Five Reasons to Visit Hong Kong

1. Easy access and the best Airport in the world

You should visit Hong Kong if you are planning to travel to China. Hong Kong is a major shipping hub in Asia and is an gateway to China. It's extremely easy to find your way here. There are daily direct flights connecting Hong Kong with major cities in Europe and N. America. Long-range Boeing aircraft 747, 767, 763 are widely used.

Here are some flight times (non-stop) for your reference. From New York it's 16Hr20m, London is 11Hr45m, Sydney is 9Hr20m and Tokyo is 4Hr45m.

Once you land in Hong Kong, you need to be convinced of its customer service and immigration efficiency and customs controls. Hong Kong Airport has been voted the Best Airport in the World from 2001-2005 (Skytrax online poll).

2. Excellent accommodation choices

You need to visit Hong Kong because you are able to find an accommodation that suits your need, whether luxury, budget or something in between. For luxury holiday makers, Hong Kong has almost all the world-famous 5 star hotels – Grand Hyatt, Mandarin Oriental, Peninsula, Four Seasons, much more to mention.

If you travel on a budget, the Hong Kong Youth Hostel Association operates many inns at very attractive rates. A friend of mine told me that she was able to book a bed for $ 80 HK a night. However she had to share a room with several others. If you have four in your group, you can book a 4-bed room at 400 HK (US $ 50) per night. Very well!

3. Gourmets Paradise

You should visit Hong Kong if you love Chinese food. The Hong Kong culinary market is dominated by Cantonese food, one of the most delicious among all Chinese food. Cantonese food is world famous for its simple cooking method and the fresh ingredients used. A seafood dinner is a must. Try a live steam fish. It's an experience of a lifetime. Nowhere else in the world will people cook fish the same way however delicious. A pale lunch / breakfast is also a must. This has become the lifestyle of Hong Kongers, Chinese and foreigners alike.

Hong Kong is not only famous for Cantonese food. You can find any other Chinese food here and any other food from around the world.

Hong Kong is a place you can eat whenever you want. There are stores that open all the time. You would never be hungry here.

4. The Paradise of Buyers

You need to visit Hong Kong if you want to buy luxury products at the lowest price. Original luxury brands such as LV, Prada, Corum, Burberrys and many other famous stylist's labeled products are sold at unbeatable prices. In many cases, these stores are crowded and even with a waiting line.

Hong Kong is also a place where you can buy the most fashionable things at the lowest price in the world – mobile phone, computer, digital camera, electronics, fashion and accessories. .

5. The most beautiful view of the night and Skyline

You should visit Hong Kong if it doesn't impress you with any other view of the night you've seen.

The Lobby Intercontinental Lounge is included in the book 1,000 Places to See Before Dying. Would it be over rated? No, it's not, because it's one of the best places to see the beautiful Hong Kong skyline at night.

Hong Kong at night is stunning for many reasons. Beautiful buildings are highly condensed with layers of color spreading from the harbor to the top. You can take a panoramic view from a distance. Or you can board the Star Ferry to look closely.

Hong Kong skyline contributes to the beauty of Hong Kong day and night. Numerous beautifully designed buildings are set on the island side of the world famous Victoria Harbor. They are illuminated with well-designed color schemes that make the Hong Kong nightlife look stunning. Hong Kong nightlife is a tremendous experience of your trip to China.


Bishop in Bodie and Beyond, exploring the Eastern Sierras of California

Bishop is a gate town marking the beginning (or end depending on your direction) of the Eastern Sierras visual extravaganza offered along Highway 395 which runs North and South in California, east of Sierras, but not quite to Nevada.

