра Бэнінг Вентворт, ён адчуў пачатковы рост, калі глеба і рукі, з першых 20 пасяленцаў, ператварылі тэрыторыю з зямлі ў горад пры дапамозе ручно высечаных бярвенняў і молатую кукурузу, у той час як механізацыя сфармавалася як збожжавыя млыны на ўсходнім баку ракі Валумсак, так і лесапільні на захадзе, што спрыяла насельніцтву да набрання 1500 чалавек, толькі за чатыры гады пасля стварэння селішча.

Гэта пашырэнне ўзмацніла кузні, ліцейныя вырабы, даменныя кавалі, кавалі і гарбарныя заводы.

Сёння праезд міма горада па маршруце 9 / Молі Старк вядзе да некалькіх важных славутасцяў. Музей Бэнінгтана – першы з іх.

Утворана ў 1852 годзе як гістарычная асацыяцыя Бэнінгтана, якая сама была заснавана ў памяць пра асноўную бітву, якая разгаралася ў некалькіх мілях праз штат Нью-Ёрк, гэта адзін з некалькіх нешматлікіх акрэдытаваных музеяў Вермонта, чыя місія заключаецца ў "дэманстрацыі і мадэлююць творчасць Вермонта ва ўсіх яго формах і на працягу ўсёй яго гісторыі, а таксама служаць месцам правядзення візуальных і выканальніцкіх мастацтваў, якія ўзбагачаюць нашу супольнасць і наш свет ".

Нават будынак, у якім знаходзіцца дом, мае гістарычнае значэнне. Пабудаваны з роднага каменя і першапачаткова служыў касцёлам Святога Францыска Дэ Саласа паміж 1855 і 1892 гг., Ён быў набыты Гістарычным музеем Бэнінгтана ў 1928 годзе. Пасля наступных пашырэнняў і перарывістых змяненняў імя ў выніку гэтага музея Беннінгтана, найбуйнейшага мастацтва і сховішча гісторыі ў Паўднёвым Вермоне з разнастайнымі калекцыямі ад перыяду пачатку 18 стагоддзя да сучаснасці. У ім прадстаўлена самая шырокая публічная калекцыя карцін амерыканскай народнай мастачкі бабулі Майсея.

Трынаццаць бесперапынных і зменлівых выставак уключылі "Пазалочаны век Вермонта, які адлюстроўвае індустрыяльны бум", "Мадэрнізм Беннінгтана", "Працы на паперы" і "Рэгіянальная галерэя мастакоў".

Горад шмат у чым вызначаўся кароткай бітвай за Бэнінгтан, якую можна растлумачыць на наступным атракцыёне – гістарычным месцы штата Беннінгтан, які знаходзіцца толькі ў некалькіх хвілінах язды на Маршруце 9.

Шматлікія разнастайныя прычыны і абставіны запалілі іскру вайны на працягу ўсёй гісторыі. Расходныя матэрыялы ці, па меншай меры, надзённая патрэба ў іх спрычыніліся да гэтага.

Да канца ліпеня 1777 г. брытанскае ўварванне ў Нью-Ёрк, прызначанае для аднаўлення кантролю і кіраўніцтвам генерала Джона Бургойна, дасягнула Форт-Эдварда, на ўсход ад Гленс-Фолса. Але паток неабходных клямараў з Канады, які забяспечыў бы рух па даліне Мохак і ўніз да Нью-Ёрка, уключаючы цягавых жывёл, вагоны і ялавічыну, быў зведзены да дробязяў.

Паколькі выведка параіла падпалкоўніку Фрыдрыху Баўму, што складскія памяшканні, размешчаныя ў Бэнінгтане, дрэнна абаронены, ён вырашыў перанакіраваць свой гарнізон у Вермонт і Нью-Гэмпшыр. Але Савет па пытаннях бяспекі Верманта, атрымаўшы паведамленне пра надыходзячую атаку, звярнуўся па дапамогу з войскамі Верманта пад кіраўніцтвам Сэта Уорнера і каля 1500 чалавек Нью-Гэмпшыра пад Джонам Старкам.

Парогам супрацьстаяння стаў пагорак, які выходзіў на раку Валумсак, у пяці мілях ад Бэнінгтана, а не ў Вермонт, куды Старк накіраваў абарончыя сілы 16 жніўня 1777 г., праз два дні пасля таго, як брытанцы дасягнулі яго.