If you go somewhere at 395, you are likely to pass through Bishop. This is a city that marks a change of scenery from a dry, barren desert in the south to the rich and rugged Sierra in the north. Remember a stop at EriK Schat Bakery in the city center, the only intersection with a stop light. One could spend almost a full day here enjoying the delicious treats in this special oven. In addition to the usual cakes, there are apparently dozens of different styles of bread. This is a "remember" when traveling through Bishop

Continuing north you will find further Mammoth Lakes. This shelter for the removal of Los Angelean from the big city has turned what was once a sleepy mountain getaway into a favorable community. The small town I knew a dozen years ago is now hiding behind end-of-year shopping, condos, a high school, and a hospital. Getting out of town to Lake Mary is still very enjoyable and walking towards the devils behind the popular pile. This year-round resort town has a ski hill with a chair lift in the middle of town, along with two golf courses that are the greens to disperse downtown making it a little confusing for the first visitor. Enter the village above the city with the lakes and push, that's great.

Off the beaten path and away from the hordes that seem to have grown up around Mammoth is the Devil's Post Office Cluster. We love the scenery and this strange geological attraction is worth seeing. The hike from Post Pile to Rainbow Falls is also worth it, about 3 miles, lots of descents and some steep sections.

Leaving Mammoth, heading north into the quiet villages of June Lake, which always seems to be ready for a glimpse of some Field and Stream magazine sports booths and shirtless sneakers galore . The June 14-mile Loop Loop pulls you back along the base of the mountains where you can find a small ski hill, a great for families. The northernmost lake, Grant Lake is a reservoir lake and while there is fishing, it lacks the usual coastline that makes the lakes so beautiful. The other lakes, Silver and June are both natural and Aspen driven for fantastic autumn color photography.

The next stop along the way is Lee Vining, a Gate to Yosemite and where Highway 120 intersects Highway 395. A left turn here will soon bring you to Yosemite National Park in Tioga Pass. But let's visit some of the highlights of the Eastern Sierra before returning here.

Lee Vining has a wonderful interactive visitor and information center that focuses on "lunar-esque" Lake Mono. In recent years the lake has been the center of attention regarding water use rights. Nearly drained by Los Angeles in the 1980s to feed their massive water needs, locals, along with the help of several national agencies, gathered and sued to bring back their water. Mono Lake is now quite full and lively with shrimp, birds and all sorts of small criteria. The Lee Vining Visitor Center is a wealth of information, photos, history and learning opportunities related to this unique bit of California. Note: Low water levels previously in the lake allowed for extreme views of common rock figures across the lake that are now largely covered again.

As you head north, away from the lake, look back and see that it goes much farther than you would think from your first view of the lake. Now heading towards Bodie, watch carefully as there is only one often missing sign indicating Bodie's return and it is a proper turn and then 12 miles. Once on the road to Bodie, civilization soon falls away and the road eventually spreads with gravel. Look for Shepard and the hillside meadow on the right, very European! Once on top of Bodie for the museum. This is where you will pick your passes for the Mill Mill Stamping Tour. Only a few bucks, but worth a mint in history, local colors and interesting information over a long age. Tours are between 11:00 and 1:00 pm daily. If you can't take a tour, take a moment to look for one of the doctors or teachers, they have a depth of knowledge and they seem to really enjoy sharing it!

Here we have to decide which way to go after Bodie, again in the direction of Yosemite or upwards to Lake Tahoe. As soon as the weather changes and the snow starts to fall, probably in late October or early November, the Tioga Pass will approach through traffic by the end of May or early June of the following year. The next closest intersection that gets cleared all winter is Highway 88, somewhat north of us, but another beautiful ride! If you have planned your trip when the crossing closes, after Bodie, stay at 395 toward Tahoe, where you will have some opportunities to continue your explorations, whether east and Nevada or west and California.

If you travel in the summer months with the open permit, we follow a little. After Bodie turn onto Highway 395 and again south on Highway 120 to Lee Vining and turn right for Yosemite. Make a dining stop at the Mobile Gas Station on the left. This is the Whoa Nelly Deli, the signature posted on "Restaurant" and is a great and quick stop for a full gourmet lunch, lunch or dinner … always delicious and reasonably priced. Whoa Nelly Deli is only open while Tioga crossing is open. Favorite outfits would be outside at a picnic table overlooking Lake Mono.

Climbing up the "hill," you'll soon reach the summit, Tioga Pass. Stopping along the way to see the photo shoot is highly recommended, as you are enjoying a few days in the park. is the official website for Yosemite National Park and can provide travelers with a bunch of travel planning tools.

Leaving the park if you are in San Francisco will be on Highway 120 again, cross the Crane Flat and the Big Oak Entrance, or exit in this case. Your next stop should be the Gold Rush town of Groveland. Interesting places here include the museum at the intersection of 120th & Ferretti Road, open daily from 1-4pm. The Iron Door Salon is a step back in time and Mountain Sage is a destination in itself, a wonderful coffee stop, gardens and nurseries, hammock garden, arts, crafts, books and sitting nooks. Another day may pass. They also have wireless here if you need an internet connection.

If Groveland is a sleeper on site, can provide a varied selection of accommodation choices in the area, and can provide a preview of dining choices.



One of Morocco's best resorts is set in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains

Morocco has a long history of nourishing sophisticated tourists, starting at least since World War II, when Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart put the country on the cultural map of the world forever with the blockbuster movie "Casablanca" in 1942. There's a great variety of fabulous five star resorts in Morocco because the place has been home to the rich and famous for holidays for decades. You will not miss out on the choices in this small, beautiful gem of a kingdom.

It's called a luxury destination that is particularly charming and one that constantly receives wild praise from American visitors Amanjena, a cozy, secluded resort off Marrakech on the way south to Ouuarzazate, which is Morocco's gateway to the vast ocean of inland sand that is the Sahara. What are you doing? Amanjena so special is the winning combination of its spectacular natural beauty (situated as it is under the shadow of the massive Atlas Mountains), exceptional amenities, consistently exceptional service, and the small number of villas available, providing privacy and attention especially from well trained staff.

On a fine, traffic-free day, it is no more than twenty minutes from the airport, located in the Atlas foothills (so often snow-capped on days when the temperature at the resort is in the mid-70s perfect). The mountains are one of two reasons that many guests seem to keep coming back Amanjena: they get so close to the horizon that they disturb people in perspective, and one will find guests only sitting for half an hour watching the mountains from a Longue chair with a look of relaxation embedded in their faces. It's a transformative experience for those who have never tried it.

A second reason that many people dare about Amanjena is one you can never imagine, and perhaps more than a wonder: it is a library, a convenience that one cannot expect to find in a holiday resort, set in the Rockies of Morocco. The library is a delightful two-story structure with a fireplace and a 20-meter ceiling with a balcony of the kind you sometimes see in the most elegant libraries in English country houses. It goes straight along the perimeter of the second floor. Light filters from dozens of ogie windows cut to different levels on the walls they face tadlekt (a type of mortar often found in North Africa). Shredded glass shelves showcases hundreds of current books, magazines and newspapers from the US, UK and France.

Many guests spend hours here looking at the excellent selection of travel books and wonderful memories from early Moroccan visitors, mostly French and British explorers and adventurers. Everything in this fine library (will other luxury resorts now copy this idea?) Reflects Morocco, from the highly polished tables created by wild cherry tucked into a fiery glow, to Moucharabiehscreen railing that surrounds most of the room, and comfortable Masria (Moroccan sofas or day beds) arranged in a half circle around the fireplace.

Eating at Amanjena is always memorable, the talented chefs focusing on authentic and memorable Moroccan dishes and Mediterranean cuisine in general. The main restaurant is arranged around a central fountain and upper window with banquets and tables lining the walls. Weather permitting, dining is often moved outside. A lighter Thai restaurant is found by the pool. Breakfast and lunch are also available on the smaller Pool Terrace, and of course you can always decide to have private lunch at your cottage. With a little notice ahead, hotel staff will arrange special meals for you in Caidal Tent, a traditional Moroccan setting, on the edge of an olive grove.

Amanjena is the first vehicle to be developed on the African continent by Singapore's highly respected Amanresorts International, which was founded by Adrian Zecha in 1988. Amanresorts owns and operates 25 small luxury resorts and hotels worldwide. Fortunately, booking a double room for four nights would cost you about $ 1000, or $ 125 per person per night, a bargain considering the quality of the amenities. Take a long look at Amanjena's glossy pages to check out the latest prices and book your stay there.