Нягледзячы на ​​тое, што першапачатковы стральба з мушкета выклікала неадкладную капітуляцыю індзейцаў, канадцаў і торы, англічане правялі сваю пазіцыю і двухгадзіннае сутыкненне з амерыканцамі, якое Старк пазней ахарактарызаваў як "адно суцэльнае плясканне грому", якое прывяло да захопу пагорак і смерць Баўма. Калі апошняя сіла стрэльбы рассеяна, 200 брытанцаў загінулі і 700 трапілі ў палон, у адрозненне ад 40 забітых амерыканцаў і 30 параненых.

Помнік бітвы Бэнінгтану, размешчаны на месцы захоўвання паставак і самая высокая структура штата, пачаў свой пачатак у 1873 г., калі Генеральная Асамблея Вермонта заснавала Асацыяцыю помнікаў бітвы Беннінгтана, якая сама падаўжала гісторыкае таварыства Бэнінгтана, за $ 112 тысяч за зямлю і фактычную структуру, сабраную прыватнымі грамадзянамі, тры штаты Вермонт, Нью-Гэмпшыр і Масачусэтс, і Кангрэс.

Распрацаваны бостанскім архітэктарам Джонам Філіпам Рынам і прысвечаны ў 1891 годзе, атрыманы маналіт, пабудаваны з сіне-шэрага магніевага вапняка, здабытага ў Фолс Хадсан, штат Нью-Ёрк, узвышаецца на 30 футаў, у 4,5 цалі ад базы 37 квадратных футаў, і ліфт даступны для узровень назірання, 20-яметровыя праёмы якога забяспечваюць выгляд трох дзяржаў. Перыядычна прапануюцца экскурсіі на 421 прыступку.

Квіткі можна набыць у краме сувеніраў, якая займае дакладны сайт першапачатковага сховішча, мэты і каталізатара бою, у той час як меншы помнік ушаноўвае Сэт Уорнер, камандзіра хлопчыкаў з Грын-Маунтин, які дапамог перамагчы брытанцаў падчас другой заручыны.

Яшчэ адно важнае відовішча Бэнінгтана – найбліжэйшая Старая першая царква.

Пад уплывам "вялікага абуджэння" ў Канэктыкуце і Заходнім Масачусэтсе мясцовыя сепаратысты ўпершыню сабраліся на сваім участку 3 снежня 1762 года ў рудыментальнай сасновай структуры на тым, што сёння зялёнае перад царквой і цэнтрам вёскі.

Пабудаваная ў 1805 г. архітэктарам Лавіем Фільморам, стрыечным братам нацыі 13-га прэзідэнта, сама царква каланіяльнай архітэктуры мае поўныя ствалы хвоі, уручную спланаваныя ў калоны, драўляны блок з вонкавых кутніх упрыгожванняў, якія нагадваюць каменныя. выкарыстоўваецца іх еўрапейскімі калегамі, а таксама ніжняй і верхняй лавамі, апошні для наведвальнікаў і маладых прыхаджан.

Пасля рэканструкцыі 1937 г., якая аднавіла скрыні з лапкамі і высокай амбонай, паэт Роберт Мароз прачытаў "Чорную дачу" падчас цырымоніі асвячэння, хаця другі, больш шырокі праект, распачаты ў перыяд з 1994 па 1999 год, дадаў знешні выгляд & # 39; прысутнічае белы і шэры фарбы. Інтэр'ер таксама быў заменены, і ўвага была нададзена мармуровым прыступкам, брусам склепа, даху і званіцы.

Хоць Мароз і сам не быў яго ўдзельнікам, ён набыў два ўчасткі для пахавання на суседніх могілках, дзе ён знаходзіцца ў інтэнцыі, і 75 патрыётаў Рэвалюцыйнай вайны.

Мастацтва можна ацаніць у Беннінгтане ў Цэнтры мастацтваў Бэнінгтана, размешчаным на невялікай адлегласці ад Старой першай царквы і пабудаваным мясцовым мецэнатам Брусам Ламейстэрам і яго жонкай Элізабэт Малой у 1994 годзе, каб першапачаткова паказаць творы з уласнай калекцыі. З таго часу ён інакш дасягае сваёй мэты – наблізіць мастацтва сусветнага ўзроўню да жыхароў і гасцей Новай Англіі.