Know when to book a cheap international flight ticket

Many travelers dream of traveling to a foreign land. However, soaring international flight prices scare them off and they drop the idea of ​​visiting a tourist destination abroad. Times have changed now. The growing popularity of tourist attractions spread around the world has led to intense competition among travel service companies offering cheap flight tickets. You can plan a vacation to Rome, Paris, London, Shanghai, Beijing or any other place in the world because you can easily book your flight tickets online.

The internet has opened the gate to booking tickets online and sitting in the comfort of your own home you can search for flights to your destination and also compare the prices of different airlines. Usually travel sites offering cheap international flight tickets are powered by advanced software that enables you to enter your destination name, time and travel date to display a long list of international flights. In order to choose the cheapest international flight, you need to know a few tricks when offering cheap tickets.

International flight ticket aircraft change daily. You need to keep a regular watch by browsing the net and reading reviews, following blogs and collecting travel information from various travel sites. Since there are so many sites, you can easily get all the information available on the internet. In fact you can sign up with a good travel site or subscribe to their newsletter to get direct flights to your inbox.

Once you increase your ability to find cheap international flights, you can know when exactly the price drops. You'll be able to bargain for cheaper flight deals knowing when to get cheap tickets. Traveling at weird times can reduce air travel and also in off-season you can take advantage of such offers. However, you need to be vigilant enough to find out when prices are falling and when you can book cheap international flights.

Some airlines offer free tickets on certain special days of the week but do not advertise for it. You need to keep track of these offers and plan your trip accordingly. Also the time when you call to book a ticket is important because after midnight the first call is usually discounted. You should therefore try calling immediately after 12pm to book cheap international flight tickets. This is because airlines are updating their computerized ticket booking system at midnight daily.

You should also try not to book international flights on weekends. Usually, many travelers book their tickets at the end of the week. If you want discounted tickets then you should go for another day of the week besides the end of the week. Therefore in order to avail the cheapest flight deals, you need to consider the time when buying your ticket.


Hidden India South – Explore Off-The-Beaten Roads

The widespread Kerala offers unmatched natural beauty; Goa’s splendid beaches feature life’s adventures and visits to gorgeous temples of Tamil Nadu allow you to experience unmatched spiritualism and breathtaking arts and cultures. However, beyond these notable pearls of South Indian tourism, there are some very hidden treasures that exploring them is an unforgettable experience. Plan a visit to the off-beaten paths in South India, and you get your travel appetite substantially satisfied.

Chennai: The south gate, Chennai is a place that pampers you with bright landscapes and healing environments of serenity and romance. Picturesque landscapes and beaches are great for those who just want great pictures. However, there is much more to collect than just great photos. The history of this wonderful city is quite interesting described by the temples and historical monuments in / around Chennai. Go to Mahabalipuram and explore well-known global temples and monuments pertaining to the great Hindu deities. Moreover, the highlights of Indo-Saracenic architecture, world class Chennai hotels and attractive traditions and cultures are highlights of a Chennai tour.

Kanchipuram: One of the oldest cities in India, Kanchipuram is famous as the "City of Thousands of Temples". The splendid past of this city can amaze anyone. Kanchipuram was ruled by several respected dynasties including the Cholas, Pallavas and the empire of Vijaynagar. Numerous monuments and temples built by these dynasties adorn the city.

The city is famous for its high quality of silk and silk-made products, especially saris and fabrics. The vibrant markets in Kanchipuram offer a variety of hand-woven silk fabrics and saris made by skilled weavers. Local cultures and cuisines are also interesting to taste in Kanchipuram. Some popular attractions for travelers are Vedantangal Birds Sanctuary, Muttukkadu, Mammalappuram, Covelong Beach, Sri Ekambareswara Temple, Sri Kailasanathar Temple and Sum Vardaraja Perumal Temple.