Карціны і бронзы індзейскіх амерыканцаў, а таксама дыванкі з Наваха, гаршкі і лялькі качыны, з самых ранніх дзён прыводзяць да павелічэння колькасці прыкметных экспанатаў на шырокай выставачнай пляцоўцы, у тым ліку з таварыства Мастакі жывёл, жывапісцы пленэраў Амерыкі, Амерыканскае таварыства акварэлі, Новае Англійскае акварэльнае таварыства, Саюзныя мастакі Амерыкі, Амерыканская акадэмія жанчын-мастакоў, Пастэльнае таварыства Амерыкі і Парк мастацтваў. Гэта адзіны музей Усходняга ўзбярэжжа, які размяшчаўся ў Каліфарнійскім мастацкім клубе.

Да цэнтра падлучаны ярка-чырвона афарбаваны музей пакрытых мастоў, які быў завершаны ў 2003 годзе і з'яўляецца першым у свеце падобным месцам, прысвечаным іх захаванню, разуменню і інтэрпрэтацыі. Яны, па сутнасці, сам Вермонт.

Экспанаты канцэнтруюцца на іх праектаванні, тэхніцы, будаўніцтве і гісторыі, а таксама дапаўняюць фільмы, камп'ютэрныя працоўныя станцыі, якія дазваляюць наведвальніку вывучыць іх будаўнічую тэхніку, а таксама працуючую мадэль чыгуначнай планіроўкі, якая адлюстроўвае масты, пакрытыя мостамі.

Злучаючы берагі рэк і прапаноўваючы падвешаны праезд для пешаходаў, веласіпедаў, коней, калясак і аўтамабіляў, яны забяспечваюць, па словах Генры Уадсворта Лонгфелло, "кароткую цемру, якая вядзе ад святла да святла".

Сапраўдная рэч, як і паўсюль у Вермоне, знаходзіцца недалёка ад музея. Паездка на паўночным шляху па маршруце 7, а затым паваротам налева на Northside Drive (які сам становіцца 67А Захад) і Шаўковым шляху, вядзе да Шаўковага моста даўжынёй у 88 футаў, які ахоплівае раку Валумсак.

Пасля чарговага павароту налева на Мэрфі-роўд і праезду ў дзве мілі, з’яўляецца папяровы мост у вёсцы, канструкцыя кроквеннай рашоткі горада, хоць гэта замена 2000 года на арыгінал, пабудаваны Чарльзам Ф. Сірсам у 1889 годзе.

Нарэшце, мост Генры, размешчаны ў 1,3 км далей ад скрыжавання дарог Мэрфі і Рывер, – яшчэ адна рэканструкцыя, пабудаваная ў 1989 годзе на змену першапачатковаму рода 1840 года.

8. Шрафтсберы:

Погляд на жыццё паэта можна выпрабаваць у музеі каменнага дома Роберта Мароза, пабудаваным у 1769 годзе з каменя і таймера і размешчаным на сяміграднай зямельным участку ў Саўт-Шрафтсберы (выход 2 маршруту 7 & # 39; s ).

Літаратурная славутасць, гэта дом, які Мароз жыў з 1920 па 1929 год, і ў якім ён выпісваў вершы для сваёй першай кнігі-пераможцы Пулітцэраўскай прэміі "Нью-Гэмпшыр", у тым ліку "Спыненне лесам снежным вечарам", іранічна напісанай у сваёй сталовай стол у гарачую чэрвеньскую раніцу 1922 года пасля таго, як ён усю ноч прачнуўся, працуючы над іншым праектам. Увесь нумар прысвечаны гэтым намаганням.

"Прыпынак па лесе", "па дадзеных музея", (цалкам) прысвечаны гэтай паэме – гісторыі пра тое, як яна была напісана – факсімільнае рукапіснае рукапіс, супярэчлівая коска, прэзентацыя метра і рыфмы, тое, што крытыкі сказалі пра верш, і тое, што пра гэта сказаў Фрост. Прыклад надзвычайнай паэтычнай майстэрства, гэты любімы верш з'яўляецца адным з цэнтральных паэтычных дасягненняў амерыканскай літаратуры ".

Паколькі наваколле застаецца практычна нязменным, бо Мароз жыў там – ад бяроз і яблынь, палёў, лясоў, каменных сцен і бярвеністага хлява да чырвоных саснаў, якія ён сам пасадзіў – наведвальнік можа ўвабраць яго натхненне.


Guide sailors Haunted – Massachusetts


Massachusetts, a well-known rock of Plymouth, where the Pilgrims first landed, and testing of a witch in Salem, also with & # 39 is home to five of the most popular lighthouses in America.

Up Haunted
Baker Island Light

Baker Island Light, just six miles from the coast of Salem, home of the infamous trial of witches, believes that is haunted by a phantom bell.