Kodaikanal: This is the most beautiful hill station in Tamil Nadu. Situated at an altitude of about 7,220 meters in the famous Palani Hills, Kodiakonal boasts breathtaking landscapes accompanied by delicious year-round weather. What Kodaikanal literally means in the local language is & # 39; gifts & # 39 ;. And indeed, this place is a gift from Mother Nature being heavenly peach surrounded by dense forests featuring stunning flora and fauna, peach green hills and catchment waterfalls. In addition to the wonderful natural beauty, this place offers visitors a range of exciting activities such as cycling, horse riding, boating and traveling. Splendid Kodaikanal hotels offer tourists an exceptional stay in the lap of nature and luxury.

Alappuzha: The fund is called the "Venice of the East" because of its wonderful merging of land and water. Excellent lagoons, scintillating lakes and canals are premium attractions for travelers. However, the touching landscapes of the heart of the coconut nut palm tree, the sharp traditions and cultures, and the odd home boat ride leave visitors fascinated at the end. With an excellent port along the Malabar Coast, Alleppey was once the busiest port in South India. This beautiful city set in a narrow gorge of land, Alleppey cast a magic spell with unsurpassed natural beauty and cold climatic conditions. Sparkling lagoons, pallet backdrops, sandy beaches, home boat stays and boat races are the main attractions in Alleppey.


Private island tools are no longer just for having – Find out how you can get one today!

Private islands getaway offers a great opportunity to travel around, travel and unwind in the company of your friends and family members. For a few days you can enjoy and rejuvenate yourself while completely isolated from the crazy crowd, but still enjoying the benefits of modern conveniences. These gates are reserved and are no longer meant only for wealthy people. They will make your trip a unique dream island.

The 7 main private island escapes are briefly mentioned below:

1. The Caye Chapel located near the Belize coastline in the magnificent Caribbean sapphire is surrounded by 200 miles of world-famous reefs, unspoilt beaches and luxurious rain forests. This private gate offers magnificent beach properties for a perfect extravagant seaside retreat.

2. The gorgeous island of Isla De Sa Ferradura located in Spain on the Mediterranean ocean is a picturesque place and a perfect private gate. Located in San Miguel Bay, this fine island village is sun-drenched almost year-round making it a favorite destination for tourists throughout the summer and winter months.

3. Musha Cay is a secret island near the Bahamas. With its clear sparkling waters, it offers a private retreat for maximum relaxation. Take pleasure in the thriving natural detail of human civilization.

4. The island of Soneva Gili, located in the largest lagoon in the Maldives, consists of a peaceful and unspoiled beauty. You can choose to relax yourself in one of the villas located above the water body with your own personal water garden as well as the sun deck.

5. At Taprobane Island along the wonderful southern coast of Sri Lanka you can have a wonderful island holiday. The island's manor consists of full catering staffs who will prepare meals to your liking.

6. Bedarra Island located on the Great Barrier Reef serves really well for unique private island getaways. Private accommodations are hidden by the island's luxurious rain forests.

7. The round island located in the Seychelles, is one of the pristine places where you can hear the divine sounds of nature all day long. It is the ideal destination where you will find ultimate peace and tranquility. You can really enjoy a stress-free retreat on this private beach island, lying in the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

Therefore, if you think that leaving the private island is meant only for rich and wealthy people, you are wrong because nowadays it is quite easy to rent a private island all year round at a reasonable cost. Don't waste any more time and catch your share of private vacations this season.


JFK Airport

JFK Airport or John F. Kennedy International Airport is located in the heart of New York's Queens borough. It is only about 15 miles away from Midtown Manhattan. JFK is the international gateway to the US for commercial flights. It is also known as John F. Kennedy International Airport originally opened as New York International Airport in 1948. The name was changed to John F. Kennedy International Airport in 1963 after the late President of the United States. It is one of the busiest airports in the country.

It is the largest airport in New York. Over 30 million people fly in and out of this airport each year. It has 9 terminals and serves over 80 airlines. If you fly to New York for a visit, chances are you'll go to John F Kennedy Airport "where America meets the world."

JFK Location:

JFK is located in the Queens district of New York City about 15 miles southeast of Midtown Manhattan.

JFK Airport Terminals:

There is a central terminal surrounded by all other terminals. Each of the separate terminals has its own parking lot and each is color coded to distinguish it from the other terminals.

Terminal 1: Green

Terminal 2: Green

Terminal 3: Green

Terminal 4: Blue

Terminal 5: Yellow

Terminal 6: Yellow

Terminal 7: Orange

Terminal 8: Red

Terminal 9: Red

JFK Airport Transportation:

If you are traveling to the airport, you should allow plenty of travel time to get to the airport. You can travel by City taxi, JFK Car Service or JFK Limousine Service.


Cheap Flights from El Paso: Guide to ELP Airport, Airlines and Affordable Destinations

Whether you're from El Paso or traveling, you can use the internet to help you find discount airfares. The ELP serves as the gateway to West Texas and New North and South Mexico. You can fly to other parts of the country as well; there are six airlines flying in and out several times a day. It is usually not difficult to find cheap flights from El Paso to any US region.

Whether you want to fly to Vegas, Orlando, or San Diego, Allegiant Airlines offers some great deals. American Airlines offers nonstop flights to major cities like Dallas, Los Angeles, and Chicago, and links to international destinations. Other airlines serving ELPs include Southwest, Frontier, Delta and United. Southwest Airlines is the top carrier to fly off the ELP, offering more than 1,200 flights a month.

If you have to go to Dallas or certain cities in NM from other parts of the country, decide if it would be cheaper to fly direct or fly to El Paso first and then to Dallas. Since air travel can change on a daily basis, you may want to be as flexible with dates and times as possible. One day you may find that there are no cheap flights from El Paso to your destination, and the next day there may be some to choose from.

Best days for cheap flights from El Paso

Many travel experts recommend flying out on certain days of the week in order to get the cheapest rates. For example, starting in the middle of the week and returning on a Sunday or Tuesday will usually give you a good deal of traffic. However, this is not always the case, especially around the holidays, so you will want to take the time to switch your options and compare rates.

ELP is a nice airport so you can enjoy yourself while you wait for the boarding process to begin. There are two story galleries with artifacts and images, as well as a main floor shopping mall, all of which can be reached at the pre-security checkpoint. High-speed Wi-Fi internet access is available throughout the terminal.

Charges are set by the individual airlines themselves rather than by the airport. You will sometimes find additional discounts and promotional codes from bargain third party travel sites. Don't just look for cheap flights from El Paso – look at hotel + flight packages combined. It's not possible to save on travel as a whole if you book everything immediately.

You can find all of these packages and deals online. Airline search and compare tools are very easy to use. You will find cheap flights from El Paso to almost any destination in no time.


2 Things to Know About Flights to Melbourne from India

Melbourne, an Australian metropolis is an important commercial destination. People from all over the world travel to this city throughout the year for various purposes. Situated on the island mainland of Australia, and surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the Coral and Tasman Seas, this city is well connected to the rest of the world by air and water transportation. Melbourne Airport, also called Tullamarine Airport, is the main airline of this city and Victoria's aviation gate. As the second busiest airport in the country, it hosts over 3,000 weekly Melbourne flights. It is also Australasia's freight center, with 21 freight services coming in and departing from it every week.

Many airlines fly to and from Melbourne's three airports, linking it with the other six continents. Direct flights are available from some Middle Eastern and Asian countries that take you to the far land in the Southern Hemisphere. For people planning to travel to Melbourne from India, here is some information that will help arrange their trip.

Airline services

More than 200 airlines operate flight to India to Melbourne daily. Popular names among them are Air India, Emirates and Etihad, Qantas, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines along with other private flights. However, the only direct flight to the city is offered by Air India departing from New Delhi. Many other connecting flights are also available from major international airports like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi, Guwahati and Vishakhapatnam. These flights stop at two or more stops, of which the main stops are Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok and China. By providing quality onboard services, they charge different prices for tickets and the duration of the trip. Luggage limits, additional luggage fee and other specifications also vary. Passengers can check luggage allowances in Melbourne for various airlines at the Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) before boarding.