This mechanized bell has sounded a warning to mariners of the imminent danger and sounded only once before being struck by lightning, which destroyed it. Lighthouse keeper had to go out in the storm, and manually hit the hammer ringing at regular intervals to keep the sailors. Bell has been replaced, but the new bell repeatedly failed and disappointed goalkeeper left his post.

Seventeen years later, visiting the lighthouse on the boat, the watchman and his passengers heard ringing. Letting go of a few passengers at a nearby harbor from the sea suddenly rose watercourse, knocking the boat and drowning all but a few passengers. The former keeper, who survived, believed that the warning sounded the bells.

According to legend, this bell, also destroyed by lightning, the alarm can be heard even when there is no apparent danger.

ghost walk
Haran Boston Harbor

Haran Boston Harbor on Little Bravster Island was the first lighthouse built in the pre-revolutionary war colonies. The initial design of the cone-shaped and first lit candles and oil lamps and then was destroyed by the British army in the garrison at Boston, after colonial militiamen twice attacked her.

When the war ended, it was erected a new tower that stood 75 feet above the sea, and over 200 years dominated against hurricane winds and high seas. A new Fresnel lens was installed in 1859, making Boston the world was seen for sixteen miles.

A small Brewster was the proportion of shipwrecks, though not as many as other lighthouses. Sailors still speak of "ghost walk" several miles from the island, where the beacon signal is not heard. New British and others believe that this area is haunted.

pirate Guardian
Bird Island Lighthouse

The first keeper of the lighthouse on Bird Island was alleged pirate, William Moore. Moore, who fought against the British in the War of 1812, the government borrowed enough money to justify their expulsion in his life is a lonely lighthouse keeper.

He was assigned to Bird Island Light in 1819, taking his wife who apparently married him if he had a financial solvency. Mrs. Moore, who suffered from tuberculosis and admired tobacco, forbidden to leave the island because my husband was afraid that one day gone, it will never return.

Humidity lighthouse aggravated her condition, and her despair tobacco so distressed her that people on the mainland have heard her screams. The local doctor urged Moore to allow her to smoke, but he stubbornly refused. The citizens, alarmed by her lamentations, took pity on her and her kantrabandavali tobacco, in spite of the fear of her husband.

When she finally died, Moore raised the distress flag, and the minister went to the island, the funeral rites and laid her to rest. The angry townspeople blamed Moore for her death, and he in turn accused them that they did not carry out his wishes. Rumor has it that Moore murdered her and covered the true cause of her death.

According to legend, several of Moore's successors reported that they had seen the ghost of an old woman, bending, knocking on the door late at night.

long farewell
Gurnet (Plymouth) Light

Gurnet or Plymouth Light, the oldest wooden lighthouse in America, which began in the days of the Revolutionary War, and with the & # 39 is one of the most popular.

Today the Coast Guard operates Plymouth Light, but many believe that the spirit of the former caretaker's wife pursues her room, waiting for her husband's return.

Hannah stayed behind to experience the light, while her husband went to fight for American independence from Britain. Her neighbors noticed her standing on another window about the evening, waiting for her husband, who, unfortunately, died in battle.

Some say that Anna still retains its right vigil, briefly with & # 39; being out of the window, and then quickly disappearing from sight.

Warning Creek shades of night
Minot & Ledge Light

Minot & Ledge Light – this is nothing like the tower, which sits on the reef that goes into the sea off the coast of Skituata. The first tower lasted less than a year before an angry sea demanded.

Isaac Dunham, the first curator of Minot & Ledge, strongly warned the authorities about the instability of the lighthouse, and he retired after fourteen months of unpleasant.

One day, Dunham's successor, John Bennett made a banner with a lighthouse, pointing out that he needed to get to shore. He left his two assistants, Joe Wilson and Joe Antoine, when he suddenly fell upon them, the wind, which was attacked by the wind over a hundred miles per hour. Bennett watched helplessly from the shore, the storm destroyed the lighthouse, killing his two assistants.

Several fishermen reported that they saw Antoine rocked the stairs and shouted, "Stay away!" in their native Portuguese. Next keepers reported that they see shadows in the room with the lights, hear the ghostly whispers at night and hear or feel the soft knock on her shoulders. Both Joe used these cranes to report about the end of the shift. One goalkeeper, hearing taps, committed suicide, and another went mad and was taken ashore in a straight jacket.

Then there is the window … usually it takes the whole day cleaning the windows above ground contaminated gulls, but each new assistant reports that the windows sparkling clean before you get to them.

Or are these stories – the truth or legend? Visit one and find out.