Booking a flight

The distance between New Delhi and Melbourne is approximately 10,199 km. The air routes allow this long distance to be covered within 24 hours. Tourists can check and compare ticket prices and travel times of different services on this route to different OTAs before booking their flights to Melbourne. Many options are available for cheap flights, depending on the choice of departure station. Some airlines also offer discounts and discounts several times a year, which can be enjoyed by travelers on a budget trip.

Visitors who wish a timely flight to their destination can explore the services of carriers, which cover this route between 12.5 – 17.00. Air India's only direct flight makes this one-way trip at around 12 hours and 15 minutes. Other fast flights include flights to Singapore, Qantas and China Southern that last 14 hours 45 minutes, 14 hours 50 minutes and 16 hours 50 minutes, respectively, each stopping at one stop. People who are not comfortable with long commutes can find services that include an overnight shuttle service to the midway point for longer than 12 hours.


Best time to visit the exotic Hill stations near Delhi

In winter, two things are eagerly awaited by everyone. One is occasional sunlight and the second is snowfall. Whether you want to enjoy the snowfall or escape the extreme summers of Delhi, it is best to visit a nearby mountain station with your family and friends.

Here we are, suggesting the best hill stations located near Delhi so you can enjoy your weekends. The best time to visit the hilly stations near Delhi is from October to February.

Nearest hill station in Delhi

1. Rishikesh, with its beauty, is known as the center of spiritualism, located on the banks of the Ganges River, this city is also a center for sadhus, yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. It is also known as the center of adventure sports. In addition to spiritual and adventure, in this place you can get fresh vibrations and life in the air.

2. Nahan: Bookstore with one of the best hotels at Nahan Hill Station to make your trip wonderful and memorable. This place serves as an ideal holiday destination for families as well as love birds. This perfect romantic gate overlooks lush greenery, dirt roads and clean roads.

3. Mussoorie: also known as "Queen of the Mountains". Its natural beauty and pleasant climate is the center of people's attraction. The Shiwalik Mountains and the Doon Valley make it even more beautiful and attractive. People come here doing boating, boating, road trips and more.

4. Kufri: Another vibrant and picturesque city of Himachal Pradesh, Kufri is just 13 km from Shimla. Quite the best place for wildlife lovers.

5. Dehradun: Uttarakhand's capital city is the quietest place near Delhi. Its mountain and scenic beauty and tranquil atmosphere is the center of attraction. In addition, Rajaji National Park, Tapakeshwara Temple, and the Forest Research Institute are also attraction centers for people.

6. Dalhousie: is a picturesque city covered with swords and flowers in the lowlands and sometimes snow, where natural beauty and soothing atmosphere draws people to it. The city hosts five different types of hills. The beautiful Chamba Valley is the entrance to Dalhousie.

7. Bhimtal: Famous for its beautiful lakes and picturesque surroundings, it is 1370 meters above sea level and surrounded by dense forests. In Bhimtal, there are gorgeous views of ancient temples with nature. You can get Chinese, Mexican and Continental flavors at Bhimtal.

8. Kasaul: is covered with snow cover, clear blue sky, beautiful Himalayas, this place on the Parvati Valley lap is a boon for Trekker and Backpackers. People come here to relax, far from the noise of the city. There are many old churches to hang out with.

9. Nainital- is the perfect place to see snow, located at a distance of 274 km from Delhi. Along with the snowfall, you can also see Nanda Devi Peak and enjoy the treks. In December and January, you can enjoy the snowfall here.

10. Manali- Located 531 km from Delhi, Manali is also the perfect place to experience snowfall. There is a special view after the snowfall between the mountains and the greenery. Manali and Shimla, both are great in the winter months. Standing in the mountains, you can enjoy the snow watching everyone here. For snowfall, go there in December or January.

11. Ranikhet: Located 279 km from Delhi and 1,869 meters above sea level. Ranikhet is famous for its dense forests, wildlife, Jhula Devi temple, Ram temple. The atmosphere of Ranikhet and District remains normal in summer.

Grab your backpacks and head to these popular and not-so-hilly hill stations so far to enjoy the winter as much!